Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Annie Evicted

I thought it might be Annie that was the saboteur.  She was sitting on the floor when the lights went out, so she could have easily sneaked off and came back without anyone noticing.

It was hard to say because when I rewatched the episode to see if  I could figure out who was on the couch when the lights went out, I discovered discrepancies with the clips, like Andrew being in shorts when the lights went out and sweats when they came back on. Or Andrew standing in the bedroom (cut back to the couch) and he’s sitting on the couch.  So no way to tell how long the lights were really out and what went on.

So I’m kinda glad she  is gone, she was getting on my nerves repeating stories, but at the same time I gotta give her credit,  she was fighting to stay in that house.

I can’t believe the saboteur is the first one voted out though.  It would have made it more fun to have saboteur there.

I think if I was the saboteur and the first one voted out, I would have let loose all those bugs in the have not room.

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