Saturday, October 9, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 4

This show really doesn't do a good job of keeping my attention anymore. I'm really not sure why I'm watching it.

I find it hard to believe they can't find food. If it were me, I think I'd be following those monkeys to see what they are eating. There has got to be food on the island besides fish.

I can't believe Brenda is helping Naonka to find the hidden immunity idol. After what she did to get the clue, I would make her figure it out herself, and if she ever found it, vote her out to make her use it. Naonka is just one mean and nasty person.  I mean seriously, talking about keep your leg away from the fire, just hateful.

I could see this play for power on the older tribe coming a mile away. I do find it interesting that they think someone one needs to be the leader. They are all grown adults; they should be able to come to a decision as a group without a leader.

Marty is really getting on my nerves. He talks a lot, but what is he really doing for the team?

I was glad to see Jeff called Marty out on almost winning the challenge. That was funny.

Jimmy T was voted off. Marty seems pretty proud of himself.

If the tribes were to stay as they are, I think voting Jimmy T off was a mistake. Even if a person is annoying, in the beginning you need to keep all the strength you can in your team, especially when you are losing challenges. Why vote out someone that can contribute when there are weaker players that can go? Suck it up! Deal with the annoying person! From the looks of the previews they are going to merge the tribes next week so maybe it won't matter. 

As far as a bold move. I didn't see one, good luck voting on that.

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