Sunday, November 21, 2010

Survivor Nicaraga

Well I haven't commented on the last couple of episodes, because there really hasn't been anything to report.

This show is really going down hill fast.

I mean you've got Naonka stealing the flour and farting. Ain't she just a star!

The tribes have merged. I thought that might make it more interesting, but so far no.

The Survivors put their wooden chests of treasures next to the fire to keep the rain from putting the fire out ??? Last I checked the rain still came down from the sky. I'm not sure how they thought putting the chests around the fire would stop the rain from putting it out. Then they were actually surprised when the boxes caught on fire. I mean really I saw that coming as soon as they did it.

I must say I am impressed by Jane in the last couple of challenges. She is the oldest one there and is showing more strength than the young men! Go Jane! I'm liking her more and more. Props to you Jane.

Well Alina, Marty and Brenda are now all gone. Hopefully Naonka will be next.

Who would have thought Fabio would still be there? I really thought he would have been one of the first to go.

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