Thursday, March 3, 2011

Florida News Headlines - What The Heck?

It's not even hot yet.

Disabled daughter run over, killed - A 77 year old father was driving his truck and it appears he accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake and ran over his daughter who was in a wheelchair and her caregiver. The daughter died and the caregiver is in critical but stable condition. How sad.

Women attacked by bobcat - A woman and her dog were attacked by a bobcat, the husband beat the bobcat with a stick to stop the attack. Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said the bobcat must be sick as this is not usual behavior. Duh!! Beware in Grant, it's still on the loose.  

Mom charged after son's body found in oven - This actually happened in Mississippi, but made the Florida headlines. The police found a three year old's burned body in the oven when responding to an emergency call. The mom has been charged. They aren't releasing a lot of details due to the ongoing investigation. The boy has some head trauma which they will look at in autopsy, a twin sister of the boy was taken by social services and the mom's sister says she's a good mother. OIY!

Yesterday, they found 2 kids probably between the ages of 6 and 12 found in a suitcase / duffel bag and dumped in a canal.

Good grief ! I want news headlines that give you warm fuzzies. Is that asking too much?

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