Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Janet Napolitano - The View - Illegal Immigrants Someone please explain...

I just watched The View. Janet Napolitano was on and they were discussing illegal immigrants. Janet says when someone is arrested databases are checked to see if they are wanted for other crimes. This makes sense. Then she says now when someone is arrested the immigration database is checked to see if they are here illegally. This also makes sense. Then she says if they are here illegally they are deported “after” they have served their time. That makes me crazy!

I can see keeping someone that has committed murder, even if just to make the victims families feel better. For other crimes, I don’t understand why we are paying for trials and to house these people. Why not deport them now?

Our prisons are over crowed, it costs thousands sometimes millions of dollars for trials, and last I heard it costs like $30,000.00 to keep someone in prison for a year, and that figure is probably outdated. So why not deport them as soon as it is discovered they are illegal instead of spending the money to keep them here.

For those of you who say, they will just come back. I thought of that and decided if they come back and are caught a second time and they are committing serious crimes i.e. rapes, robbery, then lock them away permanently never to get out. If they are caught committing none serious crimes deport them again. It’s still cheaper than keeping them. I think if they keep getting deported eventually they will run out of money and/or give up.

The ones deported that don’t come back, which I think would be the majority of them, we would save money on and the illegal immigrant & criminal would be gone. Also, the ones thinking about coming back illegally the second time would have the threat of permanently being locked away forever as a deterrent to returning illegally.

I would put them in a prison without any luxuries to cut cost. No TV’s, no education, no internet, no rehab programs, absolutely no extras. They don’t need these things; they are never going to get out anyway. Prison is not supposed to be fun or better than home! Of course I think most prisons should be like this, but that’s another subject.

My guess is a lot of these criminal types, have probably committed crimes in the country they left, so we could probably contact their country and have them jailed in their home country instead of us paying the price.

I don’t want anyone to misunderstand; I have absolutely no problem with immigrants. I think they should come into the country through the proper channels, and the ones that don’t shouldn’t be rewarded for breaking the law, nor should the rest of us have to pay the price.

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