Saturday, July 9, 2011

Big Brother After Dark 13 Where Is Evel Dick?

Well before I went to bed this morning. I saw Zap2it reported that after "After Dark" ended this morning, the house feeds were turned off, and the house was told Evel Dick was gone.

CBS released a statement that Evel Dick Donato left because of personal reasons. They will address it on Wednesday's show. I wonder why they are waiting until Wednesday, and not saying something Sunday?

When I got up this evening, I saw Zap2it had updated their report to say Daniele was told is that it was not related to his immediate family. Since her partner is gone she was given a golden key.

Then while on Twitter I saw a rumor that Evel Dick Donato was arrested. I have not been able to confirm this yet. Los Angeles County makes you pay for court record access. Freedom of Information at a price, that's Hollywood I guess. TMZ has not reported anything. I would think they would be all over this if it was an arrest.

So who know's where Evel Dick Donato is. I hope everything is okay for him.

07/12/11 UPDATE: Visit the July 11 Big Brother After Dark Recap for information on Evel Dick's statement as to why he left.

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  1. Check this mornings recap for more information on Evel Dick.


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