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Deadliest Catch After The Catch Episode 4 2011

"Fresh Blood"

The boys all meet at The Shack in Oahu, Hawaii.

Jake Shimabukuro is playing the electric ukelele. The Captains say he is like Mozart, Mozart on steroids.

We have Mike Rowe, Captains Sig Hansen, Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, Keith Colburn and Scott Campbell, Jr.

Mike Rowe says it's not just the greenhorns that come and go, it's the Captains, the boats, the fortunes. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand says the wheel's turn, the tides turn. Mike Rowe says before we get too philosophical cause Johnathan will do that when he has enough coffee in him, let's show you what I mean about the revolving door.

We go to a clip of Captain Sig Hansen saying he's expendable. Captain Keith Colburn says we work seasons not years, he's just thrown someones stuff  onto the dock. Captain Scott Campbell, Jr with a clip of Josh Fullmer quitting, Monty Colburn saying training people is a complete waste of time. Captain Scott says I guess I'm going to get a reputation of the greenhorn slayer. Captain Bill hanging out the wheelhouse window saying thanks again to Eric Anderson. Poor Eric. Clips of Edgar Hansen telling everyone goodbye.

Travis Loflan who left the Wizard and is now on the Time Bandit and Freddie Maughtai formerly on the Cornelia Marie and now on the Wizard have joined the table. Mike Rowe asks Freddie how it's going? If he's having fun? Freddie says sure. Captain Keith says it doesn't matter if Freddie has worked 2 hours or 22 he's always full of it. Full of energy and that motivates the rest of the crew. Then it's hard to get him off the deck. Seriously how can you not like Freddie?

Mike Rowe says to Freddie, on the boat you are a force of nature, and here, and every time I've met you, you are quite and unassuming. Are you two different guys? Freddie says just one Freddie.

Mike Rowe asks Travis Loflan how many Travis' are there. Travis says how many days of the week are there? Mike Rowe asks how deep is the ocean? Mike says tell me about the transition from one boat to another. Travis says where do you start? It's basically just fitting in with the guys and learning the operation. It's crab fishing.

Captain Johnathan Hillstrand says both of these guys are wanted men. They are known for being hard workers. Captain Andy Hillstrand says they are loyal too.

Mike Rowe asks from watching the show it seems like the frequency of coming and going is pretty intense. Is it? Captain Andy says we can get lucky and keep a guy around for nine years or so but then their body breaks down. Captain Andy says usually the guys that have a falling out one yr, two yrs, boom there gone, maybe six months. You'll find boats like Captain Sig's boat that keeps a crew around, we keep a crew around. These guys keep a crew around. Captain Keith jumps in and says Gary Soper has been with him for twenty years. Captain Keith worked on deck with Soper, it's like he is a part of the boat. Captain Andy says they break down though you can't be fifty years and doing this job. Captain Scott Campbell says his engineer trained him when he was a greenhorn and he is still with the boat. He is 53 years old. He's a novelty, he's still in great shape. But how many years does he have in him? I'm finally starting to see him slow down. It's amazing, the loyalty from the last generation to the younger generation is amazing the separation between the two.

Mike Rowe asks Freddie why he left the Cornelia Marie. He said Phil, Phil not there was not right. Mike says it didn't feel the same? Freddie says it wasn't the same. Mike says did it stop being fun or did it not feel right? Freddie says both. He's my second dad you know. Awww

Captain Scott Campbell says when it stops being fun you move on. Captain Scott says catching the crab quick and making the money is still alluring to all of us. Captain Sig says each boat has it's own social system. It's kind of like changing out a girlfriend. They all laugh. Sometimes you need a change of pace. As a younger guy. You know what I mean. Yep, CYA Sig before you are in trouble with the Mrs. Some guys want to see if the grass is greener.

They talk about change on the boat and show a clip of Captain Scott changing Kyle Perry and Whipper on bait during King season. Captain Scott says the greenhorns think bait is the hardest job on the boat. I would have thought it was the easiest. So you pull them out for a string or two let them do something else then they think the baiting isn't so bad. Captain Johnathan says you used psychology on them. It works. You gotta be a mom. Captain Keith says you gotta do it with everyone. If some guy gets stuck at the hydros... Captain Johnathan cuts him off and says you don't know any psychology. LMAO All the Captains are laughing except Keith who is shaking his head with his hand covering his face. Mike Rowe says this might be a topic where you wantta focus on your drink. Johnathan says he knows some psychology but.. As they go to commercial Captain Keith says he hates how f'ng type casted he is, it just sucks.Well Captain Keith you keep giving them the footage. I'm just saying.

Mike Rowe asks Travis when he was a greenhorn. He says the winter of 1999. Freddie has left the table. Mike brings up Captain Scott's greenhorns. He says it doesn't matter how big they are, it's mental, they get out there and get over whelmed by the job, the bad seas and then they can't keep up. Then everybody is yelling at them because they can't keep up.

Captain Keith says they don't understand there is pain involved with the job. It starts in their hands and goes up to their elbows and they just think it's not going to stop. Captain Johnathan says some guys think they'll just go out on a boat with for two and a half months and just go along for the ride. And then they go, I think I made a mistake about a week into it. Captain John says if he fished with his dad as a kid salmon fishing or something, then they have the mentality to make it. Captain Sig says he hired a bartender that was a 9 to 5 guy. He was like when do I eat, when do I sleep. They just don't understand it. Our crew supports our greenhorn we invest in them. Sig says he was a big guy he just couldn't do it. Mike Rowe says he thinks the show has helped screw up expectations for you guys. It's kind of like American Idol, people show up thinking they can sing. Who told you that? Captain Scott says your family being nice to you. Hey you can do that job.

They show a clip of Josh Fullmer. They bring him out. I'm not a fan of this guy no matter how cute he thinks he is. Mike Rowe says it was nice of you to come here. He got a free trip to Hawaii, of course he came. I can't tell if you are brave or crazy. Is that a fair summation of what happened. Josh said it was, he was pretty overwhelmed at first. Mike Rowe asked him what was he expecting. He said I was expecting to push through it. I consider myself a tough guy, that was the toughest part.

Captain Scott was talking about when he had to dump he gear. He said he thinks it over whelmed him and he got scared. And the zero gravity. They all start laughing. And he was missing his family. It's not that he couldn't have done the job. It's just human nature to look for a way out. I think Scott is being too nice. You are right Scott, it's not that he couldn't do the job, he didn't do the job. Did you have the latest DVD Released in the galley?

Mike asked him if it just really piled up. Josh says yes he expected to get it from the guys being the horn, you just gotta take it in one ear and out the other, but I took it personally which was my first mistake. Second mistake when the pain comes you gotta push through it. Captain Sig asked him what started hurting on you? Josh says it was my hands. It was like carpal tunnel. Sig asks didn't the guys tell you, like when their hands start hurting, like that they will tape Popsicle sticks to their hands.

Captain Scott says I gave him the braces. Yeah, Captain Scott told him to put on the braces and take Advil before he even went out there. I hope these guys get paid for all the times they talk about taking Advil on the show. Josh said he waited till it hurt to do that. Captain Scott says they all want to be tough that's the biggest problem. They don't want to listen to the preemptive advice I give them. Because if they can't keep up it slows me down and costs me money.  Mike Rowe says it's like a public service announcement. If you think you can do it. Here's the thing. You can't. Captain Sig says I ran into him already. He points to Josh. He's like I want to go back. Jake Anderson's the same way, he has the same attitude. Captain Johnathan says he's told me repeatedly he wants to go back. Travis says the biggest thing I see is it's humbled you. You now know what goes into the job.

Captain Sig you know what really bugs me, no offense, a lot of guys say I want to do it to prove it. Captain Sig says I don't want you if you got to prove it, go someplace else. I want a guy who it's his livelyhood the salmon charters and the shipyard, not the I got to prove I did it.

Josh Fullmer says I want to come back for life, if I get back on a boat. Junior says if you do a fishery and last you can come back on my boat. My biggest mission right now is to get on another boat.

Captain Andy Hillstrand says dude but think about your family you say you want to live and breathe and eat fishing you leave the family and the family suffers. That's why the divorce rate is so high with fisherman. Mike Rowe says I just want to make sure I'm hearing this right. You want a second chance? Look in this camera right now and say I'm Josh Fulmer and I want a second chance. Mike Rowe says good grief there it is.

OMG anybody who hires this guy again is nuts. He cries when he's called names, he doesn't listen to his Captain, or he would have taken the Advil and put on the braces and saved himself a world of hurt. He quit after two hours! That's doesn't even take into account family. Then he goes in the galley and watches movies while the crew is out fishing. I don't think he even cooked them a meal. He probably could have taken Advil and went back on deck, even if it was a few hours later, but noooo. Think about Danny Maki on the Wizard this week compared to this guy. He's just telling them what they want to hear. I think he just wants to do it once so he can say he did. Loser.

Yea! Captain Bill is back. Mike Rowe asks Captain Bill if he has made Hawaii his own. Captain Bill says he is still fond of Mexico. They got a lot of rules here. I do better coloring outside the lines than coloring inside the lines. Man if that don't make you wonder what Bill did last time he was there, or what he is wanting to do know that he can't. hum. I might have to do some checking on that.

Mike Rowe asks Captain Keith what does old school mean. Captain Keith says pushing pots, working hard like that. Captain Andy says it's like the two bowls sitting up on the hill. The father and the son. Lets go down and just ehh. It's about learning through experience. Junior has a lot to learn, the young kids got a lot to learn. Captain Johnathan says you couldn't even fish at 40 knots back in the old school because our bow arcs (? not sure what that is, I'm thinking the sides of the boat) are this tall he holds his hand up. About as tall as our boots. Now we have a 13 foot wall.

Captain Scott says he fished the old school mentality, back when it was a race for the crab. All we could think about was getting the big ones in the tank. Now we all as a fleet have adapted to the sustainability of the fisheries where we got to worry about the juveniles. Everybody's updated their sorting systems. Everybody's made the changes to have a sustainable fishery for the future.

Captain Sig says when we first put the conveyor belt on we were like are you kidding? But now it's like it's better for the men, better for the crab. Mike Rowe says it's not just about the equipment though. It's a state of mind. Like your pots don't soak nearly as long as the other guys do. Captain Johnathan says we haul them just as fast as he does. Junior starts to say something. Johnathan says explain it to us Junior explain how you work three times harder than us. They are all laughing. Captain Scott says if he is in a trash pile where he is getting 30 or 40 but they are sorting through 50 or 60 crab.  He'll take the time to move, where there are some guys in the fishery that will sit and sift through that.

Captain Johnathan says that is a big boat little boat mentality. Johnathan says we don't have 250 pots. I fish just like you. Johnathan points to Sig and Keith and says you guys got 450 pots so we fish totally different than you guys. Captain Keith says he will fish from 160-300. Captain Bill says Opies I have 125-130 pots. King crab he tries to have 250. I fished like him for decades, but the crews can't handle it and I'm getting old.

He says the guys hauling on a short soak are sifting through smaller crab, that's because they don't give them a chance to get out. If you soak for two or three days, the smaller crab have time to get out. That's the whole point of the escape panel. Captain Johnathan says Junior and I got to get on the good ones and stay on the good ones. We rail dump the trash and just move. Mike Rowe says it almost becomes superstitious. I know you make your decisions based on data, but in the end how much of it comes down to your gut. Captain Andy Hillstrand says his old man always says work smarter not harder.

Captain Johnathan says always go with your first gut instinct. Captain Scott says everytime he has not done that he has failed. Captain Sig says you got to adapt. You might have one school crawling slow and one school might be on the run. If you have your gear spread out, you have to adapt and fish it according to what you see on the bottom. You can't just stick to one recipe and expect it to work.

Captain Andy says that trash pile edge might have thirties and the full pots but you can move 1/2 mile over and have the keepers. Captain Bill says the big guys are out in front. Captain John said he has followed a school of crab and have them come in and leave come in and leave. Right on the same school of crab. Captain Andy says it's small boat big boat mentality.

Mike Rowe asks is superstition old school? Someone I think Captain Scott said that's old school. Wild Bill knocks on wood. Captain Keith we know is superstitious. Sig is. Scott and Johnathan says they aren't superstitious. Captain Andy says he (he points to John) brings cowboy boots on charter boats. Is that bad?

They show clips of Keith and his superstitions that we've already seen.

One of the clips was when the bird flew down in the Wizard's galley. Mike Rowe asks Scott his feelings on the magical bird theory. Captain Scott says it was a coincidence. It's a f'ng bird. LOL

Captain Keith says to Johnathan you baby sat a  bird for a week on your boat. Johnathan says that's because I'm an animal lover not a bird superstition. He doesn't want to see an animal hurt. Keith says hey fishing improved, next time he see's a seagull in the galley he's locking him in.  I think Captain Johnathan said you should just probably bring one on board before you leave. Yeah, with the cup of noodles cup.  Sig says there is something to it. If I see a can upside down or they open something upside down. I lose my mind, I don't know what it is? Because you've been raised with it.

Mike asks Keith how old is Bug? Keith says she's thirteen.  Mike says she's calling and telling you to pull nostril hairs out of your nose. Keith says I don't know where that one came from. Mike says but you did it. Keith says when she goes to her gymnastics dance he does a lucky gymnastics dance for her. Okay that's something I want to see.

Now Mike wants to talk about ownership. He asks is it good to be both? Someone said at times, maybe Scott. There backs are to me, it was hard to tell. Sig says it depends on when the bills come. Keith says it is good to be both. He said he fished closer to the ice during opies last year. He could take that risk because it was his gear.

Captain Andy says when you own something you are going to take better care of than a Captain who says he doesn't give a beep it's not my boat. Plus he says he has job security cause the only guy you are going to fire is yourself if you don't produce. Then your brother has to run the boat. Scott says the responsibility is a lot greater but the rewards can be better too. He says they all strive to own their own boats.

Mike asks do you all own your boats out right? Everyone says yes. Captain Johnathan looks directly at Keith and points his finger at him and says by the way I paid 3.2 million dollars for my boat and my daddy never gave me f'ng nothing. By the way. You tell him Johnathan! Captain Keith says I think I've said before don't bad mouth another mans boat. I officially apologize. They shake hands. Johnathan says Keith me and you need to, just you watch your guys, I'll watch my guys and we'll get along.

Keith brings out a piece offering for Andy he gives him a ukelele. Johnathan says he could carry that as a concealed weapon. Andy reads from the ukelele "To Andy thanks for the headache, Mouse. PS can we bury the axe?" Andy says well you know Keith, I know you are superstitious, he takes the ukelele and smashes it on the table, hands it back to Keith and says hopefully you'll have better luck with that one. Okay was that a message back to Mouse that they can't bury the axe? I think yes. Mike Rowe says so much for the love. Johnathan says hear somebody pull out a nose hair quick. He pulls a nose hair and throws it over his shoulder.

Mike Rowe says I'd say meet the fleets newest owners, but you already know them. They go to clip. Jake Harris has emptied the tobacco out of some cigarettes and is loading it them fuses, so they get a big old puff of sulfur. By they he means Josh. Then Josh Harris is in the bathroom Jake says it's always easiest when you remain calm. He is lighting firecrackers and slides them under the bathroom door and runs for the galley.

Yea!! Jake and Josh Harris are back. Captain Bill is gone. They apologize for losing their cool when they were there yesterday. They show the clip of Josh and Derrick fighting. Josh says he is learning to take the role of becoming Captain and thinking like a Captain. You gotta stand above and beyond doing stuff like that. Yeah, cause nobody else sitting at that table has ever done anything like that before. "Sarcasm".

Someone said you took your first step I think either Sig or Keith. Josh says we both want to apologize and say we were in the wrong for blowing up. Mike Rowe says I get it. It was still close to the surface. Don't sweat it. Captain Andy says the fact that you thought about it is.. Jake says to Josh thanks for thinking about it for me. They all laugh. Keith says as long as you are in this business you will snap again. Several times.

Sig says welcome to ownership. Mike Rowe says snapping is different than breaking. Josh Harris says right now we are just learning process there will be curves. Johnathan says can I say something about owner captain. You don't have to pay the captain 15% you put that in your pocket. Mike asks that's off the top right? Johnathan says after fuel and bait. Captain Andy says that's 15% to go towards the boat payment or taking care of your family. Keith says that's why i'm still running the boat, because I need the additional share beyond the owner share to make it work. Sig says yeah that's why I'm freaking out because Edgar wants my job. They all laugh. Sig's like do you want a calculator little brother. Johnathan says you can just go home little brother.

Mike Rowe asks Jake if it feels heavy. Jake says it does at times. We have a lot of weight on our shoulders and you think about things you never thought of as deckhands. And then when everything is riding on you. Josh says it's hard because everyone wants to see you fail or succeed.

Johnathan says they have a partner they have to deal with too. Johnathan says I'd put money if you guys had a crew that would work for you, you'll do fine. That almost sounded like they don't have a crew now, I hope nothing else has happened. You just need to have guys that will follow you and you have to be the stand up guy.

Sig says there is a difference between running and managing. Mike says talk about that Sig. First thing you got to learn to run a boat. You got to learn to operate it but you also have to manage it that's the business side. You have to learn to delegate paths. First learn to operate it you need someone else to manage it, someone you can trust. Captain Johnathan says they have someone to manage it. I would think they are referring to Cornelia Marie Devlin. Jake says on a business aspect, Josh has got it going on. Johnathan says your a good level headed guy. Josh says there are a lot of steps to everything, you got to set up accounts to get fuel and pay everything. Andy says if I can give you some advice, it sounds like you guys just need to run the boat if that is going to be your boat. The two of you sit up there scared as hell. Johnathan says sweating bullets. Mike Rowe says hears to being scared as hell. Mike says I don't know anything about running a boat but I can tell you not a day goes by and someone doesn't walk up to me and ask how are those boys doing? Tell them I said hello, so on behalf of the country they say hello and good luck. Yes we do! You guys have the deck down, now you just got to get the wheelhouse, engine room and people management skills down. Easy right? LMAO I have faith you can do it!

They come back from commercial talking about a man who owns several boats. His name is Sean Martin. He is a fishing fleet owner/president of POP Fishing & Marine. He does commercial fishing in Hawaii. He has six boats. Someone I think Johnathan says that must be a nightmare. Sean says he is a glutton for punishment.

Johnathan is nodding his head.  All long liners. He has been there thirty years. Johnathan says there is always something broke down, always a crisis, someone trying to sue you.  Sean says there is always crew.  Sig says you said you did trollers, why did you stick with long liners? Sean says he has a partner they decided to just find something that worked and stick with it. Sig says we need to diversify. We are doing Salmon tendering, cod, you can't count on crab. Johnathan says you have to do ten months just to pay the bills.

Captain Keith asks him when you fish do you fish as a fleet? Or do you have them in different areas so they are spread out. Sean says we don't mess with the Captains. We have Captains that really don't even talk to other Captains within the boats that we own. So sounds like Sean's Captains all get along well too, just like on Deadliest Catch. LOL Mike Rowe says that's interesting you don't mess with the Captains? Elaborate on that. Sean says they have the same goal as I do, that is to catch fish and make money. So if tell them where to go, then they point the finger back at me and he here's I told you so. Josh says I have a question. What if you go extremely negative? Do you pull the plug or do you let them do their thing and go extremely more negative. Sean says possibly.  For us we usually bite the tongue, but if its going extremely negative for a period of time we'll make the change. Josh asks whats make a change? Sean says relieve the Captain of his duties and find a new one. Then he takes it from there. It's his job to catch the fish and hire the crew.  

It's okay Josh, if you felt like you were going too far in debt and had to pull the plug. It wasn't Derrick's money. He wasn't catching the crab. The money wasn't coming out of his pocket. Your gut instinct was to stop and go home. You are the only one that knows your money situation and what you could risk losing. You would make a good gambler. You set a limit and when you reached it you quit and went home. The other Captains said follow your gut. You did. You got another Captain and had a much better season it appears for Opies. If you would have continued with Derrick and he didn't catch the required amount of crabs to make a profit, you might not have had money for Opies.

They ask Sean where he fishes. He said it's about a thousand mile radius. They can go as far as south of the equator or half way to Kodiak. Captain Andy says I remember one year the waters were so warm some of the long liners delivered to Kodiak. Captain Andy says it was the best hanging bait we ever had. I swear to god. They tore that stuff up. We were hanging torpedoes man, it was smoking. Sean says his brother delivered in Dutch Harbor. Sean says to Captain Sig you made a comment to me that you have to be at sea ten months of the year to make a go of it. It's the same with me. Our boats are away from the dock about 280 days a year.

Mike asks Sean these guys are brand new boat owners any advice for them? Sean says first thing is learn to operate the boat. That seems to be the general consensuses. When I say that I don't mean the deck, all of our Captains know the engine room. When everything goes dark at night you gotta know what to do, keep a level head and know what to do. It's not just you, you got responsibility for your crew. The other thing I see is with two equal owners you can be an equal but there can be only one. Johnathan says that's why when he's the Captain (he points to Andy) he's the Captain. When I'm the captain, I'm the Captain.

OMG The Captains are on stage in hula skirts and some kind of greenery on their head and what appears to be coconut bras. Captain Sig is in a bright yellow skirt, Andy in pink and Keith in orange. Oh yeah Andy can move those hips. They are doing the bump hula. Too funny. If you missed it, it's worth looking for on You tube or Discovery, surely someone posted it. Andy says my mother wanted so much more for me. Johnathan says that was the most amusing thing I've seen in a long time. Andy says they were supposed to go out and show us what to do, instead they just kicked us out on stage.

Mike Fourtner and Eddie Uwekoolani, Jr have joined the table. Mike Rowe is trying to figure out if it's Eddie Jr, Eddie Jr Jr, Eddie III or Eddie boy.  Eddie says Eddie III or Eddie boy. Eddie Jr, just had a son, he named him Eddie. He says it's a curse. Johnathan says he's the toughest kid, like his father. His father worked a season with two broken legs. And he is in his fathers footsteps. Mike says you've said to me before as greenhorns go he's about the best you've seen. Andy says he's worked through more adversity than anybody I've seen in my life. He had two infected teeth which is as bad as a broken leg he didn't say anything to us, he sat in that bait station and he kept his bait done. They go to clip of Eddie and his teeth.

Johnathan says you can die from that I guess. Andy says he had double vision and was close to going down. We got lucky. Sig says you are lucky there was a dentist in St. Paul. Captain Johnathan says that second storm we had the doctor got stuck on the island or they would have had to do it themselves.

Mike Rowe asked why he waited so long. Eddie Uwekoolani says he knew it was going to be a hard job and that's what he expected. He said as it went on it got worse. Then my vision went. Captain Johnathan says he quit eating for three days and didn't tell us he was throwing up. Sig says you gotta tell the Captain. Yeah, Sig cause we've seen what happens when someone tells you they can't work. LOL Johnathan says we'd make him eat then he would throw it up, but then we caught him throwing up by the crane, when you thought we couldn't see you. Captain Andy says once again they are tough guys. Captain Keith says people die from abcessed teeth out on the water. Captain Johnathan says that's what we found out. Eddie says I'm glad we found out sooner.

Mike Rowe says the fact that your dad is a legend on the boat he sets a pretty high bar. Do you feel the pressure. Eddie says in a sense but at the same time he was more like my mother out there. Everyones laughing. Mike Rowe says that's going to play really well. Eddie says that was a good father, I mean that was a good father. Captain Andy says he's so respectful of his dad he says yes father.  Johnathan says his dad is running our boat right now for five months he's working. Eddie say's he's working so I can play I guess. Hum wonder what Mike Fourtner thinks about that? Eddie Sr running the boat.

Captain Keith says so that's an opportunity a lot of guys don't get is to work with their father, and have their father teach em a trade. Captain Andy says family to these guys, Eddie Sr actually cried when he made it through the season. It was awesome he was so proud of his kid it was pretty cool to see.

Mike asks Eddie how old he is ? He is 21. Mike says when you look to your future do you see yourself on a crab boat indefinitely. Eddie Jr says sadly yeah. Eddie says the money is good. No matter what they say it's fun and getting to go out with my uncles. They're my uncles, Fortner's like my uncle. It's a big family.
 Nothing but ohana out there. I don't know what ohana is I probably didn't spell it right, but I'm guessing it means love or maybe fun? Mike Fourtner says no doubt about it hard worker best kid. I wonder how long it will be before they can get him to cuss?

Josh Fullmer take notes from Eddie Uwekoolani, Jr that's how you push through it. Get a day job Josh, in my opinion you don't have what it takes.

Wow that was a long one. I know the show was still only an hour, but what a lot of good information. Great episode!

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