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Grey's Anatomy January 5, 2012 Recap

I'm working on getting caught up from the holidays. Hopefully everything will be caught up in the next day or two.

I still can't believe they killed Henry off. They seriously have to quit offing the good looking guys on this show. George, Denny, Henry it's just wrong!

The last episode ended with the ambulance Meredith Grey and Alex Karev were in getting hit by a car. This one starts off there. They get out of the ambulance and find a panicked teenage girl named Lilly, who other than being really upset seems okay. Meredith hands her the baby so she can check on the other people. Meredith instructs Lilly how to squeeze the ambu bag to keep the baby breathing.
Alex Karev is working with a woman and Meredith goes to take care of another woman.

Back at the hospital the husband of the woman (Laura), who's surgery Jackson Avery botched (the one who's back screw came loose and tore up her heart) is in the waiting room on the phone with Laura's mom. Avery tells him they don't know how long the surgery will take.

Bailey, Dr. Weber and Owen Hunt discuss whether or not to tell Teddy Altman about Henry. They decide to wait. She is still doing Laura's surgery.

Alex was working on Lilly's nana, he says there is grey matter on the ground. He goes to the next person. The sister who is laying on the ground has a piece of glass protruding from her eye. The father wakes up and asks about Micheal his son, then Alex looses his pulse. Meredith goes and finds Micheal who is pinned under something, I think the car. Alex notices lights over the ridge and starts screaming to Meredith there is a car coming. Meredith says she can't him, his legs are trapped. Alex is screaming you've got to get out of there. You've got to get off the road. Then screams at Lilly to keep counting. She has been instructed 1, 2 squeeze. So while they are attending all these patients they have to keep checking to make sure freaked out Lilly is still counting. Meredith can't free the boy, so she runs and stands in the middle of the road waving her hands to get the vehicle coming to stop.

Meredith and Alex arrive back at the hospital with all the patients. Meredith is bleeding and needs stitches on her head. She puts a bandage on her head and continues working.

April Kepner comes into the ER to help. Owen Hunt asks her if Teddy is finished with surgery? He tells Kepner to go back to the surgery and tell Teddy he didn't need her. He tells Kepner Henry died and Teddy doesn't know. Kepner starts freaking so Owen tells her she can't go back to surgery like that to go and watch the surgery from the gallery.

Alex is working on the premie in the NICU. Arizona Robbins tells Alex he did extraordinary work but she will take over from here. He argues with her but looses the argument. She tells him to go get checked out, he was in an accident.

Callie Torres, Owen Hunt and Richard Weber are working on the father. He has a crushed pelvis and his BP is dropping. Callie apologizes to the man telling him even with pain killers this is going to hurt. She sets his pelvis that she just said was crushed. I didn't quite get that, but the bone cracking sound was nasty and made for good TV I guess. Owen gets a 911 page from Teddy and leaves.

There was a problem in the surgery. It is going to take longer. Teddy wants Owen to get Christina. He tells her he will get a resident. Teddy doesn't want another resident. She says she needs another me and Christina is the closest thing I've got. Don't tell her I said that. Owen tries to tell Teddy Christina is exhausted. Teddy doesn't care and says splash some water on her face and get her in here.

Derek Sheppard, Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey are working on the girl with glass sticking out of her eye. They need an eye surgeon. Mark calls his new girl friend, Julia.

Bailey and Meredith are working on Michael who was stuck under the car. When Lilly starts screaming  keep working on her that's my mom. Meredith tells Bailey she already watched her grandma die. She runs into the room where the mom is and tells the doctor the kid is standing out there watching. You need to go get her. Meredith continues the mom's CPR.

Alex is sitting in the hall fidgeting. He gets up and goes to work on the baby. Arizona comes in and finds him and tells him to stop. He tells her he didn't go through hell with this kid to just back off. He continues working. Arizona tells him, well just slow down.

Owen is trying to talk Christina into doing the surgery with Teddy, which she doesn't want to do. He finally tells her Teddy requested her. Christina realizes they haven't told Teddy about Henry yet. Owen tells Christina if that patient dies on the table this will all have been for nothing. This has to be worth something. Christina says she can't do it. Owen says she doesn't have a choice she has too.

Derrick is questioning Mark about what he knows about his girl friends trauma experience. Mark tells him she has done a bunch of cases. Derrick, so we are just going off your pillow talk? He says if he even gets a hint she is over her head he will boot her out of the OR. Mark, you just think anyone who sleeps with me can't be talented or have half a brain. Derrick, that is not true. Mark, it's mostly true. Your ex-wife is brilliant and she slept with me. I'm not trying to start a fight. I'm just saying. LMAO

Mark and Derrick walk into the room where Lexie and Julia the new girl friend are. Julia says "Fastball" just updated me here. LOL I forgot Lexie threw the ball at her chest. Julia, it's okay my breast made a quick recovery. Mark, it did. Julia thinks she can save the eye.

Meredith tells Lilly she is sorry about her mom and updates her on the rest of the family and tries to get some medical history. Meredith asks if they ever talked about extraordinary measures? Who takes care of you when your parents go out of town. It was the grandma who is now dead also.

After some back and forth between how things should be done between Derrick and Julia, they pull the glass out of the boys eye. That was gruesome looking.

Ben the anesthetist talks to Bailey about a trial patient she lost. She takes it as he is accusing her of killing off her patient. Then the alarms all start going off on the boy they are doing surgery on. He is burning up. Ben tells someone to get ice and starts ordering meds. Bailey gets made then says OMG malignant hypothermia.

Christina goes into surgery with Teddy. Teddy tells her what is going on with the patient and then thanks her for doing Henry's surgery. That she is sorry they had to lie to her about who it was, but she get's it right? Christina says right. Teddy, you are not mad at me? Christina, no. Teddy, good go get scrubbed. Wow poor Christina. How hard that must be for her to even stand there. 

Owen goes into surgery with Callie and Dr. Weber. Callie asks what did Altman want? How's the patient? Owen, she'll be fine now that I put Christina in there. Callie, you did what? You put Yang in the same OR as Teddy with my patient on the table? What the hell made you think that was a good idea? Owen, it was your mistake that put everyone in this position. You are really not one to point fingers right now.

Teddy asks why Kepner is sitting in the gallery like a gargoyle? Then asks Christina if she had a chance to check on Henry post op. Christina says I'll bet no one wanted her and starts doing impressions of Kepner to change the subject. Jackson comes into the gallery and asks how it's going? Kepner tells him Christina is making fun of her so she doesn't have to talk about Henry. Teddy decides she needs to take the patient's heart out and do a procedure that if it isn't on Christina's bucket list should be. She asks Christina if she is up to it. Christina says you bet.

Bailey gets her patient under control. Meredith then realizes the malignant hypothermia is genetic and goes to warn the other surgeons operating on other family members. Bailey thanks Ben for figuring out what was wrong with the boy. She said usually by the time you figure out that's what they have it's too late. Ben says he didn't figure she needed to loose another patient today.

Teddy has loud music playing and is hollering whoo! and dancing trying to stay awake after so many hours of surgery. Owen comes into the gallery and asks what are they doing. April, I think they are having fun.

The brother and sister make it out of surgery okay. Lilly wants to be the one to tell them about their mom. The dad keeps coding. Lilly who has just turned 18 four hours earlier decides to let her father die rather than keep torturing him with the CPR.

Lexie and Julia make friends.

Christina and Teddy finish surgery. Christina calls Kepner down to close and takes Teddy outside of the OR and tells her that Henry did not survive the surgery. Teddy makes her repeat that Henry is dead. She tells her that is the first thing you are taught. You have to say it so the family gets it. Christina repeats Henry is dead. Teddy says thank you and turns and walks away. Oh my gosh the tears. How heartbreaking for both of them. I know Christina is a machine, but even machines have their limit.

Christina is in the changing room. Owen comes in and asks where Teddy is? If Christina told her? Christina says of course she told her. Owen says she should have let him tell her, he should have been the one. Christina screams at him this is not about you. Who cares who told her? You made me stand and talk and joke with her for hours. Owen, I am sorry. Christina doesn't want to hear it and says neither will Teddy.

Teddy  goes down to the morgue where a woman in scrubs is sitting next to Henry's body. Teddy demands the chart and tell the woman to get out. Teddy sits and looks at Henry and cries.

Callie takes the blame for Jackson for the surgery because she was responsible for him.

Bailey and Ben talk in the Drs lounge. Lilly has to tell her brother and sister that their mom, dad and grandma are dead.

Derrick and Meredith go home. Meredith ordered pizza because she has been up for 39 hours. They decide they will be okay just the two of them. Meredith goes to the door to get the pizza. She just stands there staring. Derrick says Meredith and jumps up and goes to the door. Meredith says isn't that our baby. Janet is standing at the door with Zola. Derrick says yes it is. Derrick opens the door. Janet walks in and says she's yours. I knew it! They had to get Zola. I'm so happy. Yea!!!

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