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Private Practice Recap January 12, 2012

"The Standing Eight Count"

The show starts off with Addison Montgomery telling Jake Reilly her and Sam Bennett broke up. Addison says she lost Sam and her baby in the same day. Jake suggests surrogacy as an option. Amelia Sheppard thinks this is a good idea because Addison can get her baby and someone else's boobs take the hit.

Amelia still misses Ryan but she is sober.

Cooper Freedman and Mason were up all night watching the Pokemon movie. Charlotte got Mason up, fed him breakfast and quizzed him on his spelling bee this week on the way into the office. He is off of school today. Well look at Charlotte, who knew? Charlotte tells Cooper not to get used to it.

Sheldon Wallace is talking to a police officer Aaron who shot a kid who wasn't  holding a gun, when he thought he was. Another officer Joe comes in and tells Aaron they need to go just as he was about to open up. Joe says he'll be fine he was just doing his job. Sheldon says no he killed someone in the course of doing his job, not the same thing. Joe is pushing Sheldon to sign off on the officer going back to work even though Sheldon isn't comfortable with it. It appears Joe and Sheldon are friends and Joe thought bringing Aaron to him he would just sign off on it

Mason and Cooper are in the kitchen having milk shakes, Amelia is there. Erica comes in, they give her the milk shake to try, she drops the glass and cuts her finger. Amelia takes her to see if she needs stitches.

Addison is at the hospital telling Violet Turner that Sam Bennett wouldn't even tell her good morning today. The other day she saw him actually pull down the shades. A man is being wheeled into the ER screaming go to hell repeatedly. Violet says that must be my patient. A Mr. Bower, now he is telling them he has a knife and he is going to stab them. Violet talks to him and calms him down, gives him some meds.

Amelia is sewing up Erica's hand. She is asking about her dropping the glass and wants to do a complete neuro exam. Erica tells her she doesn't have time.

Scott Becker, the paramedic who brought Violet's patient in asks her out. She declines.

Sam tells Pete Wilder he and Addison broke up. Pete says he's sorry. Sam, it was amicable, adult, it made sense. I had a dream last night that I ran her over, flattened her, like in a cartoon. LOL Pete, that's adult? Jake says the easy way to do this is untangle things and move on. Pete, good luck selling your house and finding a new job. Sam, I've done this before. He tells Jake about Naomi. Jake says he is a glutton for punishment. They all agree to go out have drinks and not discuss women or babies.

Amelia is telling Charlotte she is concerned about Erica, she notice a weakness in her hands and her eyes weren't tracking right. Charlotte wants to know why Amelia is telling her. She says if Amelia tells Cooper he will worse case it. Amelia asks what if Erica strokes out and drives Mason off the side of the PCH, what then?

Sheldon talks to Violet about what to do with the policeman Aaron. Whether it is safe for him to be back on the street or if it will end his career if he doesn't sign off on him early.

Charlotte says I'm not going to do this, it's lying and unethical and I just busted Coopers butt over doing something like this. Amelia, yeah you did. Charlotte makes a call as Chief of the hospital and requests Erica's medical records, she tells them Erica is in a medically induced coma and there is no next of kin so they are going to have to wait on the consent forms. The clinic agrees to send them.

The boys are at the bar discussing the women even though it was supposed to be off limits. Pete hits on a woman and she invites him to her room. Sam is chatting with a woman OMG it's crazy Lisa from General Hospital. She is asking him muscle names as she squeezes his muscles to prove he is really a doctor.

Pete is headed up to the woman's room. I don't think they are going to make it up to the room. The stop the elevator. It goes to commercial.

Sam wakes up with (Lisa?) not sure of her name on this show the next morning. She makes a comment teasing about marriage. He says he doesn't want to do what he always does, it isn't working. He tells her he just got out of a relationship.

Cooper asks Charlotte if she met him in a bar if she would hit on him, he said there was a lot of action at the bar and none of it was coming at him. She tells him if he didn't have a ring on his fingers those hussies would be all over him. Charlotte asks him if there is enough space in the loft, Mason has been spending a lot of time there, maybe they should make it a room.

Sheldon went to Aaron's house. Aaron's wife says they have been getting threats. Sheldon tells Aaron he doesn't think he's ready yet. Aaron says he is ready, that the cops in his neighborhood were jerks when he was growing up. He doesn't want to be like that. He doesn't know how to sit around the house. He knows how to be a cop. All he does is sit around the house and replay that night. Aaron finally admits he saw a shadow when he opened his eyes the kid was on the ground. He told the investigators the kid reached but he didn't. He is so sorry.

Sheldon talks to Joe. Joe is telling Sheldon how bad the kid that was killed was. Sheldon doesn't think that makes it right. He won't sign off on Aaron.

Amelia has Erica's x-ray. She has a gliosarcoma. She says Erica only has a few months to live. I knew it! I knew something was wrong when she showed up out of the blue.

Pete is telling Violet about the boys night out. She figures out he was with someone. She tells him she's okay if he sees other people. Then goes in her office and cries. I thought she was going to call the paramedic.

Charlotte confronts Erica about the tumor and tells her she has to tell Cooper. Erica says she can't control the tumor but she can control when she tells Mason. Erica threatens if Charlotte tells Cooper she will take her son and Cooper will never see him again.

Sheldon talks to Aaron again about the right thing to do.

Addison tells Jake he is a baby peddler. LOL Jake tells her it is not over yet. If she wants this he can make it happen. He will always be there. Addison, you say that to all you're patients? Jake, not all of it. They stare into each others eyes and Addison says I....almost just fell asleep. LOL She was up all night the night before.

Sheldon goes down to the police station, Joe cop comes out of the room mad because Aaron told the truth and now if he manages to avoid prison, he'll probably lose his badge, pension and everything he's worked for. Joe tells Sheldon he screwed him and they are not friends anymore.

Violet tracks down the paramedic, who says after he finishes stealing supplies and showers he will take her to dinner. They go up on what looks like a mountain side sitting in a truck bed overlooking the city. Violet asks how old he is? He is 29. She kisses him.

Addison asks Jake to help her find a surrogate.

Mason and Cooper are having a spelling quiz. Mason is beating Cooper, he leaves the room. Erica comes to the door and asks Cooper to talk just as he was putting Charlotte on the spot about why she was distracted.

Sam and Addison stand on their porches talking, they both admit they haven't been sleeping.

Addison is back at the shrink telling him she wants to have a baby, she's going to have a baby.

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