Saturday, October 16, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 5

I can’t believe Marty thinks he is in control of that tribe.

LOL, so much for your plans Marty and Naonka!

Tyrone is cracking me up, but he’s going to get himself in trouble.

Ok Marty, that was just stupid to tell the new tribe you have the idol. It was one thing when the whole team knows the clue and is looking for the idol, but when you go on a new team and no one has a clue you have the idol. You don’t tell them!

Naonka – OMG going from the big bad bully, to the big cry baby. Give me a break.

Awww! What a guy, Chase is and a great rainbow story.

Oh wow, I hope they don’t drown somebody. No way in heck, would you get me on that wheel. I wouldn’t trust their butts. It is kind of comical watching them spit.

That’s a tough call on cooking the chicken. I’d have probably gone with the majority.

I love the look on Chase’s face when Tyrone is talking about being leader at tribal council. Naonka and her divorce? What’s she playing poor me in between being a bully and crying.

How come Jeff didn’t ask anyone if they wanted to use the immunity idol? I don’t think he asked last week either. Doesn’t Naonka have one?

I knew Tyrone’s mouth was going to get him in trouble. People don’t need a daddy out there, they are old enough to take care of themselves.

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