Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Thoughts On Today's Soaps 10/26/2010

Bold & Beautiful

Brendan, really that was just lame! Shouldn't he be in school. Didn't like him before, still don't.

Amber, seriously? I can't believe she thinks she is going to get away with stealing designs, and what happened to the kid she left Genoa City with?

I am not liking Amber's storyline. So over done.

Young & Restless

What's Victor going to do tell Victoria it's her fault her mother is in rehab? Okay he just waited until right before the mediation.Go Victoria! It didn't work.Why does Victor always think he's smarter than everyone else.

Wow Girl Power!

All My Children

Madison everyone told you about Ryan and Greenlee.

Yeah! Zach's still here.

Colby sounds like a shrink, and how does that make you feel? LOL

Zach is looking a little rough today.

One Life To Live

Cole, Cole, Cole What can I say?

Natalie holding belly and saying peoples lives are at stake was just weird

Haha, Todd's going to do CPR on John, John don't even think about it Manning. LOL

Guess Ford is still off coughing up blood somewhere.

Now Natatlie thinks Marty killed Eli, oh geez she'll have the psych defense down.

The building blew up and the lights still work in the room with Tea and Blair? LOL It always amazes me when a building blows up there is all this rubble laying around but none of the rubble left a whole to crawl out of?
I think Todd enjoyed hurting John.hehe

I was hoping Marty would move to Pine Valley so Zach could return but looks like it will be jail or the psych hospital which could work.

General Hospital

I just love little Molly.

Give me a girls night out, or Alexis & Diane in a bar with lumberjacks again, Diane & Max. Something. I'm tired of Micheal being threatened with jail, and this whole Brenda thing.

Why are all the storylines on all the soaps taking forever to get to the end. Is it just me? or are they dragging these stories out longer. These shows have a lot of good characters. I'd like to see all of them more.

Where's Christina, Max, Alexis, Chloe, Ronan, Diane, Spinelli, Kate, Coleman, Opal, Jake, Heather, Lilly, Kane, Jana, Dorian. I mean really 2 of Dorian's girls are kidnapped, Blair's trapped and Dorian's no where to be found, and where's Kelly?

Yes, I'm having a bad day. I'm in a mood. Sorry.

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