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Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 2 Detox


Well I guess we meet the rest of the guests this week.

It's still night one when the show starts. They reshow Jennifer Gimenez having  a panic attack.

Steven Adler has arrived. Jennifer Gimenez is trying to stay professional and check him in. Will Smith is there helping. Jennifer is afraid of Steven, but I say she's doing a good job dealing with him so far. She tells Will Smith he has to pat Steven down. Jennifer Gimenez says Steven Adler blames her for his arrest and until they talk about it there is going to be a lot of tension going around. Steven seems to be a happy camper right now. I guess we'll find out how happy when his drug test results are finished.

Steven Adler approaches Jennifer Gimenez out on the patio and tells her while he thought that night was the worst thing that ever happened to him, it turned out to be something that was good for him. He apologizes and gives her a hug. Awwww.

Dwight Eugene Gooden arrives. He tests positive for cocaine which means he has used in the last 72 hours.

Amy Fisher slams the door in the camera mans face and tells them don't come in her room. Then she is outside on the phone calling someone to get her. Dang night one and she's ready to leave already. She tells the camera man get away from her or I'm going to call the police. I'm not an episodey, you have no right to film me and I'm not doing this show. What??? Hmm wonder what her problem is already.

Now they are showing clips of the patients detoxing. Amy Fisher is inside and throwing up. I'm confused, she was outside and leaving before. Now she is waking up on Day two. Huh??

Bai Ling is in bed crying. Dr. Drew goes in to try and find out what is going on. She tells him nothing. I'm just really tired. Dr. Drew says that usually doesn't make people sob. Bai says she just doesn't feel well. Dr. Drew tells her she has to get up if she wants to change. Bai says just this one time? She wants to stay in bed and do little steps. Dr. Drew tells her this is a little step, I have big steps for you later. He says he won't ask her to do anything he doesn't think she can do. She says she is afraid. Bai says it would be easier if she doesn't deal with it. Dr. Drew says right avoid it. Keep avoiding it no change. He says we have to start somewhere, this is that somewhere.

They all join for group. They have two empty seats. Bob Forrest is there. Sean Young is tired. Bob says that being on a TV show and talking about this is difficult, so lets talk about why you came here.

Steven Adler says he came here because he wants to finish what he started. Steven said he got off of heroin, crack and the pills, but he was doing marijuana maintenance. Dr. Drew explains how the marijuana activates the brain chemistry and how it's just a matter of time before you slip back. Steven says it's too easy not to feel.

Bob Forrest says that's what addiction is. Trying to control the way I feel through chemicals, which is a reaction to control outcomes in the environment.

Michael Lohan is shaking his head while Bob is speaking. Dr. Drew asks him if he tried to control his dad's drinking. Michael says yes we all did. He says he would hide his dad's beer and get in trouble. He was twelve. He tells a story about trying to get his dad to go home from a bar and his dad throwing him out of the bar and throwing his bicycle on top of him. Michael says the worst thing he ever done to his kid was one day, he had a hangover and he threw the channel changer at him and hit him in the head. His son Micheal was about eight. The son hasn't forgot it. Michael says its the same thing my father did to me.

It's amazing how as a child you remember these things. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just delete the bad memories from your brain and just leave the nice memories in there. As if your brain was a hard drive.

Bob Forrest says we adopt what we grow up with. So if you don't evolve and work through things you won't change. You have to allow yourself to feel.

Dr. Drew asks Amy Fisher what are you feeling? She says how can someone do that to a child? Michael says he did it. Amy Fisher says shes 36 yo and looks at kids as kids. As a kid she did something really bad and now she can never move on no matter what she does, because people are like murder, murder. She can't get a regular job and people think she has mental problems, like she is psychotic, a psychiopath. Bob says show them you are not. Amy says it's really hard.

Dr. Drew says he thinks she is using the outside to keep people away from the inside. Amy admits that it is something she has learned to do, and it works very well, because people are superficial. Dr. Drew asks her what is going on on the inside. Amy says she has feelings, but she is afraid people won't like her if she lets them in.

Jeremy Jackson thanks her for sharing that and says he thinks he is doing the same thing with the steroids. Dr. Drew says Jeremy's connection to Amy Fisher is a great example of the power of group. This group is already starting to function and they will  have to start relying on each other.

Still on day two another patient is arriving.  It's Dwight Eugene Gooden. Okay they need to keep these clips in order. I get the previews of the episode in the beginning of the show, but now they are mixing them up during the show and not saying even saying coming up. It's like it's part of the show but then it comes up again. Errrrrrrrrr.

So we have Dwight arriving again. I guess we already know he will test positive from earlier. Dwight Gooden was a major league baseball player for the Mets. He says he holds many records which still stand today. He started doing cocaine. He tested positive and got suspended, then while on suspension tested positive again. He ended up in prison. He says the last year has been the worst. He was still using popping Ambien, then he was taking his son to school and got in an accident. He got charged with DUI and child endangerment because his son didn't have a seat belt on and hit his head. He says he has to forgive himself or it will keep him sick.

Dwight Gooden is rooming with Jeremy Jackson. Shelly Sprague is checking his things, she asks Dwight what his drug of choice is he says alcohol, cocaine and ambien. That Ambien seems to be another drug doctors like to prescribe like candy.

For those of you who don't know. Pharmaceutical companies really are drug pushers. No pun intended. They are like pimps trying to get doctors to prescribe their drugs. They come in and buy the office staff lunch, send the doctors on trips at nice resorts to "learn about the drugs" and then write all this stuff off as a tax deduction. I know the IRS has taken away a lot of the expenses over the years that pharmaceutical companies can write off their taxes, trying to get the doctors to prescribe their drugs. This doesn't mean the pharmaceutical companies quit doing all this stuff. It just means they can't legally write it off. Who knows what else they are doing to get the doctors to write these prescriptions. Okay that's another rant for another time. Back to the show.

Shelly asks Dwight Gooden when was the last time he used cocaine. Dwight says its been a while. They get a urine sample and it's positive for cocaine.

Dwight goes to meet Dr. Drew. He is 46 years old and has been to rehab five times since 1987. He has not had complete sobriety for any length of time. Dwight admits to Dr. Drew he is a people pleaser, that he is not comfortable in his own skin. When Dr. Drew tells him you have cocaine in your urine he just says, huh and keeps on talking. I guess he's not even going to try and make an excuse. Dwight says he has a lot of guilt about his kids.

Dr. Drew says Dwight's guilt will become more pronounced the more he stays sober. Dwight will have to forgive himself to stay sober and that isn't going to be easy.

Evening of day 2 the patients are on edge. Amy goes in her room and says it's part of her deal you don't come in here and slams the door in the camera man's face. Dr. Drew says every year it seems like we have someone who has a problem with the cameras. They show some old clips of people fighting with camera guys.

Jennifer goes into Amy's room and asks her if anyone is coming to see her tomorrow and Amy tells her she's not even sure she is going to be here tomorrow. The camera's are freaking her out. Jennifer thinks something else is going on. She says Amy knew the camera's were going to be here before she got there. Jennifer and Will start collecting phones. Amy says she's trying to leave she's not going to give up her phone. Jennifer says phone priviledges end at 9:30 every night. Will tell's her he has to have the phone or she has to go out front. He can't have anyone on the unit with a phone at this hour. She just wants to pack. Will is walking her out trying to explain to her this edginess is part of the detox. She's not hearing it.

Will says he can not restrain her to make her stay. Amy is telling someone on the phone that the camera's are freaking her out. It's like the paparazzi is chasing her. Jennifer is listening to her conversation for a little bit then Jennifer goes back inside. She says the ball is in her court. Evidently her manager and husband have convinced her to stay. She goes back inside and Jennifer tells her she has to do a urine test. Amy says you are going to have to give me a diet soda.

Day 3 Shelly Sprague is waking people up. Dr. Drew is worried about Bai Ling. She hasn't been eating. She tells him she is nauseous she tried to throw up but there is nothing to throw up. Dr. Drew tells her that's because she hasn't eaten in three day. Hmm, another problem here? Dr. Drew has her follow his finger and is checking her eyes. She says she is dizzy again, she bends down. Dr. Drew asks Shelly about which meds Bai took. She didn't take the Abilify yesterday.

Dr. Drew prescribed Abilify (Aripiprazole-psychiatric medication, also used for schizophrenia, I googled it.) because she was exhibiting unusual thinking and extreme emotional behavior. He wants her to be able to focus on recovery without the psychiatric issues getting in the way. Dr. Drew is telling some lady in the hall she likes you. This lady is a staff member but I don't know her name and she isn't listed in the cast?? The lady says she wants to be med less that's why she came here. Dr. Drew says no she came here to get care. She needs to take it. Bai is back sitting on the bed crying again. Dr. Drew cannot force her to take the meds.

Dr. Drew talks to Amy concerned because she tried to leave last night. He wants her to know how far she has come already. He asks her what she is afraid of. She says feels like she does things in her life because she doesn't have any options. Dr. Drew wants an example. She says everyone here now knows what she does for a living and she has been told she can't talk about that or she won't work and she needs to work. Dr. Drew is like you need to do what? Adult films? Amy says she looks at it as employment and she needs employment. Dr. Drew says to do that kind of stuff you have to numb yourself. Do you have to get loaded to do it? Amy says yes. Dr. Drew asks how long she has been doing this? She says six months. Dr. Drew says ouch. Dr. Drew says there is so much in your life that you didn't deserve. Amy blames it all on the media creating this character about her. She says they should have paid her. They created the character and ruined someones life.

Okay my head is spinning with thoughts here. First off I wondered on the last show when they showed her husband and 3 kids at what looked like her house, which wasn't shabby, why she was doing adult films. Then I thought well maybe that's why she has a nice house. I hear the adult film industry pays pretty well. So then I wondered, what does the husband do? How does he feel about her doing adult films? Is he pimping her out? Now she says she's only been doing this for the last six months? What has she been doing the last twelve years. I looked it up Amy Fisher got out of prison in May 1999. Okay so maybe her husband is recently unemployed, a lot of people are nowadays. I think we are missing a piece of the puzzle here.

Now Amy is blaming the Hollywood producers for ruining her life. She says the porn industry will come to her because they know she will make a lot of money. So she just goes with it. Dr. Drew says she has a lot to deal with.

Yep, I know its early in the show, but I'm thinking she needs to take some responsibility for what she has done herself here. She keeps blaming everyone else. Yes she was sixteen and an older man took advantage of her, but she's the one who was taking drugs and took a gun over to his house and shot his wife.

Dr. Drew says it's heartbreaking watching Amy make horrible choices and blame the world for the choices she makes. The fact is she's really looking for any way to focus her negativity and distract herself with having to connect with the unpleasant feelings of shame and emptiness she's avoided for all these years.

Dang! I must be watching too much Dr. Drew. Did I nail that one or what?

Day 4 Shelly's waking everyone up Bai doesn't want to get up again. There is always one that doesn't want to get up in the morning too it seems like. She's trying to talk Shelly into letting her skip group. Bai says she'll be there in ten minutes. Shelly says ten minutes it is. Bai takes the wall plate off of the wall outside her room, the one with her name on it. She then goes through a door labeled Administration. Now Shelly, Dr. Drew and Will are looking for her. She is outside on the patio now. She is going up on the roof. Dr. Drew says what's happening? Is she threatening to jump? We gotta call the cops, this is bad news. Someone maybe Shelly is going up the ladder to the roof and the recording ended before it was over. Dang it! I hate when that happens. Whoever is going up to the roof shouldn't be, we don't need two people falling off the roof.

I'm having flashbacks of Seth Binzer up on the roof. I hope Seth is doing well, he's another one that had a tough time. I wonder who left the ladder out there? I'm thinking someone is going to be in trouble. Or at least they should be.

I wonder how Sean Young is doing. I don't think they even showed her this episode. And the girl from Survivor hasn't showed up yet either. I wonder where she is at?

I'll rerecord the show with an extended ending. I doubt we missed anything but if we did I'll come back and edit this. I'm thinking they ended the show leaving us hanging with Bai on the roof. 

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  1. I recorded the show again. I didn't miss anything. They ended the show with Bai Ling still on the roof.

    Guess we'll have to wait until Sunday to see how everyone gets down.

    Hopefully, safely.


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