Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Brother 13 Episode 21 August 24, 2011

OMG I had to rewind the DVR I can't believe Porsche Briggs just said she believes is the bigger threat.  She hasn't done anything but hang on to a banana and win a contest no one else wanted to win.

The veto competition - The players are Jordan, Adam, Shelly, Kalia, Daniele, Jeff. Rachel will not play.

Jordan is stripping off the humilitard. LOL

The Zingbot 3000 has arrived.
Rachel said Zing me and he shut off.  LOL
Zing to Jeff - Some one 95 called and wants their soul patch back.
Porsche - shouldn't you be named after a car with a roomier trunk.
Rachel - every other word out of your mouth is the F word, fiance, fiance.
Daniele - do you own a car or do you prefer to just ride your daddy's coattails?
Adam - Good call shaving your beard I don't think your girl friend realized she was dating a Uncle Fester.
Shelly - What do you call someone who likes to smoke, hunt and fish. A dude.
Kalia - you write a sex a blog but seem to be an expert on things after sex like sleeping.
Jordan - the only reason Jeff hasn't proposed yet is because he knows you are terrible at answering questions.

The veto competition is to build a Zingbot bride.

Jeff wins the POV. Did the veto get a new chain this week? I just noticed that.

LOL No one wants to go to jury with Brendon.

The veto is back on it's other chain again. Jeff Schroeder uses the veto to take off Porsche Briggs and put up Daniele Donato.

I'm just going to pretend Rachel is gone already.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

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