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Big Brother After Dark Recap July 9, 2011

Still no new news on where Evel Dick is. CBS is calling it a personal matter. I would say getting arrested if that's what happened is personal. LOL

I was trying to find more information on Cassie Colvin. She looks so familiar. I thought maybe she had been on Survivor or in a soap. I haven't found anything except modeling so far. I even went through 22 seasons of the Survivor Cast. I know I've seen her before. Errrrr I hate that.

On to the show!

Adam Poch is explaining to Keith Henderson that Showtime only has one camera feed where the live feeds give you four.

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are in the HOH room. It is quite a mess I must say. They are talking competitions. Brendon says they can do better in the competitions because they have played the game before and they communicate well. Rachel is in like a red sleeveless unitard. Brendon left for the kitchen.

Adam Poch, Kaila Booker, Dominic Briones, Keith Henderson and Jordan Lloyd are in the kitchen. Dominic has made tacos. Just general chit chat going on. Porsche just walked in.

Oh wait! An Oh Rant News Break! LOL

This was just tweeted by Evel Dick "I will be releasing a public video statement on @RTVZone in the next couple days concerning my departure from the Big Brother House" Hum. So unless he's allowed to tweet for his one phone call. He's not in jail or is out on bail ????

Then this was tweeted by Evel Dick Donato right after that. "But to squash the rumors, I am not in jail, don't have cancer, my mother son and girlfriend are not in the hospital & I was not kicked out" this was around 3am. I can't wait to hear this excuse. Do you think he just left so Daniele would get a golden key? I mean the key is only going to protect her for four weeks, then she's on her own. That wouldn't make sense to me.

Evidently the house guests had been in the house for a week before we actually saw them go in. My first thought was maybe something happened in the house. But then I thought if there was a fight or something the house guests would know about it and they seem as clueless as us.

And now back to the show!

Dominic Briones, Cassi Colvin, and Keith Henderson are now in the have not room. Dominic asks Keith what he is going to post in the forums about him next week. That's mean. Dominic laughs. Keith says I'm not going to post anything. If I get eliminated I'm going home and going back to work. Dominic, You're not going to talk about me at all? Keith, Yeah about how you sold me out by a vote of 11-0. Dominic, What would you say on the way out?. Keith, Nothing I would give ya'll a hug and be done. Cause I would have been done played myself. His English not mine. Dominic, I kind of hope she uses the veto cause I would really like to see Casey put up. You know who Casey is? You he says to Cassi.  Cassi, She ain't using the veto. Dominic, No she not. Which is fine. That's exactly what we want.  The only one is Kahlia Booker. If she sways it goes to HOH. So you got to chill. I'm really excited for next week cause I'm going to be a have and you are going to be a have, and you are probably going to be a have not again. To Cassi. These boys like Cassi.

Cassi, Well maybe if a male would jump on board to play the food comp with me instead of all the females. I thought she was such a tomboy. I expect her and Shelly Moore to do good in the comps. I'm not so sure I believe the stuff Porsche was saying about Shelly last night. Dominic, I'm always open for business. You just gotta mose my way. Cassie, You know what I wish your business would go out. Dominic, Hey hows it feel you and Danni going to be on the golden ticket together? Three weeks. Keith, House guests come out and do the HOH comp. Me and Danni are on a three week vacation, we don't want to come out. Dominic, Then after that the pairs will break up. I'll be free and I'll be voting you guys off. Slowly but surely.

Cassi, Would you be upset if my emotions got the best of me and would you vote me out if I shanked you? Dominic, Shanked me? Cassi,Yeah like right in the gut. Keith, Danni is like what are you going to do for me? Dominic, What you tell Danni is I'm your PR person. I'll talk to everyone for you, I'll play this whole game for you. Keith, Can you do that for me? Dominic, Talk to Danni for you? Of course I'm your PR person, I'll talk to everyone for you, I'll play this whole game for you. LOL  Keith, If you promise me if they are going to send me off. I don't want to look stupid on TV. Dominic, Of course 100% I'll tell you if it is. The only one that could sway is Kahlia. If two people go Kahlia and Lawon go. I'll straight up tell you. Just don't make any stupid mistakes. You did good today.

Cassi, Honestly if you ever vote me out, I'll probably hurt you. Dominic, If you ever get on the block I'm definitely voting you out. Just know that right now. Cassi, You would.

Dominic, You are fine all you got to do is play the week and not mess up. You don't have to be like the homeless mute like today. Cassi, Don't be moping around and the pity and all that. Most people are like what's wrong are you okay? People don't like that. Keith, That isn't what I was trying to do. It's just awkward cause I know. Cassi, So you aren't planning on going and talking to them at all? Keith, You think I should do that? Dominic & Cassi, Yeah. Keith, but she already done went and talked to them. Dominic, I don't care. You guys aren't a team anymore. One of you are gone. You need to go talk to her.

Cassi, After everything that was said you need to go clear the air, make an effort. Cause right now they are thinking that you think that you are so safe. Smug as they said. Hum, I wonder what that's about? Cassie, It can't hurt anything. Dominic, Yeah, that's what I would do go up there and apologize for last night. I apologize if I was offensive in any way. I thought it might have been a twist and as did the whole house. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. And secondly I kinda want to know where you guys stand. I don't feel safe. I know I'm not going to come off the block. I want to stay in this house. Either way we got you covered. You should clear the air now. Cause you are going to be sitting around for three weeks anyway. Okay so he must have said something about Evel Dick that offended Daniele.

Keith, What if I do it tomorrow? Dominic, What if they use the Veto. Cassi, They won't use it till next Thursday. Almost a week. Keith, They don't use it until then? Cassi, Remember the first couple of weeks we are in here is really spread out. Dominic, When's the vote? Cassi, Next Thursday is when all that will happen. I hate when they have players that don't know how the game is played. Shelly Moore has come into the room. Dominic, So the veto and the vote are in the same day? Keith, No the nomination for whether they decide whether to use it or not is in three days. Dominic, God that's so long I want someone to go home now.

Dominic is making up a story about how Shelly is going to win HOH next week. He asks if he can take a bubble bath up there. In a milkman costume? Shelly, Yeah that would be even better. Dominic, Keith you are not winning HOH next week. Shelly, I promise the bathroom will be clean unlike the bathroom that we use that I've already cleaned twice and it keeps getting nasty. Dominic, It's filthy. Shelly, I'm going to clean it again tonight when everybody is done. Dominic, Are you? Shelly, Yes cause I'm not going to stand on piss. It's gross. Dominic, Yeah it is gross. Don't you wear sandals. Shelly, Oh honey I wear gloves sandals I'm like covered up to here when I do it. I couldn't see where here was. Dominic, I'm talking about when you go in the shower. Shelly, Honey I wear sandals in the shower, but I'm saying on the toilet. When you pull up the toilet there is piss in the back. She has a potty mouth, speaking of toilets.

Porsche walked in and says everyone's in the purple room. Dominic, says I like feeling like an insane patient in here. Cassi, I was just folding some clothes. Sometimes I like to bounce off the walls. It makes me feel like I'm having a good time. Cassi, Really it's just Keith's stuff that makes our room messy. That's why we have to get him out. Dominic, Shelly do you think people pee in the shower? Shelly, Without a doubt. Dominic, Ewwwww. Shelly, That's why I wear shoes. People did more than that last year. Cassi, I'm a have not this week any warmth I can get. Dominic, You pee in the shower? Cassi, If I need to pee and I'm taking a cold shower absolutely.  Dominic, Ewww! Thanks for sharing guys.

Back to the kitchen. General chit chat. Brandon's going on about a knee injury. He must of lost a competition again. Didn't this happen last year every time he lost there was some excuse.

Daniele Donato, So what am I going to say Thursday when she's like you come in here after two and a half years of not seeing your father you are being forced to work with him and now you are sitting there alone and get to hang out for the summer. Well, Julie I've been making some cookie dough trying to fatten Jeff up with cheese and cookie dough. That's about it. I'm planning to sabotage everybody and get them too fat to compete. Daniele is asking for coffee, but she really means alcohol.

Rachel has joined the group in the have not room. They are playing a game called would you rather. Rachel, tells them she is having more fun in this house than last season. She and Brendon hooked up on day 5 last season and no one would talk to them or if they did it was weird.

DOG, House guests this is a reminder sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms.

Rachel, Brendon and Dominic have to go to the DR in unitards to do interviews.

Brendon and Rachel did just move before coming in the house, but they put their stuff in storage. Brendon and Rachel are in red unitards with what looks purple underwear on top of them, and capes. Just gorgeous. Rolling eyes.

They have alcohol. Everyone's just hanging out in the kitchen. Eating cookies, not saying anything important. Jordan Lloyd has been sleeping. Kalia Booker just came down stairs. She doesn't seem to be socializing with the group. At least so far on After Dark.

Jordan is going to bed early so she can get up and go to the pool in the morning and workout. She tells Jeff staying up late is catching up with her. Everyone else is in the kitchen playing a game. Throwing balls in pans. Like homemade Carniball.

Porsche Briggs and Rachel Riley are in the bedroom. Rachel, What are they talking about? Porsche, I don't know I heard Shelly go in first. Rachel, Voting I'm sure. They are whispering and playing with their microphones, can't hear. Rachel, I don't understand why Keith isn't coming up to me and Brendon himself. Porsche, Cause I think he's trying to have Cassi and Dominic do it. Rachel, saying something about I'm not going to do that. If Cassi comes up to me and wants me to use the veto, I'm gonna be like then they make more enemies. Porsche, I tried to talk to Shelly but she got up and went in there. Rachel, but if there is a tie I'm the tie breaker. That was all I could get from that conversation.

Now they are all sitting around the table slapping the table and then clapping to create a beat or rhythm.

DOG, House guests this is a reminder sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms. Dominic Briones, is sleeping somewhere he shouldn't be.

Dominic has joined the table. I think everyone is there except Jordan Lloyd and Brendon Villegas who is still in the DR.

Okay they have spent two hours slapping the table, snapping and then clapping playing a game called Big Booty. Rachel's sing song voice is annoying the heck out of me. I mean like kill me now annoying.  Big Brother please get the back yard cleaned up so they can go outside. This is just sad. I've pretty much learned nothing about the house guests, except Rachel still annoys the poop out of me.

Jordan has woke up and joined the table to play the game half asleep. It's about 15 minutes before the show is over.

They continue with the game till After Dark goes off.

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