Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Brother 12 Brendon and Rachel

Originally posted 07/26/2010

I am so sick of  these two.   I can’t believe  Matt didn’t put one of them on the block, pretty stupid for a genius.   How could he not think Brendon or Rachel might win power of veto?  If either Brendon or Rachel wins neither of them would go on the block unless they are stupid enough to use the veto.

Spoiler Don’t read this if you don’t watch After Dark or the live feeds.

Okay so it looks like the Power of Veto winner is………….. Brendon.  Rachel had to have a drama moment about whether to use the veto or not. ???  She’s gotta know if he use’s it she”s going home.

Brendon and Rachel are hoping to get to the jury house so they can have sex for months off camera.    Ewwwwww

I really was hoping Rachel would be gone before the jury house so I wouldn’t have to listen to her any more.

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