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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 13 Recap Pirate School

"Pirate School"

Josh Harris is driving the Cornelia Marie, thinking about his dad. There are clips of Phil Harris talking about getting his affairs in order so if something happened to him, their lives would be easier.

Josh says it's time to start their own legacy. Josh wants to keep the boat running he doesn't want to let his dad or himself down. They are pulling up little pots since pulling off the big numbers last week. They are getting about 30 crab a pot. Captain Tony Lara's honeymoon is over. Morale is dropping.

Then Ryan Simpson calls up to Captain Tony Lara and tells him they only have enough cod for 15 more pots. Not even enough to finish the string. Captain Tony says F me! Captain Tony tells Ryan he needs to communicate better with him cause they just spent the last hour driving away from the cod pots. So now they are going to waste 2 1/2 hours to go get cod.

Josh Harris goes to the wheelhouse. Captain Tony Lara says there's three things you do when you got a guy the f'd up. First you compliment him, take him of the defensive so he'll listen to you. Second you tell him about the business at hand. Third tell him another joke or tell him how you messed up the first time. If you are going to teach a guy to do things you gotta stick to those three steps. In the business world that is called the sandwich. Something good, bad, then good. So the last thing the employee remembers is something good. Ryan Simpson comes into the wheelhouse.

Captain Tony Lara says Ryan come here. You've been doing a good job on the bait. (1) But communication is the most important thing, we just wasted two hours of daylight (2) Ryan Simpson says I'm sorry I should have told you last night, but we've been up for thirty f'ng hours I forgot. Captain Tony says that's no excuse your job is to let me know how much bait is in that bin. Ryan says I just did I got up and I found out I realized. Captain Tony you need to let me know before we don't have enough to haul a string. Ryan says you need  to communicate with me what the f we are doing. Ryan said something about he didn't know they were going to do something else I couldn't understand. Then he tells Captain Tony it's communication from the skipper to the crew to let me know what is going on. Captain Tony says let's make is simple every string you pick up that phone and tell me how many cod fish we have left. Ryan says all right, that's fine and walks out. Captain Tony says okay we skipped step three cause I'm still pissed. He laughs. Well Ryan left too, so he couldn't do number 3 if he isn't there. He can holler over the mic and tell him something a little bit maybe.

Ryan is out on deck gripping. You gotta communicate with the crew, am I hauling strings, laying down, eating dinner, if I get to poop, what. I gotta know what the f is going on. It's about communication and it starts from the top. Two things here. One it reminds me of a Navy sailor that can't do anything; eat, drink or sleep with out being told. The second thing, I think Ryan is tired and getting cranky cause they left all those 600 pots.

35 miles to the southwest is the Ramblin' Rose. Captain Elliot Neese is behind because of the late start because of the boat being broke. He says better late than never. Everyone else is stacking out of here. He picks out a spot where he thinks the crab is and says he'll give it a day. Why doesn't he just go where the other boats are leaving from? They pull up a pot that's half full. The crew is excited, they are nice looking crab. Captain Elliott thinks he is going to top off the mid tank.

Then the engine starts spuddering and the RPM's aren't going anywhere. He puts on his headphones on his ears where they belong and goes down to the engine room. The starboard engine when he puts it into gear, the shaft spins 1300 RPM's but the boat isn't going anywhere. Back up in the wheelhouse he says I'm pretty sure there is no prop left. He has two propellers so he can limp back to town with one propeller. At least he doesn't have to get towed in, he should be happy about that.

Captain Elliot's upset cause everything was going so good. He calls down to the crew and tells "Kado" Kevin Davis that one of the props is missing. We're gonna spend to weeks in Dutch Harbor waiting cause it has to come up on a barge. He says you can't air freight a 5000 pound prop. Well I guess you can if you are Captain Phil Harris. Cause he did it once. I'm sure he paid a pretty price to do it, but he did it. Dude you got the serious bad mojo going on. When you are mean and nasty to others it comes back and bites you in the a$$. You should be nicer to the other Captains, maybe you won't have dead birds all over your deck and have a boat that's falling apart. Kado says that sucks. Captain Elliot has to call the owner, Lenny to let him know about the $40,000 repair. Captain Elliot is concerned Lenny will tell him to just leave the boat tied up to the pier and tell him to let the Tempo Sea get his gear. They don't have to have this boat fish. Maybe the prop isn't missing, maybe it's just broke. He could be wrong.

Now Captain Elliot is back down in the engine room, the boat has been shut down for four hours. He could have been half way back to town. He's cussing say the prop fell off. He's afraid it will cost him his job. Oh no I just realized the cameras are in the engine room. Then he discovers the shifter cable is broke. He said the micro commander cable is broke. It is the cable that connects to the gear shift in the wheelhouse. It kind of reminds me of gears on a bicycle. You know how the cable runs from the handle down to chain or wheel on a bike. Same type of thing except it goes from his gear shift in the wheelhouse down to the shaft maybe somewhere down in the engine room. Sorry I don't know boat engines. He is swapping the cable out. The prop works it is still there. So a $40,000 part is now a $40 part. I hope he didn't call his owner and tell him the prop was gone, and get him all upset before he had fully investigated the problem. Like I said he could be wrong, and he was. Not the first time and probably not the last. Rookie Captain.

The crew goes back to hauling and they say Captain Elliott is a superstar. He's the Captain, the engineer and deckhand we just follow his lead. Well if he's such a superstar, he should have figured out it was the cable before telling everyone they lost a prop. Evidently he didn't call the owners and tell them. My guess is he didn't want to call the owners so bad, he went down and found the real problem, but guess what Elliot it's all on TV now along with pictures of the dirty engine room.

50 miles to the east of the Ramblin' Rose is the Time Bandit. Captain Andy Hillstrand says they have to catch 150,000 pounds in seven days. They've been pulling pots for eighteen hours. Andy says if they pull this string of 25 pots and get 10,000 pounds they can take a nap other wise they keep grinding.

Mike Fourtner says the Hawaiian Coconut is throwing the hook. Referring to Eddie Uwekoolani, SR. Eddie Sr asks Eddie Jr if he wants to throw the hook? Captain Andy Hillstrand says Eddie "The Legend" Uwekoolani hookman. He's a rocket he don't miss. Eddie Jr says he's never seen his father throw the hook, everybody says he's really good I guess he is. Five hours later they have still not pulled the 10,000 pounds. Captain Andy tells them to be careful they are half asleep. As they shake the crab out of the next pot, it comes lose from the dogs and nearly crushes 140 pound Eddie Jr. Freaked his dad out. Someone I think it was Eddie Sr pulled him out of the way. Eddie Sr tells him that pot right there weighs more than a Prius. Eddie Jr says he it was like a bright light I just starred at it. Eddie Sr says what would your mother do man. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand says I gotta send Eddie to Pirate School. Captain Andy Hillstrand says he needs to talk like a pirate instead of a choirboy.  Captain Johnathan says he's way to quite. Mike Rowe says his salty Captains are more than happy to continue his education.

Johnathan goes out on deck. He tells Eddie Jr. you made it through hell now your back. Kick it's ass again.  Captain Johnathan Hillstrand says we just gotta get you to bleep on camera once. We are sending you through Pirate School. Oh no, what's coming next? Captain Andy says it's time for him to learn how to cuss like a sailor, a little pirate lore. Captain John will school him. Captain John asks Eddie Jr you want to be under this wing (he puts his hand in his armpit so his arm looks like a wing) or that wing and he points to Eddie Jr's father, reminding him that he writes the checks. He might change your diaper but I write the checks.

Captain Johnathan goes over to a red shovel and says right there what is that? Johnathan says that's a f'ng red shovel right? Eddie Jr says your right. Captain John asks what is that Travis? Travis Loflan says that's a f'ng red shovel. John question's Eddie Sr. What is that Ed? Eddie Sr says its a f'ng red shovel. John asks Scott Hillstrand. Scott responds it's a f'ng red shovel. Captain John is screaming it's an ice removing f'ng red f'ng shovel! Say it! Eddie Jr says real softly, that's a shovel and starts laughing  ROFLMAO Too funny.

Now Johnathan screams that's a bleep good bleep pot! Those are nice bleeping clean bleeping crab! See what this is. This is an almost bleeping full tank! Eddie Jr is still laughing. He says that is a full almost. Johnathan screams it looks like it's going to f'ng snow today! Eddie Jr says it's mighty cold outside. I love his translation. Johnathan says to Eddie Sr he ain't gonna swear is he? His mom will kick his a$$ won't she. Eddie Sr is laughing so hard he can't answer he shakes his head to no he isn't going to swear and nods his head to mom kicking his a$$. Eddie Uwekoolani Jr makes a momma proud.

380 miles from Dutch Harbor on the Wizard. Captain Keith's trying to get back on the crab. He just moved 82 miles to the NNW. Captain Sig Hansen said Keith kept moving going back and forth. He's still moving. Lenny Lekanoff says our time is limited out here so we gotta hurry up and catch some crab. They pull up a light pot, Keith Colburn said small bait that's the problem the crab just rip through the bait and then there is nothing left for them to eat. Keith yells down to Danniy Maki that's not a bait setup. Those need a little tiny fish on each one. Didn't he just say there wasn't enough bait? Captain Keith Colburn tells Lynn Guitard to show him what to do.

Lynn sees an opportunity to make someone else the scape goat. Keith thinks Danny is getting to the end of his rope. Lynn is giving Danny a hard time telling him to climb in the pot and how to setup the bait. Danny says he's been doing the best he can. He says it takes a lot to get him pissed off, but once in a while it's like f you dude. Freddie Maughtai asks did Danny start crying over there? What did you tell him to do? Lynn says he just told him to grab the bait. Someone tells Danny they need another tote. He slams a tote down.

Captain Keith says the Wizard doesn't accept wimps she's a cranky old broad and she doesn't want anybody on here that's a sissy or a baby.  Captain Keith is keeping an eye on Danny he says he is toast. Danny crawls up on the crab table. Keith tells him there is no reason for him to be on the table. Monty is telling him not to go to deep in the corner. Captain Keith starts screaming get out of that table get out of that table. He gets up from his chair and goes downstairs and gets a pillow. He takes it out on deck and gives Danny the pillow and tells him while he is there he may as well take a nap. He then turns to Gary Soper and tells him he is wasting a pair of hands. Danny goes in the forepeak and he says those guys tell me not to jam them up so I'm waiting for them to sort and I can't leave the table I get in trouble if I leave so I don't know what to do. Captain Keith can hear what he is saying. It seems like Monty and Keith giving the crew different orders causes a lot of the problems they have.

Danny Maki goes out to Monty Colburn and says so I didn't know Keith was such a great motivational speaker. Monty says yeah he is, he would make a great kindergarten teacher too. Gary Soper says maybe we need to get him some decaf.

430 miles nw of Dutch Harbor is the Seabrooke. Capt Scott Campbell Jr is on the crab. He wakes the crew up after three hours of sleep. As the guys are going on deck, "Whipper" Chris Welch decides to call home. He says ah geez. Yeah, we got like 40,000 pounds to go and then I'll fly out so I should be home on the 10th. We'll talk about it when I get home. Bye baby, I miss you. The guys on deck pull up a pot with 660 crabs. Scott Campbell goes down and tells Whipper chop chop. Whipper goes and gets coffee. Scott says it is good to call home, they're newlyweds and they are young, it kind of puts his mind at ease. That's just the way Whipper is. Mike Rowe says but Whipper is keeping something from his brother. Whipper says we are going through a rough time right now. I don't want to let my brother down and I hate to do it to the guys they are all family too. Captain Scott is still calling him out on deck.

85 mles to the SE on the Cornelia Marie. Captain Tony says he is trying to move with the crab and stay ahead of the fleet. Then a call comes in from Captain Keith he says I have someone you know here who's taking over wheel watch, I'm going to hand it over to him. Say hello to the boys for me. It's Freddy Maughtai, he talks to Josh Harris. Josh asks if the guys are treating him okay. Freddie says yes but I miss you guys too. You are always in my heart too. I love you guys you know that. I miss your old man. The old man is always around us. I'm sorry I can't be there to finish up. Josh tells him it's all good you gotta make some money. Josh tells him don't get too cozy over there man you might need to come back when we start running this boat.  Freddie says when we get done we got to get together and do something. Visit the old man and bring him some flowers. Jake Harris has entered the wheel house and is listening. Josh says we've got to a casino after that, that's what the old man would have done. Josh laughs. Jake jumps in and says we miss you man. Freddie says Jake do me a favor stay out of trouble man. Josh keep an eye on him. Josh says you know it brother you know it. You'd be real proud of him he's doing real good this season. Josh tells Freddie they miss him so much.

Josh says the sun is starting to come out, it's the old man shining down on us. Telling us everything is going to be okay.  Jake Harris says hopefully he put a good word in for us. Captain Tony Lara needs these pots to be on the crab. They pull up a big pot full. The crew screams jackpot. Dale Pruitt says its a BFP. You guys can figure out what that is. They continue pulling big pots. Josh says he thinks his dad would be speechless. Him and Jake are working as a team and getting along. I don't think there's any words for that I'm even speechless. Jake says the balls still rolling I think he'd be real happy with what Josh and I are doing. Josh says I have a good feeling. Jake walks up to him and says I got a good feeling too kinda of raising his right hand. Josh says don't do it starting to get in a defensive position and Jake slaps Josh.with his left hand. Sneak attack. Josh says I knew it was coming.

390 miles NW of Dutch Harbor is the Wizard. They are pulling a good size pot. Captain Keith Colburn says it's been a long time since I've seen this crew so beat up they can't even celebrate filling the boat. Monty Colburn says can you believe we've pulled up like 1300 pots out here. 1300 pots is a lot of pots. Captain Keith says everbody deserves to get some rack time but right now the priority is filling the tanks. He's starting to sound like Captain Sig Hansen on the Northwestern. Daniel Maki is looking forward to getting some sleep.

Keith says Danny is upset because I'm asking them to work a little overtime. 45 minutes. There are going to be days when he is going to work 36 hours instead of 19. Someone says its here, Danny this is the homestretch. Then Keith hollers down to the deck and tells Danny he is going to work the next string cause he has a sh$t attitude when he is putting $900,000 worth of crab on the boat and he's bummed out cause he's gotta work an extra hour. So don't give me any excues. Danny says I don't think I have a bad attitude. Monty says Danny doesn't have a bad attitude he's tired because he's been up twenty hours. Danny says he doesn't care he wants to see the boat loaded.

Freddie says look at his face he's been up for a while, he's got a good attitude. Three hours later Captain Keith tells Danny he can head down. But Danny wants and explanation. He goes to the wheel house. Don't these guys watch the show, don't they know not to go to the wheelhouse. I mean that's like asking for Doomsday.

Hey Captain? Keith says yeah? Danny says I just wanted to talk to you about the attitude thing. I didn't think I had a real bad attitude and I was kind of wondering where that was coming from? He asked very nicely. Captain Keith says your asking me? Danny says yes. Keith says when you are down there running around in a complete funk, pissed off cause you are losing your down time. Danny starts to say I honestly. Keith cuts in his voice getting louder. Here we go. If you can't work one f'ng hour. Danny starts to says something Keith says don't go getting ut ut ut with me. Keep your mouth shut and listen got it. Danny says yeah. Keith continues,  when you are dragging your a$$ and the rest of the crew is pumped up and your dragging them down because of attitude cause you can't f'ng work an hour of OT to f'ng put close to a f'ng million dollars worth of crab on this boat and enjoy that. You are probably in the wrong occupation. That's it. Danny says I just wondered. Keith cut him off. No I do not want a response. I want you to understand what I just said and think about it. Danny said all right. Keith tells him to get some sleep. Danny says he wanted to make things right and end the trip on a good note and now he feels like a piece of sh$t. It sucks.

Keith back in the wheel house says he is having trouble having sympathy for Danny because he just figured out Danny made $9600 in the last 8 days. Keith says his first year in Alaska he worked ten months and made $11,000. Freddie is looking in the tank he says it's that close. Danny says it's pretty amazing and gears back up and goes back on deck. He says he'd like to have a hand in it. You can't catch crab without bait. Keith says is that Danny? Right on. That's a good sign he's going out on deck. Freddie says that's a team player. The crew tops off the boat and ends the trip. I feel bad for Danny.

420 miles NW of Dutch harbor. Captain Scott Campbell is pulling good pots. Bob Perky is back on deck. When did he get back? Junior sent him home. Whipper calls Captain Scott and tells him he tore his stomach again. Scott says he's not buying it, it was a pulled stomach muscle I saw the doctors report. Whipper says well I'm just warning you. Scott tells him if you pull this on me and you go home because of it. You can never come back to this boat. Whipper says I know that. Scott says I've been watching you and I've seen no signs of it bothering you. Whipper says I'm just saying it's starting too. Captain Scott says come on dude, I'm a lot smarter than I look. Whipper says damn I'm tired of arguing.

Scott says its ironic after a phone call to his new wife he's hurt and needs to go home. Be a man and do your job. Whipper says he's a piece of sh$t is what he is. Bob asks what. Whipper says my brother. My guts starting to bother me a little bit and he thinks I'm trying to pull something slick to go home. Well aren't you?

Bob Perky tells him if there ain't a bone sticking out we basically don't care. Everybody has their aches and pains and whatever the case may be. We got no compassion in crab fishing it's a hard life with hard men. Captain Scott looking out, says he doesn't look like he's got stomach pain to me. I think he's bluffing  I know, he's my brother. Mac White says he thinks he's hurt cause he wouldn't stab me in the back.

Scot says hum no Whipper on deck, I'm trying to get the boat full of crab. If he's going to pull this and walk off deck so be it. Right now he's an employee I'm his boss he's not doing his job so he's either injured or he's quitting the choice is his.

Mac White says the Seabrooke spits them out. I like Whip this is his second go around. Captain Scott says he said don't do it Junior your going to get burned. I didn't listen now I'm getting burnt right now. My own brother wow. Mac says whats Whip making for breakfast? They all laugh.

The Crab Count

Time Bandit
Cornelia Marie
Ramlin' Rose

Wow the Kodiak is packing the crab in and we didn't even see it or the Northwestern.

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