Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Brother 12 So Long Brendon

I'm so glad Brendon is gone. I couldn't take much more, and he just couldn't resist making a foot excuse before leaving. Give me a break! So long, good riddance. 

Gotta feel sorry for Matt and Kathy though, I wouldn't want to be in the jury house with Rachel and Brendon. YUCK!

Should be interesting to see who wins the next HOH and what happens next. The Brigade aka BG is already down one member, and if Lane can't evict Brittany could get interesting. I think Lane's in serious like.

I wonder how Matt will decide who to vote for in the end, since he made such good friends with Ragan and Brittany and was a Brigade member. They all appear to be his friends.

I was just thinking, Brittany has won 3 POV's and 1 HOH. That's as many or more than all of the boys put together. Hayden has 2 HOH's and I think Ragan 2 POV's. I don't think Lane or Enzo have won any POV'S.

I guess Brittany had better keep winning or they'll use all her wins as another excuse to vote her out.

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