Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stupid People Doing Stupid Things !

I guess it's good I haven't gotten to know most of my neighbors, because they keep getting hauled away.

One of my neighbors, we'll call him Mr B is a very sweet 75 year old man. He starts his day off with a cup of coffee and the rest of the day he drinks beer, until the evening when he often switches to Vodka. Needless to say I try and chat with him in the mornings. Mr B usually spends his day making rounds to various neighbors to say hi and see if he can do anything to help them. He really is a sweetie with a heart of gold, even if he would probably bleed beer from all the drinking. My mom was here for Christmas one year and questioned how old Mr B was, when I told her she responded "the alcohol sure has preserved him well". Which was a good point since most alcoholics look way older than they are, and Mr. B looks younger than he is.

Mr B. came over one day this fall to tell me he had been helping a single woman in the neighborhood with three young children. She didn't have a car to take her trash to the dump, and she had been piling it in her garage, which was evidently full. He spent several days at her house burning the trash to help her get rid of it. Mr B lost his license many years ago, so he doesn't drive either.

While at her house Mr. B discovered she was having another neighbor babysit her kids when she went out. This neighbor we will call Mr. M. I've met Mr. M a few times at Mr. B's house, he was nice enough, but I tend to have a very low tolerance for drunks. He is a 48 year old man who is on disability, he also drinks all day. Is alcoholism a disability now? Mr B. was upset because she was leaving her kids with a drunk. This made me laugh considering the source. Mr. B said he stays at this woman's house until she gets home to make sure nothing happened to the kids. OMG These poor kids. I don't know who this lady is or where she lives but a couple weeks later Mr B. came over and said Social Services had come and taken the children away. I always hate to hear that happen, but it sounds like it was probably a good thing.

So last month Mr. B comes over to tell me Mr. M has been arrested and taken away for elder abuse. This made me want to cry as I have met Mr. M's father on several occasions, he was a very nice sober man, probably in his 70's or 80's, a retired Navy man. I got online to look up the arrest, sure enough Mr. M had been arrested for elder abuse and $100,000 in grand larceny charges. Mr M's father evidently had lost his sight and it almost sounded like he had become bed ridden. According to Mr B the father was left in the bedroom and Mr M had gotten his pin number and had been withdrawing money from his checking account. I know he had a Navy pension and was receiving social security. Mr B believes he also had a second pension check from a job he worked as a police officer after he retired from the Navy.

Mind you the younger Mr. M was receiving disability income and food stamps, his father was giving him a place to stay so its not like he was starving, had no home or needed the money. This just makes me so mad. It's a good thing he's locked up because I'd have had to go kick his butt had I known this was going on. He's not that much bigger than me and he's usually drunk. I'm pretty sure I could take him out, give him a dose of his own medicine.  Errrrrrrr!

Mr B had always been upset with the way Mr M talked and treated his father, even back before he became really sick. Mr B says the younger Mr M should be thankful the man adopted him, raised him and was still putting a roof over his head. It's pretty hard to argue with that.

Mr M's father was taken to a local nursing home where he died before being there a week. I don't have any other details on that. It's all just very sad.

Last week Mr B came over and reported another neighbor had been taken off to jail. Mr R. who I've never met, he evidently was a friend of Mr M's and father to two of the three children I mentioned above.

Well Mr R brainy act that he is decided to go into town and rob one of the local banks. I'm like no way, Mr B says yeah, its true look it up on your thing there. LOL Mr B is clueless as to what a computer is or does. He often refers to it as my thing over there, and believes I can find and do pretty much anything with it. Hehe there is some truth to that.

So I get online to look this up sure enough this man Mr R went into town and robbed the bank. He got a whole $1700 dollars, he then went to the local Bar & Grill where he ditched his clothes, mask and gun. Now mind you he had a mask but he chose not to wear it during the robbery. OMG Stupid People. Well hopefully Mr R had a steak and cheese sub while at the Bar & Grill. I'm thinking he won't get a chance to have one again for a while. They make the best steak & cheese sub there I ever eaten in my life. I'm thinking I need one now. Drifting off subject.....

Anyway turns out he needed money to pay his drug dealer for the cocaine and pills he had gotten. Which he said he did after he robbed the bank. Again stupid people. I've never done drugs so I'm not very familiar with this whole process except from what I see on TV. I don't recall drug dealers extending credit, but evidently this one does. I'm thinking the drug dealer must of been doing his own drugs.

Come to find out this is the third time this bank has been robbed. In August a guy robbed the bank, got away, went home and felt so guilty, the next day he walked back into town in the scalding sun to the jail and turned himself in. Again Stupid People, why walk all the way into town, it's a half hour drive at least for me, I'm sure if he would have called the police they would have come and given him a ride. I'll give him credit though at least he turned himself in.

Last year a guy robbed the same bank. His body was found by a lady walking her dog, in a nearby subdivision. He, a man of 44 collapsed and died of a heart attack shortly after robbing the bank. The coroner later determined cocaine toxicity was a factor. The paper said he had more than $1800 dollars on him when he was found. Boy robbing banks in real life sure doesn't pay as good as on TV.

Maybe this is one of the banks going under with very little cash. It certainly hasn't ended well for the three people robbing it in the last year. Could be the bank is cursed, glad my account isn't there. Must be really scary working as a bank teller now days, a lot of banks are getting robbed.

Sounds like the neighborhoods, going to heck around me and I didn't even know it.

I do like being in my own little world here, and not seeing all the ugly going on.

If you have a good neighbor be thankful,  give them a hug today.

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