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Grey's Anatomy May 12, 2011 Recap

Christina Yang cutting Owen Hunt off is great!

It's interesting that Meredith Grey just expects Alex Karev not to say anything. On one hand I understand that she would expect him as a friend to keep his mouth shut. On the other hand as a friend she shouldn't put him in that position. She's asking a lot of him. It would put his license on the line if anyone found out he knew and didn't say anything, and he was all ready in that LVAD mess with Izzie.

Teddy Altman is just so mean to Henry, she can't be that clueless, not to notice he likes her.

April Kepner's idea for chief resident is a check list. Okay I guess, that will win points with Owen anyway since he's in charge of the ER. She's walking through the idea with Owen Hunt, but why is she handing it to Christina like it's an implemented protocol already?

How weird is it that the lady is a growing a baby in her intestine? Now Lucy knows what she is doing? Where were all her skills when Callie was on the table?

Mark Sloan with a baby is too cute. So is Sophia. You know Lexie is falling for him again with that baby.

Arizona Robbins is suggesting Alex Karev go to Africa? No, she can't send him away.

Jackson Avery quit the diabetes trial. That's a surprise after he figured out what was wrong with the implant.

Christina has a man with a tree in his lung. All kinds of oddities this week. Who knew you could grow a tree in your lung. Not me. Again April with her list. Oh, Christina's gonna get in trouble.

The chief is going to put Henry on his diabetes trial. I'm not sure if that is going to be good or bad.

Alex is considering going to Africa? Nooooo! Ut oh he's in trouble with Lucy now.

Christina's clarity is actually pretty funny. April outed Christina. There's one betrayal.

I'm not connecting with this whole Meredith baby story. I don't know why, I'm just not. It's like she's not connected to the baby. I feel it with Derrick but not Meredith. I thought maybe it was because she really doesn't want to be a mother, she wants to be a surgeon. But then she was doing all those shots to get pregnant. Maybe it's because it's not her own baby.

If I was Christina I would want to keep the tree too. Now I'm ready too slap Teddy's smug face and April is just being annoying.

Wow Owen just told Christina she never had the qualifications to be chief. Okay. so he basically told her what the chief told Bailey. That she needs to be doing surgeries not dealing with chief resident stuff. But if that's the case they better find someone that is going to let her do surgery.

Lucy took the job in Africa right out from underneath Alex's nose. Betrayal two. Humm Charlies Angels in Africa? Don't think so.

Jackson Avery dropped out of the chief's trial because he knew if he was on the chief's trial, the chief wouldn't get the Harper Avery Award. Mixed emotions here too. Doesn't seem fair to Avery.

Teddy's going to Germany, there goes Christina's heart doc again. Henry just asked Teddy for a divorce. Now maybe she will want him.

Karev just told Hunt about Meredith messing with the Alzheimer's trial. Betrayal three.

Next week Christina's pregnant, Meredith's fired and Derrick leaves Meredith? That's what the preview implies. I don't believe it except that Christina's pregnant. Wow So that leaves April, Alex and Avery all the A's for the chief resident position.

I'm not sure which of the three I want to be chief resident. April has the administrative and organizational skills down, but I don't know about the doctoring skills and I think she would be annoying. Avery we don't know as much about, he seems to have the doctoring skills, not sure about the organizational skills or patient skills. Although he did take good care of Mouse J and keep the lab clean. Alex is lacking in organizational skills, he's a good doctor and while his people skills are a little out there he does care about his patients. It could be interesting if Alex gets chief after outing Meredith. I think I'd like to see Alex get it, just to have something good happen to him.

Who do you think Shonda Rhimes and the writers decided on as chief resident? I think they chose Jackson Avery.

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