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Deadliest Catch 7 - 2011 - Hillstrands and Hansens Return

There is news here but I don't think any of it is real spoilers... so safe to read.

Some of you may have heard there was a legal dispute between Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand with The Discovery Channel, and they were not returning to the show.

Well here's the scoop. In October, 2010 it was reported that The Discovery Channel sued the Hillstrands for $3 million for failing to finish work on a spin off show called "Hillstranded".  The Hillstrands counter sued saying that the lawsuit would force them to sell their boat, so they quit the show. To show support of the Hillstrands, Sig Hansen also quit the show. Go Sig!

The Discovery Channel ended up dropping the suit, everybody kissed and made up.

So we can look forward to seeing, the Time Bandit, the Northwestern, the Wizard, the Kodiak and the Cornelia Marie in the 2011 season.

Yes, the Cornelia Marie will return with a new captain Tony Lara, Jake and Josh who are now part owners of the Cornelia Marie, and Ryan. Freddie has left the Cornelia Marie and joined the Wizard.

I have seen some reports on Jake having trouble with the law because of his drug abuse, which I had hoped he had gotten under control by going into rehab, evidently not.

Nine days after his dads death he was stopped for alleged DUI, while driving his dads BMW. Jake allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test, failed field sobriety tests, was driving on a suspended license and was suspected of being involved in a hit and run in the area. He went to jail.

In an interview with People Magazine Jake's lawyer, said Jake did not have a sip of alcohol and wasn't on drugs. The whole case came from an anonymous call saying he was driving erratically. He said Jake was driving on a suspended license due to speeding tickets, and was unaware his license had been suspended. As of Feb 24, 2010 Jake had made two procedural appearances in court, but had not been charged. He is filming this seasons show so hopefully all of that was worked out.

In November 2010, the Captain of the Cornelia Marie at the time Derrick Ray called the cops on Jake claiming he was abusing prescription drugs. The Unalaska cops (Yes, there is a town called Unalaska) searched the boat and found paraphernalia, but there was not enough evidence to connect Jake or arrest him. Cops interviewed everyone, no arrests were made.

In a recent interview with our other Jake, Jake Anderson, on March 17, 2011, there is still no word on his dad. The case is still open. Jake has stayed sober, because he is the man of the family now and has responsibilities for his sisters and mom. Good Job Jake!

Jake Anderson said he knows Jake Harris is having a tough time, he has tried to make suggestions to him, but you gotta want it to get sober. Jake Anderson also said it's notorious especially in the crab fishing industry, "we're notorious for being alcoholics and drug addicts and gamblers and liars and cheats, so it goes with the trade. Alaskan fishing is the last frontier. It's the Wild, Wild West. You go out there, and there's nobody who can control you, except for the Coast Guard."

Jake Anderson also addressed the issue of increased regulation in the fishing industry. The guys evidently now have to keep track of their quota with record keeping on deck. That should be interesting.

Here is a link to Marine Traffic at Dutch Harbor. Go to Port US-Dutch Harbor and click show ship names underneath where you selected the port. The site is a little hinky at times, but I guess you can see which boat is in port then check the webcams. 

This is a link to Dutch Harbor, Alaska webcams

The Deadliest Catch Season 7 is scheduled to start April 12, 2011.

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