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Big Brother 13 Episode 1 July 7, 2011

Finally Big Brother has started. Let the games begin!

This summer is Double Trouble. Wonder what they have in store for us? I've been trying to figure out who was returning to the show all week. I was checking Twitter pages to see who wasn't tweeting thinking they would be sequestered and not able to tweet.

Well let's see what we have in store for us. Let's meet these folks.

There are 13 keys.

Okay so we have three pairs coming back? I wasn't sure if it would be three pairs or two pairs and a single. That means we are starting out with 14 people. The whole duo thing was not kept very secret. hehe

We meet the cast:

Dominic Briones, 25 from San Mateo, CA. Lives with his mom. Adrenaline junkie. Virgin looking for another momma? College student

Cassi Colvin 26 from Allen, TX. Model, tom boy.

Lawon Exum 39 from Urbana, IL living in Inglewood, CA. Legal file clerk, very colorful.

Keith Henderson 32 Bolingbrook, IL. Human Resources manager, Youth Minister, girl chaser.

Shelly Moore 41 from Centerville, Oh living in Prairieville, LA. VP of business development for hunting fishing outdoor market.

Kailia Booker 30 from Philadelphia, PA living in Los Angeles CA. Has relationship blog.

Adam Poch 39 from East Brunswick, NJ living in Hoboken, NJ. Heavy Metal teddy bear, music inventory manager.

Porsche Briggs 23 from Fort Lauderdale, FL living in Miami, FL. VIP Waitress isn't that what Rachel is/was. She thinks she's hot.

The guests are in the house picking beds, Porsche Briggs and Shelly Moore are in the popcorn candy room, whatever that is. Porsche is acting like an air head. Wonder if that is an act? LOL Shelly Moore thinks Porsche sounds like a stripper name.
Lawon Exum and Dominic Briones are in the book room.

They must have redecorated again. I don't remember a book room in the earlier released photos. 

I'm just not quite sure what to say about the Deacon, Keith Henderson at this moment. His bio says he's an HR manager all it says about church is he goes. He has a twin brother, that always makes me suspicious after the season with twins. Now he's saying he's a relationship consulting service? Lie.

This Kalia Booker looks so familiar and she just lied about her age. Said she was 27, her bio says 30.

Adam Poch is a metal head that likes 90210. Too funny.

Dominic Briones makes his money modeling. So he and Cassie Colvin will have something to talk about.

Porsche just lied about being a student instead of a VIP Cocktail waitress. I guess she thinks that will make them think shes smarter. She also said she's from Del Ray, must be near Miami.

Cassie says she's a styling assistant. Ohhh we have a house full of liars this year. LOL

Julie Chen says three duos coming back. Ut oh. The house guests have to pick a partner and play in pairs.

The first twist. Julie Chen tells them they have to pick a partner. HOH duo will be safe for the week, they will nominate a duo.

Porsche Briggs and Keith Henderson team up, Shelly Moore and Cassie Colvin team up, Adam Poch and Dominic Briones team up, Kalia Booker and Lawon Exum are left as a team.

Julie Chen tells them they are not the only pairs playing. The door bell rings, in come Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly. YUCK! I can't believe BB did this to us. Going to find the earplugs now. Adam is cracking me up. Obviously not a Rachel fan. Shelly doesn't appear to be a fan either.

Door bell rings again. It's Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd. Everyone seems to like them. Stock up on the cookie dough!

Door bell rings again. It's Evil Dick and Danielle Donato. Adam and Shelly are star struck. Evil Dick wants to win twice.

Oops Evil Dick Donato just dissed Jordan Lloyd. Saying he was the only winner there. Dick says he hasn't spoken to Danielle Donato in three years, that he ran into her once at his mothers house. Hmmmm suspicious. Danielle Donato holds the record for POV wins. Didn't Jordan Lloyd do pretty well with POV's too?

I think Dominic Briones is right if the original eight don't stick together they are done.

Why would Lawon Exum hope a previous house guest wins HOH? That means they are safe. That's not too smart.

Time for HOH Competition. The competition name Going Banana's. The last house guest hanging on their banana wins.

I think I would have went up and sat at the very, very top of the banana, using the top of the banana for a seat and you'd have the rope to hang on to so as not to slip. Now they have been hit with slippery chocolate. Shelly Moore fell first she says it's intentional. She doesn't want to be a threat. I think these people have the wrong strategy. The eight need to get HOH to vote out the six.

They fall off in the order of Jordan, Keith, Cassie, Lawon, Adam, Jeff, Dominic, Brendon, Kalia, Now they are sprayed with whip cream. Rachel and Danielle are really close to the top with a good hold. Porsche falls. Leaving Rachel, and Dick and Danielle. Rachel says you guys are safe if you fall. Dick agrees and gets off. Danielle is leary. Her and Rachel looked like they could have stayed up there for a while. Danielle drops. This early in the game I think Rachel will keep her word. They will need the allies of the returning duos to stay in the game.

Rachel is now HOH and has to nominate a duo. Kalia Booker does not look happy.

Julie adds another twist. Rachel Reilly will nominate a pair. One gets evicted, the one that stays gets a golden key. Anyone who survives eviction in the first four weeks in the game cannot be nominated until ten people remain. The holder of the golden key will not participate in any competitions since they can't get evicted but they will vote. Wow so that means if you hold a golden key, you can't compete for HOH either. So if the newbies don't want to be HOH and make people mad at them they better get a golden key I guess. Crazy! Personally I think you should never turn down an opportunity to be HOH.

Minds are spinning in the house. I think everyone's strategy going in has already been blown to heck.

So if they just got in the house tonight where are the clips coming from? At first I thought they might be old clips, but they are not. Something hinky is going on here.

I don't know if I would be sitting there discussing how nominations could play out with everyone.

OMG it's almost time for Big Brother After Dark already.

Brendon's been tweeting he was doing molecular research this summer and that he and Rachel just moved to NC. And Rachel Reilly's been talking about the Ultimate Wedding show. Is that code for Big Brother? LOL Was all that a lie?

Must go wash dishes, before Big Brother After Dark or they might not get done.

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