Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Episode 7

I am totally bored with this show, I'm not sure why I'm still watching it. So yes, I put off watching it until I had nothing else to watch, which is today.

Hope something interesting happens tonight.

Ohhhh! Poor Chase! Not a good place to get hit.

Fabio that was just gross, peeing in the pool! I wonder if he lied just to psych them out? No, don't think so.

The monkeys are great!

I love that Jane took the fish and hid with it. That is too funny. I'm kinda surprised she didn't clean it, but I guess she would have had to go back to camp to get a knife.

Haha, I can't believe Sash asked for the idol and Marty gave it to him. That's crazy when Marty knows they have been trying to vote him out. NUTS!

Haha. I love that Jeff asked Sash if he would give the idol to Brenda!

Maybe since everyone knows where the idol is they should burn it before war breaks out over it.

Jill is voted off. I think I would have voted Marty off first.

Next week: Tribes merge and Naonka is stealing. Why does it not surprise me that Naonka is stealing food. She's mean and a thief!

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