Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All My Children Comments Jan 28, 2010

Originally posted 01/28/2010

I think the Serial Killer/Burglar is Crystal’s new boyfriend. That would be just her luck, and wasn’t his ex in Boston.  I guess they’ll have the serial killer kill off everyone not moving to California.

I really just want to slap Annie.

I’m so glad the real Greenlee is back.  Now we need Bianca, Reese, Jack, and Lilly back.

Alicia Minshew aka Kendall needs to pop out that kid so her and Zach can return.  I hope all is well in babyland, but I can’t wait to see Kendall and Greenlee meet up again.  When Greenlee comes back and finds out what has happened while she was gone.  Look out!

Erica and Ryan just aren’t doing it for me.  Ryan and Greenlee belong together.

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