Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 9 "Graduation"

Tonight is graduation. We'll get to see who is going to Sober House and who isn't.

The patients are in morning group. Dr. Drew wants them to voice their concerns for each other. Jessica Kiper is concerned for herself. She wants to smoke pot really bad. She has a half a bowl at home. Jessica is still saying pot isn't going to kill her and she isn't going to sober living.

Jeremy Jackson has heard 20 or 30 conversations of Michael Lohan's. They tease him was that just this morning? Bob Forrest says until he quits obsessing over Kate he can see him going back to prison some day. Steven Adler how many times has she had you arrested in the last year. Michael says she tried to twice. Steven nailed that one. 

Bob Forrest says he has never seen Steven get like Michael got the other day and Steven is as crazy as it gets. Michael, you didn't see anything. I have literally have run through doors. Bob, if you don't stop this behavior you are going to prison, you are going to punch a woman. I know it. Michael, I will not. You go into a blind rage. You are not a human being. How can you say you can control yourself. Michael, it has happened before I have never hit a woman yet. Jeremy, notice how as addicts we always put a yet at the end of the sentence. I haven't gone to prison yet, I haven't OD'd yet, I haven't hit a woman yet.  When I sat here at the end of treatment when Mike Starr was here. I said he's going to die. He's dead. I'm sitting here right now thinking he's going back to prison. I hope he's not. So Michael doesn't think I'm picking on him the most. I expect everyone here to use again. You gotta love Bob Forrest and Shelly Sprague telling it like it is.

Dr. Drew tells everyone they have their after care plans and phone numbers to call for help if they need it.

It's day 20 and Dr. Drew has brought some alumni back to talk to the current patients.

They show a clip of Eric Roberts. He's a good one to talk to Jessica about the pot. I miss him on The Young & The Restless. Also Janice Dickinson, Jason Davis I've been worried about him and Rachel Uketele

Janice, Rachel and Jason are there. Jason said he never wanted to be sober, but 40 days ago the Newport police department decided he was going to be sober. So he has been sober 40 days. I must say that doesn't surprise me. I have always worried about him.

Jessica asks Eric when she is going to quit wanting to smoke. He tells her 30 or 40 days. So she needs to hang on another ten or twenty days.

They are all mingling. Eric tells Jessica everyone has a place to cheat and if you have a place to cheat, you need to go to sober living.

It's day 21. They all have to write a good bye letter to their addiction. They all leave for graduation. Shelly holds her hand over the doors and says no one is coming back through this door.

It is raining so graduation is inside. They each read their good bye letter and burn it.

They didn't show who was going to Sober House. I wonder if that means no one went? That can't be.

I thought this was the season finale, but it's not. I guess we will see next week what is going on. It looks like trouble.

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