Monday, June 20, 2011

Big Brother 13 Casting News Still Nothing And We Wait

I keep checking for casting news. I saw something the other day that said we won't know until two or three days before the premier who is on the show. So I continue to wait.

Waiting of course is getting harder because they keep showing commercials for the new show.  I usually fast forward through commercials but I've caught a couple. I noticed one of the commercials said this year "the biggest twist ever".  So I've been trying to come up with ideas for what the twist could be that they haven't already done. Or do you think they would repeat an old twist?

I haven't watched Big Brother every season. I watched in the beginning then quit watching then started again. I don't watch a lot of reality and get bored easily with it. So if I make a suggestion that has been done that is why. Feel free to correct me and catch me up.

The one thing I think a lot of us have suspected in the past but I don't think has happened is if they put a married couple in there. I think it would be interesting if they like started out with six married couples and no one knew. But then of course if I was in there and married I would suspect the others of the same thing.

I know they have done long lost brother & sister, twins, and the saboteur. I wonder what they have thought up?

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