Friday, April 1, 2011

Grey's Anatomy The Musical

When I first heard there was going to be a musical Grey's Anatomy, I thought oh no! I don't really care for musicals, which is weird, because I love music.

So I say to self, self Shonda is an awesome writer I'll bet she can pull this off, and she did!

I knew last week as soon as Callie took off her seat belt there was going to be an accident. I hope no one dies I will be very upset.

Arizona keeps saying "I asked her to marry me and a truck came out of nowhere" kinda like my luck. I wonder if Arizona will take that as some kind of karmic message and take her proposal back.

I was surprised to see Lucy say she was out of her league and that she didn't give the baby something for the lungs, I thought that was OB 101. I mean I know we need Addison to come to the rescue, but that one surprised me.

Oh Derrick worrying about Sloan is killing me.

OMG Will Mark and Arizona ever get along, the two of them crack me up. I mean this week is sad, but I love this love hate triangle.

I really like this song Running On Sunshine, the couples cracked me up, especially Teddy and her faux husband, too funny.

The line of surgeons at the scrub sinks gave me chills, poor Callie, they all love her so much.

I am so glad Christina was allowed to operate and show her talents. She is a cardio god after all.

There's How To Save A Life, can't have a musical without that. I love that song.

I almost cried when Mark and Arizona bust into the operating room. That poor little blue baby. Yea, Arizona to the rescue!

Seattle Grace elevators get more salt water than the Pacific Ocean. Oh the tears! I love it! Poor Mer.

Ut oh, Teddy is not a happy camper. She needs to get over herself, she was wrong this time and Christina was right.

When Callie grabs her own legs to wake upself up, boy that sounded weird, there is a single tear running down her face, that's it, I broke, made me cry.

How awesome was Sara Ramirez (Callie), can she belt out a song or what! And Chandra Wilson (Bailey)!

Everyone! Who knew there was all that hidden talent on the show? Everyone singing except Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy)? Patrick who can drive a car 200 mph but is either afraid to sing or has a voice like mine. hehe Well as long as we can look at his cute little face, its okay with me.

Wow I still can't believe Callie laying there all possibly brain damaged and belting out the tunes.

I was looking up a name and stopped by the Grey's facebook page. I was surprised by all the negative comments. I mean I didn't think I would like a musical and I loved it. Looks like a lot of people didn't, I don't understand that at all.

One person even said the songs did not match what was going on. SERIOUSLY? My first thought was they must have wrote these songs for the episode because they were so perfect for what was going on. They truly were not paying attention.

Congrats to Shonda and the gang, you did it again. Great episode! Just don't let that baby die, I don't think I can take it.

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  1. A few of us were watching it together on Twitter & were amazed at how lame it was. lol I am glad someone enjoyed it, I turned it off with 15 minutes to go.

  2. I loved it and cried through the whole thing!


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