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Private Practice Recap Feb 2, 2012

"The Time Has Come"

Violet Turners new boyfriend comes over and tells her she should consider moving since two people have been killed there. Pete comes in with Lucas and catches the kissing.

Sheldon Wallace is meeting with a couple. The husband is a war veteran who is having trouble adjusting to being home. The wife wants the counseling, the husband not so much.

Addison Montgomery and Jake Reilly are going to seminar together. Jake insists on driving because he's old fashioned and men drive. *Rolling eyes* 

Charlotte King and Pete Wilder are talking at the hospital when Erica and Mason are brought in on gurney's. Erica has had a car accident.

Sheldon and Sam go to talk to the military man, Rick. He doesn't answer the door. They find him in the back yard of his house. He has had what looks to be a dozen beers and a bunch of pills. They take him to the hospital pump his stomach and save him. He's now on a psych hold.

Erica is still confused. Amelia Sheppard is there now, she thinks the tumor is causing the problems.

Rick talks to Sheldon about wanting to be sent home in a body bag. Sheldon told him that was normal. Rick finally confesses to being raped by his sergeant. Rick is ashamed because he wasn't able to fight back.

Pete Wilder wants Violet to keep her boyfriend Scott away from Lucas.

Mason doesn't have any serious injuries. Erica has a concussion.

Addison is eating a bacon cheeseburger, fries and shakes. She tells Jake when she has a break up she eats. When she broke up with Derek her only plan was to get fat but it didn't work because she has the metabolism of a marathon runner. Jake says he's never been dumped, but he's never had a woman try and get fat for him either so he must not be that much of a catch.

Sheldon isn't sure how to handle Rick being raped. Violet tells him it's the same as a woman. Sheldon says it's not because a man will question whether he is really a man and so will the people around him.

Pete, Sam and Cooper are talking about Erica when Amelia comes in and says the tumor is still growing. She says most likely Erica has only a few months to live, that she may become paralyzed, and or loose her speech and sight.

Cooper goes to the hospital and walks in on Erica telling Charlotte she swerved to try and miss the car. Cooper says that's a lie and starts screaming at her. Erica doesn't understand why he is angry. He tells her because Mason was in the back seat and she could have killed him. He tells her she won't drive Mason any more. Erica says she knows how to take care of her son and he's (Cooper) been around for like five minutes. Cooper, who's fault is that? If she gets behind the wheel with Mason in the car he will have her licence revoked. If she wants to kill herself that's fine, but he won't let her hurt Mason.

Pete's gripping to Sam about Violet's boyfriend. Sam says Pete slept with someone there is no difference. Pete says there is a big difference between spending one night with someone you will never see again and inviting someone into your home. Sam corrects him that it is Violet's home. Pete asks who's side he's on.

Addison is now working on getting drunk at the bar by herself. She doesn't feel like socializing. Jake comes up and asks her if she is getting drunk? He tells her she is famous there she is the Meryl Streep of maternal fetal medicine. She says she's going to sit there and drink because she can't get fat. She's then going to crawl up to her bed and miss her boyfriend.

Addison goes up to Jake's room drunk and asks him if he wants to have sex with the Meryl Streep of maternal fetal medicine? LMAO

Addison is sprawled out on Jake's bed telling him he rejected her. Jake says he didn't. Addison, I asked you to have sex with me and you said no. Jake, I cannot have sex with you. Addison, Aww you rejected me again. Am I hideous? Was it the eating? Did the eating freak you out? Jake, the eating was oddly very sexy.  Addison, is it because you saw my vagina in a medical way? LMAO Wait don't answer that. I'm losing credibility all over the place. Just wait, this didn't happen. Jake, wait I can't have sex with you right now and I'm really sorry about that. Addison, why not? Jake, because you are drunk right now and you don't want to have sex with me. You want to have sex with anyone who isn't Sam. You are trying to numb the pain. You are desirable and very very hot but I can't have sex with you because you are not over Sam. Addison, but is it also because you saw my vagina in a medical way? Jake, A little bit.

Cooper is talking to Violet. She tells him he is angry that Erica is dying.

Rick tells his wife he was raped. She doesn't understand how he could be raped without a gang of guys holding him down. He's a solider. Then she asks if he's gay. She doesn't understand why he didn't stop him.

Addison wakes up in Jakes bed in a panic. He tells her he had her speech rescheduled to 4pm she has 3 more hours. Addison, did I ask you for sex and then cry. Jake, I have no idea what you are talking about. Addison appologizes. She says her sad just came out all over him. We are colleagues.  Jake says he's not going to talk about it. He ordered her a bacon cheese burger that got there five minutes ago. Addison, I'm supposed to just do everything you say. Jake, just eat. I'm driving. We are not just colleagues. I love these two together. 

Pete confronts Scott at the hospital and tells him if he hurts Violet or fools around with her in front of his son. Scott, you'll what? Pete pushes him up against the wall. Scott puts his hands up. Pete says yeah that's what I thought and walks away.

Cooper takes Mason to see Erica. She has a seizure while he is standing there.

Charlotte tells Cooper he needs to tell Erica why she should get treatment instead of just telling her to get treatment.

Sam talks to Ricks wife about the rape. He tells her the rape was like a wound.

On the ride home Addison tells Jake he promised to stop for another burger on the way home and he tells her she was wrong he has been dumped before. On the plane to Fiji. He says I'm just saying someday I get drunk and end up on your doorstep fat from bacon cheeseburgers, look out.

Pete tells Violet he doesn't want her seeing Scott anymore. She tells him it's not his call and lays into him that he left her and he has the gall and audacity to tell her who she can see. Pete, I don't care anymore. Violet, you didn't care then why should now be any different.

Rick's wife goes back to the hospital. She seems to get it now.

Cooper talks to Erica and asks her to fight. She agrees.

Violet calls Scott over. He walks in the door and she strips him.

Sam gets a phone call. He says I'll be right there. He goes to the jail, he is asking the bailiff what she was arrested for. The bailiff says she boosted the cash from the convince store register. The girl in the cell is his sister. Interesting, haven't heard about her before.

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