Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jake & Josh Harris Cornelia Marie Deadliest Catch People Magazine

I just ran across some information on Jake and Josh Harris of the Cornelia Marie in an article in People Magazine. I don't know when the article was published, but it had some interesting tidbits I thought I would share.

Jake did make it into rehab, shortly after the DUI incident for addiction to prescription pain medication, which he said he took because of sport and fishing injuries.  He spent a month and a half in rehab. Like I said I don't know when the article was published so I don't know how this times out with the Captain of the Cornelia Marie, Derrick Ray, calling the police on Jake in November 2010.  (Can find more on Derrick Ray incident in previous post)

While Jake was working on recovery, Josh was working on keeping the Cornelia Marie running. When Josh was finally able to take a break and grieve for his father, he said he had a nervous breakdown. Said his emotions were all over the place, even seeing a dog wagging its tail on TV would make him cry. He spent three weeks driving around Florida to clear his head.

It sounded like Josh was trying to quit smoking because of the way it contributed to their fathers death, but he quit for two days and said he started twitching. Jake said it's hard to quit smoking on the boat when everyone around them is smoking.

Both boys are working together to try and buy the Cornelia Marie for $1.2 Million dollars from Cornelia Marie Devlin.

I can't wait for the new season to start! Less than a week now. April 12th, 9pm ET. Set those DVR's.  And we've got lots of reruns this week, to get us ready.

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