Friday, October 29, 2010

Something Thinks Its Moving In !

For the last five years or so, I've been trying to grow my own vegetables, unsuccessfully, for one reason or another. This year I started hand pollinating and actually have about twenty green peppers on 7 or 8 plants. I'm so excited. 

I go outside last night to empty the litter box; I'm hosing it out and think I'd better water the green peppers, still no rain. I aim the hose at the plant pot and notice the pot is half empty. All of the plants on the left hand side of the pot were broken off, but the broken off pieces were missing. Very odd, I said a few curse words and went back in the house.

Back in the house, I need to open a new bag of litter to fill the cat box, I open the drawer for the scissors and found my green pepper plants!

As you can see I have also acquired some acorns and insulation. I have two more drawers full of acorns and insulation. Whatever this is has been very busy. The drawers were fine last week.  I live in the woods so it's not unusual to get a field mouse in the house every now and then, but I can't really envision a mouse being able to drag all this into the house in a week. With all the acorns it makes me think it's a squirrel, but I don't know how the heck it's getting in the house! I'm thinking that would require a good size hole and none are visible.

This morning I went outside, two more plants were broken off, but the broken pieces were laying next to the pot, so I rescued 7 baby peppers.

I then wrapped the pepper plant pot in a thick clear plastic, leaving the top open for air. It probably won't stop whatever critter it is, but it made me feel better. Then I had the bright idea to dump ammonia around the plant, so I dumped a bottle and a half of ammonia around the pot area. I'm thinking this will work better than the plastic. Of course it will probably rain now.

Mission for tonight, tear cabinet apart and find hole. Geez, I had nothing better to do anyway.

There are no critters allowed in this house unless they are named. I either have to stop the critter from coming in or name it and make it part of the family. 

FYI, for those of you who have been told mice won't come in a house with cats because the mice can smell the cats. Not true.

UPDATE: So after pulling out the three drawers and emptying three cabinets, I discovered there is about a three inch gap between the cabinet floor and the house floor. I ripped up the floor to the cabinet to discover whatever idiot installed the cabinet, didn't think it, important to close up the 12 x 6 inch hole surrounding a pipe in the floor. Geez it's amazing I haven't had half the forest in my house!

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  1. I noticed you didn't put how many overfed cats you have in the house.
    The Brat


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