Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Life To Live Roger Howarth To Return - OLTL

Soap Digest announced today that Roger Howarth will return to One Life To Live (OLTL).

Roger Howarth previous played the role of Todd Manning, before Trevor St. John.

I have only watched OLTL while Trevor St. John was playing Todd Manning so he is the only Todd I am familiar with.  I must say I have heard a lot about Roger Howarth recently and have watched clips of him as Todd. He is quite nice to look at. Roger is due to appear on the show in May.

All of this brings up more questions than answers for me.

Does the fact that they are bringing Roger Howarth back mean the show is not going to be canceled? It certainly implies that if they are hiring new people for the show. But... Roger Howarth's contract as far as I can tell is a short one. I've seen from 6 months to 14 months. Does this mean this time next year we'll be asking ourselves again if OLTL is going to be canceled?

Will Trevor St. John be staying? First there were rumors that his contract was up in April and he would be leaving. Then there were rumors he is in contract negotiations, he apparently is still on the set filming, but if his contract ends at the end of April it makes since he would still be filming.

Will Todd leave and Roger take his place?

Will Todd stay and we will find out he is not really Todd? Who would he be? Walker? Someone else?

Maybe Roger is a long lost twin? Would he be a good or evil twin? He looks like he would be a good guy better than a bad guy, but what do I know. I need to go watch more clips.

Or will Roger just be another character on the show. I mean Sarah Joy Brown was Carly on General Hospital and then came back later as Claudia. It has been done before so clearly ABC doesn't have a problem doing that. Having said that I think this would be a problem for a lot of the Roger Howarth fans that believe he is the only Todd Manning.

My hopes are that Trevor St John stays and the writers come up with an awesome story line to work Roger back into the show.

My prediction is this is going to be either really awesome or an epic fail. Given all the cancellation rumors I'm hoping for really awesome.

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