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Private Practice January 5, 2012 Recap

Addison  is still talking to the shrink in the beginning of the show.

Addison Montgomery and Sam Bennett are moving his stuff out. Addison is getting ready for a social worker visit. Addison is trying to adopt now.

Violet Turner comes home early and interrupts Pete's time with Lucas. They have a discussion about interrupting each others time. Violet wants to move back in her house and for Pete to find an apartment.

Jake Reilly meets with a man and his two wives who want to have a baby. One woman will carry the baby, they will use the other ones egg. Jake suggests they have therapy so they know what they are getting into.

Addison has her inspection and shows the social worker the fire alarm and safety latches. The social worker wants to know how she is going to prevent drowning in the ocean. I don't think Addison thought about that. LOL Addison says she won't let the baby go outside. The sun is bad anyway. The social worker finds Sam's shoes under the ottoman and wants to know if there is a man living there she neglected to tell her about.

Cooper Freedman takes his son Mason to buy Tinker Toys. Mason asks for cards, Cooper tells him maybe next time. The kid shoplifts the cards and leaves. Cooper sees him and tells the cashier to add a pack of cards to the bill.

The couple of three meets with Violet. Violet thinks they should have a contract. The three of them are in love and think it sounds official. All decisions have to be unanimous between them to prevent 2 against 1 ganging up.

Amelia Sheppard invites Sheldon Wallace to go bowling. He doesn't like to wear shoes others have worn. Me either. He declines to go.

Charlotte King asks Amelia to do a surgery. Amelia says she is ready.

All the docs discuss the threesome. Jake is mad because they lied to him and didn't tell him they were a couple. Addison gets a call from her lawyer, the social worker approved her and there is a mother that wants to meet her.

Sheldon is having trouble forgiving Amelia.

Amelia goes back into surgery, she get's asked about her vacation. Charlotte King comes in and tells them it isn't a tea party, Dr. Sheppard needs to concentrate. Surgery went fine.

Addison meets with a young pregnant woman who is a 20 yo law student. She has money and can take care of the baby but she doesn't want to be a mom at 20. She is afraid Addison will judge her. Addison tells her about her abortion. The girl thinks Addison is amazing. There is another family she is considering from her church, they have a little boy already.

Cooper is talking to Charlotte trying to figure out why Mason would steal the cards.

One of the women in the threesome is unable to carry a baby or produce eggs due to pelvic TB she never knew she had. So if she can't produce eggs or carry a baby, the baby won't be a product of the three of them. She says they are not having a baby.

Addison gets a page the law student is labor. She thinks its a good sign because she paged her. The baby is a month early.

Cooper, Pete, Sheldon and Sam are discussing their own relationships and the threesome. Charlotte says you know what I do to relieve frustration? She goes to the gun range, says she's a dead eye.

Addison goes in to delivery there is a complication. She kicks the other doctor out of the way and delivers the baby. It's fine.

Cooper isn't sure whether to punish Mason or stay the good guy. He could be the good guy that Mason comes to with any problem if he doesn't punish him and lets the mother do it.

Charlotte and Sheldon go to the gun range. Charlotte tells him to love Amelia enough to leave her alone. He is getting into the gun firing. LOL

Cooper decides to be the bad guy. Mason tells him he is just the guy who got his mom pregnant he doesn't think his mom will go along with it. Cooper assures him she will and that he will always be there.

Back to the threesome, Rose the girl who can't get pregnant agrees to having a baby even if she isn't part of it. She says she will just have to trust them. Then the other girl says she can't go along with it because it was supposed to be unanimous or someone is going to get hurt. Then she says they can adopt, have a surrogate or no baby at all. The man speaks up and says he wants a baby. He loves both of them but he's not sure he can choose them. What the heck?

Addison goes to visit the law student who is holding her baby. She asks Addison if she wants to hold her. Of course she does. Then she tells Addison she has decided on the other family, because she is worried about who would be taking care of the baby when Addison is at the hospital doing wonderful things.

Amelia is still struggling to stay sober. She tells Charlotte Sheldon hates her. Charlotte tells her he doesn't, he loves her.

Addison cries in Jake's arms over loosing yet another baby opportunity. Someway or another I just know Jake's going to get her pregnant.

Pete goes to the house, Violet won't let him see Lucas. She says they need to stick to the rules for Lucas. He should go home and call him. She promises never to keep him from his son.

Addison tells Sam she didn't get the baby. Sam says he is sorry but they can't do this anymore. Addison says she knows. She wanted Sam and a baby and now she has neither.

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