Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tilikum The Killer Whale Is Back To Work At Sea World

Is Sea World really that greedy?

In February 2010 Tilikum killed trainer Dawn Brancheau. After this happened we found out it wasn't the first time Tilikum has killed. Tilikum had killed twice before that we know of; a homeless man who sneaked into his tank and another trainer.

Sea World says it has added new safety measures, and that the trainers will not be allowed to swim with Tilikum due to a series of violent events.  Really, three deaths a series of violent events. Call it was it is. These were deadly events. Three people are dead.

I have seen several reports that there have been numerous injuries by several of the whales. One of the trainers who had left Sea World said they don't tell you about all the injuries before your hired. I have also seen reports that there are plans for the trainers to eventually get back in the water with these whales.

This is nothing but greed at its finest. Sea World just wants the money. Its not like there is nothing else going on at the park, they don't rely on the sole income of the whales.Yes I'm sure they make a nice profit from the cute little stuffed whales and stuff they sell, but they have many other animal shows there and things for people to do without risking peoples lives.

What happens if someone else dies? How many times can they let this go? Peoples lives are not worth the money.

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