Friday, May 13, 2011

Private Practice Season 4 Episode 20 May 5, 2011

"Something Old, Something New"

Well we had two weddings on Grey's Anatomy, I wonder if this one will happen.

I'm so glad Naomi is back, I really like her. Fife chasing her is kind of funny.

This whole lawsuit thing isn't sitting right with me. Violet didn't use Katie's name in the book. It's not Violet's fault Katie cut her open and was all over the news. If Katie hadn't cut Violet open and stole her baby, then she wouldn't be in the news, that's Katie's problem not Violet's.

As far as discussing things with the other doctors in the practice. I would think when you go to a group practice like Oceanside Wellness that promotes basically one stop shopping for doctors, I think it is to be expected that you could/would be discussed amongst them. As far as the doctors discussing patients between them, a little line in the fine print of their forms allowing them to discuss care amongst each other would cover their butts, if it's not already there.

I don't like that they held a round table meeting without Violet. They seem to be turning their back on Violet just like with Betsy. 

We did the whole parents thing on Grey's. Now again? or do all parents just not like the intended spouse in any world? I think I'm leaning towards the "nobody's good enough for my baby" syndrome.

Oh and the family wedding dress, AWFUL!

I'm glad Charlotte and Cooper ran off to Vegas.

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