Thursday, October 7, 2010

Temple Grandin - Awesome Movie

This is a movie based on a real life person. Temple Grandin is a woman with Autism - Aspergers who has a photographic memory and appears to eat only yogurt, pudding and green Jell-O.

This is an incredible story. Temple Grandin started college in the late ‘60’s and not only had to deal with her Autism - Aspergers but being discriminated against because she is a woman. Despite all this she accomplishes amazing things. Just to name a few without giving away too much about the movie. She receives her Doctoral degree, invents the hug machine, is published in many magazines, and has published a couple of books.

You could probably call Temple a cow whisper; she is so perceptive about cows. The things she created and has done to ensure the humane slaughter of cows is amazing. I know an oxymoron “humane slaughter”.  I don’t remember Temple’s exact words, but they were something to the effect that the cows are giving themselves to us to eat, the least we can do is treat them humanely.

This was just an awesome, awesome movie; I easily give it five stars.


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