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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 5 Recap

"A Wing And A Prayer"

A very interesting episode to say the least.

We get to see the Northwestern. Yea! We will get to see if Jake Anderson caught any crab on the string he set. Oh no the boat has lost all power and is headed for the dock. Edgar Hansen to the rescue! Edgar can't leave, what would they do without him? Where was Nick? Why wasn't he down in the engine room helping? Edgar says this season is going to be legendary. That kind of concerns me. When they first lost power Captain Sig Hansen screamed Edgar drop the anchor, but Edgar went to the engine room and started the backup generator. Captain Sig Hansen is going on about nobody was going to set the anchor, that if Jake Anderson wants to be a Captain he can't just wait for somebody else to handle it. Looked to me like Jake Anderson was doing something he had that big ole rope he was putting up.

Yes, Matt Bradley is still missing from the Northwestern. I'm thinking he stayed home so he wasn't late to his wedding.

Captain Keith Colburn on the Wizard still isn't catching any crab. They are on day twelve, the Red King Crab on board is now at risk of dying, because they've been on the boat so long. Captain Keith Colburn decides to move the boat again.

They start searching the boat for something that could be bringing them bad luck. After twenty minutes Lenny figures it out. Evidently three weeks ago the Time Bandit crew and the Wizard crew got in an altercation at a bar called Cape Cheerful, in Dutch Harbor.  Evidently Andy Hillstrand tried to smash his guitar over Monty's "Mouse's" head so Mouse blocked the guitar with his arm and all that remains of the guitar is the neck, which is now on board the Wizard. So the Wizard guys threw the neck of guitar overboard, hoping to rid themselves of the bad luck they are having.

On the Seabrooke, Captain Scott Cambell "Junior" is looking for Blue Crab. They are pulling up a few at a time. Josh Fullmer the new greenhorn is still there and working. Junior says he tried to get the horn to put on the hand braces and take ibuprofen, he didn't listen, now he is having trouble making his hands work. Josh Fullmer is still throwing buoys wrong. Then the green water is coming over the side of the boat and repeatedly throwing Josh Fullmer on his butt. He then throws the buoys again and almost gets caught in the bite twice on the same throw. If this guy doesn't go overboard it will be amazing. The other crew members appear to be looking after him, hopefully they can keep him safe.

Back on the Northwestern they are getting ready to pull Jake Anderson's string. They pull the first pot, there are 26 crab, they are pulling crab pots with a few crab in them. They decide the string is a loser. Jake is visibility upset the string didn't do better. Captain Sig Hansen is actually trying to cheer Jake up. While Edgar is making comments like it's going to be a long day.  Then Edgar tells Jake that Jake is cooking and starts ragging on his cooking. The two of them start getting into an ugly fight. Jake tells Edgar we all hate you, your a piece of  ***.  I really thought punches were going to be thrown. Sig calls Jake to the wheelhouse and asks him how he's going to run a boat if he can't handle a little nitpicking. Jake Anderson says he doesn't know. Sig Hansen says that's just a small taste of things to come if your going to be running a boat.

Back to the Wizard. They are ready to pull the first pot since throwing the guitar neck overboard. They pull the pot it has one crab in it. Captain Keith isn't sure what to do at this point. He's done every superstitious trick he can think of .  Now the weather is getting bad. Monty gets hit with green water and goes in to change and finds a sea gull in the galley.  They think this means good luck. Monty goes back on deck in dry clothes, they pull up a pot half full. Everyone is excited. Finally they find some crab.

On the Time Bandit they are also still looking for crab, not having much luck. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand decides to return to where they started out to check a spot they missed the first time.

Back to the Seabrooke, Josh Fullmer doesn't have the bait jars filled, Juniors getting tired of dealing with him I think. Josh Fullmer leaves the deck his hands are hurting. I noticed he has the braces on now. Junior says your either going to be able to push through it or not. Josh says he can't do it and quits. Yep, it's always the greenhorns that talk a big game that don't work out.

The Crab Count

Ramblin' Rose
Time Bandit
Cornelia Marie

The Time Bandit goes back to the slime banks. They reset the pots and finally pull up some crab. Some nice looking pots.

The Wizard has their tanks finally stuffed the men go to bed. Len Guitard takes over the watch from Lenny Lekanoff. Lenny is telling him there are boats up ahead that are not showing up on the radar yet. I'm not sure how Lenny knows there are boats up ahead if they aren't showing up on the radar, maybe he's psychic. Len Guitard is falling asleep the watch alarm goes off. Len switches it off and falls back to sleep. I didn't think they switched it off, I thought they reset it for every 10 or 15 minutes, but the narrator says he turned it off. Guess we'll have to wait until next week to see what happens.

Do you think the Time Bandit and the Wizard's bad luck has anything to do with the fact that they are fighting with each other?

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  1. Oh, I forgot. What I really want to know is who Captain Johnathan was saying I love you to on the phone. hehe Was it mom or someone else?


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