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Grey's Anatomy January 12, 2012 Recap

"This Magic Moment"

Meredith and Derrick are hoping to record Zola's first steps walking. She doesn't walk, Meredith says she will do it when they are working and she'll miss it.

Owen and all the surgeons are practicing for a conjoined twin separation surgery on Dr. Robbins patients.

Dr. Warren is pushing Bailey to move in together she doesn't want to. He says it's better for the planet and he has a better TV. Bailey leaves.

Robbins is being a brat and mean to everyone in the practice surgery. They have been practicing for weeks.

Lexie is explaining the procedure to the parents.

Bailey comes in and pulls Meredith out of the practice. She wants Meredith to assist her in the surgery. She wants Meredith to keep Dr. Warren from asking personal questions. Bailey tells her she will teach her a lot and to ask a lot of questions.

They start the surgery on the twins. Mark and Avery are having a race which upsets Arizona.
Dr. Warren asks Meredith about Zola and leads the conversation into how nice it is with her, Derrick and the baby all in the same building. Meredith asks Dr Bailey is that the spleen right there? LOL

Dr Altman is in surgery, she has had Dr. Yang paged. Christina comes in. Teddy tells her from the beginning. Christina starts going step by step through Henry's surgery. April Kepner is very uncomfortable with this. Christina finishes. Teddy tells her again. Christina starts over.

Alex Karev tries to talk to Owen Hunt about the way Arizona is acting. Owen thinks Karev is nervous and asks who wants to replace Karev on the flip. Flipping the twins during the surgery is a critical process. Dr Webber volunteers. Karev says Webber snaked it from him.

Christina is still in surgery with Teddy repeating the process and answering Teddy's questions.

Meredith Grey leaves Bailey and Dr. Warren alone to go get a sandwich. Bailey tells Dr. Warren they have only been back together two weeks she doesn't want to rush. He says he guesses he got his answer and leaves.

Several of them are in the gallery watching the twins surgery. April Kepner says Teddy's surgery's are like a morgue. It isn't right. Christina says its fine. This grilling of Christina has been going on for two weeks.

The parents of the twins are a very young couple. The father goes out for a beer when he comes back he has out fits for the girls. They start making out in the waiting room. Lexie is still with them.

In the surgery they have separated the girls and are checking for reflexes. Everything looks good.

One twin is closed up, the other has a kidney failing. They decide to do a kidney transplant using the other twins kidney.

An emergency comes in. Kepner and Teddy are operating, Christina is reciting Henry's surgery again.

Bailey, Dr Warren and Meredith are in surgery. Bailey is telling Dr. Warren how focused she is and that's why her patients don't die. Meredith tells her a sponge is missing, they looked everywhere, it must be in the patient. They finally find it on the bottom of Bailey's shoe.

Christina is still reciting, Teddy is still asking the same questions. April looses it and says this has got to stop she can't take it anymore. Teddy asks if she is all right or if she needs time to gather herself. April says she's fine. Christina continues.

Dr. Webber goes in and apologizes to Karev for stealing his moment, he says it was sad and pathetic, an old man acting out of fear.  He tells him how he doesn't have many surgeries left. Karev tells him he can scrub in on the transplant. Snaked again.

When Arizona asks why Richard is doing the surgery instead of Karev. Richard says he picked it from Karev easier than taking candy from a baby.

Teddy and Christina are in the scrub room. Teddy is repeating the surgery back to Christina. She has now memorized the process. Christina apologizes. Teddy tells her not to apologize that she did every single thing that she would have. That Christina was her in the OR. She did it right. He just died. Teddy is now crying the ugly cry. Yang is teared up. April is watching from in the surgery.

The kidney transplant went well on the twins.

Bailey and Dr. Warren talk. He assures her he likes Tuck and he can talk about dinosaurs and transformers all day.

Callie tells Arizona she was a monster. Arizona says she was just amped up and thinks people found her helpful. She says she is heading home. Callie asks her to put the humidifier in Sofia's room and starts giving her exact orders like Arizona was acting in the surgery. LOL Arizona says fine I was a monster.

Alex tells Richard he is supposed to be teaching him not snaking surgeries. Dr. Webber says he thinks he taught him something today, to never give up a once in a lifetime surgery.

Lexie walks by Mark and hears him say I wish you could have been in there with me today. Lexie says really? Me too. When Mark turns around she realizes his is on his Bluetooth. Awkward!

Derrick and Meredith go home. They are watching the video from the morning when Zola gets up and walks to the TV. They grab the video recorder, Derrick can't get the recorder turned on, he misses recording her first steps.

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