Friday, May 13, 2011

Thorsten Kaye Is Returning To All My Children - One Life To Live

OMG, I just saw Thorsten Kaye is returning to All My Children. How exciting is that? I knew he couldn't really be dead.

Now if that isn't reason enough to keep watching I don't know what is. I certainly am glad to see that Thorsten Kaye will be working again, especially since Marty is loosing her job now.
Did you all see Alicia Minshew, Debbi Morgan and Ricky Paull Goldin of All My Children were all nominated for Daytime Emmy's. That's three nominations from this one show. GH had two, and All My Children is the show that gets canceled? And no I'm not trying to say General Hospital should be canceled.

Also nominated Collen Zenk - ATWT, Susan Flannery - B&B, Laura Wright - GH, Michelle Stafford - Y&R, Michael Park - ATWT, James Scott - DOOL, Maurice Benard - GH

Congrats to all nominated!

I'm still in denial about the soaps ending. Today I'm going with it's all just a really bad PR stunt to get the ratings up.

What the heck? I'm watching today's episode of All My Children while writing this. Erica kidnapped Erica? So is this an evil twin? Has Erica finally lost it?  Some psycho fan who had a plastic surgery?

I keep thinking about Leo and his mother and hoping they come back. Maybe it's Leo's mom, skinnier with plastic surgery, except I don't really remember her having a beef with Erica. Just seems like with David and Greenlee back, Leo should come back too.

I don't think Erica has lost it since there are two other people involved in the kidnapping. So it must be a psycho or evil twin. The kidnapper did say she knew her kidnapper.

Hmmm, Blogger is in read only mode, guess I can't save this post right now, so I'll keep typing.


I'm watching One Life To Live now with Natalie and Marty on the roof. I was wondering if Marty would go over the side since her contract is up, canceled or whatever. Or if Natalie will go over and be Clint's donor. That would be bad on so many levels, as well as John probably not finding out Liam is his.

Guess I'll find out in a few minutes who goes off the roof, cause you know someone is going over. I hate to see either of them go.

Oh, Marty's hanging over the side, she tells Natalie you have to help me and Natalie says do I? I love it!

How did Kelly get black eyes?  She's bruised all over, looking rough.

Marty still hanging on the roof.  Oh my Natalie pulls Marty up, then Marty pushes Natalie off the roof.

Okay, so John just found Natalie on the ground. I'm guessing Marty is going to take the baby?

John has the baby in the preview so I guess Marty doesn't get Liam. But do they get Marty? Hummm

And tomorrow I get to see Roger Howarth in action. Didn't watch when he was on as Todd before.

Oh that means tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

** Well Blogger never came back up yesterday, so this post is actually a day old. But Blogger is back so I'll give it a try. Better late than never I guess.

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  1. For those of you wondering if Thorsten Kaye will be playing Patrick Thornhart on One Life To Live.

    SoapOperaNetwork reported on May 10, 2011 that Thorsten Kay had reported declined the request to return and escort Susan (Marty) off the show.

    So it sounds like someone else will be playing the part of Patrick Thornhart.


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