Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All My Children AMC Today

** Spoiler Alert **
Don't read if you haven't watched today.

OMG How cruel to swap a baby on a blind woman.

I knew when Angie and Jessie went in the house, she was going to go into labor. I'm okay with that.

Now Brot just happens to park where a pregnant girl can put a black baby girl in his car. How convenient. I knew as soon as that happened, there was going to be a baby swap. Then Brot looks in the box, and doesn't see the baby, and feels the need to carry the box into the house where Jesse and Angie are. Did I miss something there? Maybe I should go back and watch again.

Wow I wanted so much more than this. I mean even if they had introduced the pregnant girl before today, it might have been a better story. It just all seemed hinky to me.
It's like a remake of Jess/Tess, when she lost her baby. I've said it before and I'll say it again. ABC needs to quit sharing story lines across their soaps. This is another example of that happening. Its like with the green card marriages. One on All My Children and one on General Hospital. I mean they don't even spread them out both going on at same time. Why watch two soaps if they both have the same story line. Errrrr Then they wonder why they are losing ratings. That's a whole other rant.

I think Debbi Morgan (Angie) deserved something more original than the script she had for today. She and Darnell Williams (Jesse) are so awesome together, but no she's passed out through most of it.

What if Jesse would have just delivered a healthy baby girl, no problems, no drama. Jessie and Angie with their new little girl, can you imagine. Debbie and Darnell could have done an incredible scene with that. I'll bet I would have cried with joy.

I mean don't get me wrong Darnell was awesome, awesome trying to save that baby and doing his scene today and Debbie also did a great job, even if she was passed out through a lot of it.

But dang, I was still disappointed. Maybe because I really wanted Angie to miraculously get her sight back after delivering the baby. I knew it probably wouldn't happen, but I was hoping.


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  1. This is NOT NICE. I saw it accidentally last night, I don't watch AMC anymore, but I caught a clip of this accidentally. I was NOT happy. I can see why you ranted about this one.

  2. Nice to know I'm not alone.


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