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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 11 Birds Bones And Blood

"Bird Bones And Blood"

The Deadliest Catch cast has said there were a lot of broken bones this season. I expect we will start seeing them this week after watching last weeks storm.

Ok, so let's see.

335 miles NW of Dutch Harbor. The Wizard is preparing to drop their first pots. Freddie Maughtai is performing an ancient ritual of drinking cod blood, and bowing to the crab gods.  I knew it! I said a couple of episodes ago when they showed that shot of Freddie's face he was probably eating something. LOL Then Kevin Stafford gives it a shot. They are slicing the cod open and sticking their face in the cod to drink the blood so the blood is all over their face.

Six hours later as they approach the crab grounds, Freddie's ritual has worked. Finally a break in the weather. Captain Keith Colburn says sometimes you fish for crab sometimes you fish the weather. This time we get to fish the weather. They are setting pots as fast as they can while the weather holds.

On the Northwestern 40 miles to the SW Captain Sig Hansen is in the storm, with 30 foot waves. Out of nowhere a 35 foot wave slams into the wheelhouse. Captain Sig is screaming at the camera man. Get Down! Get the F**k Down! as the wave slams into the wheelhouse. One of the Captains maybe Sig I don't remember right now was saying how the waves break the windows more often in a forward aft boat and when the window breaks it leaves the Captain in there with all that water and electricity.  When it happened to Captain Ricky on the Early Dawn it threw him out on deck. Very scary. Thank fully the window did not break they are okay. Matt Bradley out on deck has ice forming on his beard. He's going to look like Santa if it keeps up.

Jake is trying to throw the hook and the wind keeps catching it and missing the buoy. So Nick Mavar is giving it a shot. They pull up the pot. It's a light pot. The winds are 40-50 knots. Even though the crab is light they are setting back, the weather is too bad to stack the pots.

Nick Mavar says it's sort of fun for about an hour, but the novelty has worn off. Matt Bradley says it's all part of the daily grind. Then all of a sudden you see the crane hook come flying up and smack Nick Mavar in the face. They had attached the crane hook to an empty pot to pull it across the deck, the hook came out of the bridle, it sounded like it hit the deck and then bounced up and hit Nick in the face. Captain Sig yells did he get hurt? Someone I think Nick yells yeah! Sig mouths the F word.

Nick Mavar heads inside, Captain Sig Hansen says is it bleeding? Someone says yes. Sig says damn it! Nick goes into the galley and lays on the floor. Someone hands him paper towels. Jake takes the wheel while Sig goes downstairs. Captain Sig ask Nick if he is dizzy he says no. Nick, It just caught me right on the bridge. Sig says let me see. Oh yeah, you broke it. You got a nice little dent in it. Nick says my nose doesn't hurt it's just cut. Sig, it doesn't hurt because it's sore, you don't feel it yet but you will. That's the nice thing about broken bones they usually get numb pretty quick, been there done that a couple of times. Sig is asking what happened. They are telling him Matt says he just caught the cable, Nick says no I caught the f'ng hook. Sig says yeah you are done. Nick says no I'm not. Nick gets up and looks in the mirror. He says it's just a cut guys I'm fine. Sig says no it's not you are going to feel it. Looking in the mirror Nick see's how crooked his nose is and realizes it's broken. Sig asks him if he can breathe out of it. Nick says yes. Sig says get him some ibuprofen, I'm going to make a call down south cause I'm 90 percent sure we are going to have to take you in.

Sig calls town and tells them what happened. Sig tells them his nose if off about an 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch, it has a curve to it. LMAO Captain Sig is pointing his middle finger at Nicks nose as he is describing it to the guy on the phone.  The guy on the phone says if there is no bleeding, no loss of consciousness and he can still breathe through it, he is a pretty lucky guy. Sig asks what they usually do for this? Does he need to go in for reconstructive surgery? Sig says they just let him heal huh? Nick has an ice pack on his nose. Sig says to the guy on the phone, okay then he is going to carry the mark of the Northwestern for a very long time.

110 miles away just outside St. Paul Harbor is the Time Bandit. Captain Andy Hillstrand is looking for a spot to anchor in crowded waters. They must all be trying to hide behind that island that they have went to before to shield them from the winds. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand is back seat driving. Captain Andy tells him to shut the F up right now. Andy is not wanting Johnathan's help right now. Johnathan is telling Andy where another boat is. Andy says he already saw him out his window that's why he was moving. LOL a real traffic jam at sea.  Mike Fourtner says he right over here. Andy says now I have plenty of room, I feel better. Captain Johnathan says you make the f'ng call and throws up his hands.

Captain Andy tells Mike Fourtner tell them to get ready. The crew starts dropping the 150 pound anchor. Andy says damn why is my anchor not holding. Mike instructs them to let more cable out. Go, go, go. The anchor doesn't catch the Time Bandit is drifting. Johnathan says they need more line. Mike says there is only one more wrap of cable left. We've already have two and a half wraps out. Johnathan says that's a lot I thought we only had one wrap out. Mike says I know it's a lot. Andy says you kept saying let it out. Now there is two much slack between the boat and the anchor. All of a sudden you hear what sounds like broken glass. It must be ice breaking. Someone says no, I think Mike Fourtner. Andy says yep, something just happened. Someone on deck says I think we just broke the anchor off Mikey.  Andy says damn it! The added momentum when the anchor finally caught broke the anchor line. Johnathan says mark the spot so we can find it. Mike says we have a whole shot of floating yellow line with white buoy on it so we can find it. Andy says they will get it back when it calms down a little bit, in the daylight. Now with no anchor Andy will have to jog the boat around for eight hours until it's time to off load. You hear Andy say welcome to the Bering Sea.

After jogging for eight hours, the Time Bandit heads in to off load. There is ice in the harbor. Andy says we found a home at St Paul at the dock. They start looking for a dentist for Eddie Uwekoolani Junior. Wow he has two that are bad. Johnathan says we will pay for it so don't worry. Andy says only thing is we are going to watch. LOL A dental plan with an audience. Johnathan is playing with a pair of pliers. The dentist says the best option right now is to pull the teeth out. Andy and Eddie Sr are sitting over in chairs in the room laughing and making jokes about the tooth fairy. Eddie Jr says if it wasn't him he would be laughing too. Captain Andy says the lesson we learned today is if you brush your teeth and floss, he picks up a big set of false teeth, you'll have a white smile. He now has a big yellow tooth brush and says let that be a lesson to you. Thanks Dr. Andy. I don't know where Johnathan went. Maybe he is holding the camera. ??

270 Miles to the south in Dutch Harbour. The Ramblin' Rose is still in port getting the engine repaired. They test the engine, it fires up and sounds good. They finally get underway. Captain Elliot Neese calls the crew to make sure the deck is secure. The go up on the stack and find the pots littered with dead birds. Captain Elliot says they are drawn to the light and they hit the lights and cranes. What a bad sign.

325 miles NW of Dutch Harbour. Captain Keith is ready to start pulling gear. They pull up a pot about 1/3 full. 495 crabs. The pots are looking good. Keith says that's the best numbers they have seen this season. Freddie Maughtai is on the crab table, looks like he is swimming with the crab. Keith says oh yeah, gonna start feeding everyone cod blood, it will be mandatory at the beginning of your shift. Mike Rowe says With just seven days on board the Wizard, Freddie has become the pride of both Captain and crew. I mean seriously how can you not love Freddie.  Lynn Guitard says Freddie is like an older brother or cousin that just always seems to cheer you up. It's awesome he's bring good luck. Captain Keith says Freddie is like a lighting bolt, and he brings everybody up which is huge.

60 miles to the west the Ramblin' Rose starts setting pots. They set 100 pots. Mike Rowe says baited with cod and confidence.

The Time Bandit is leaving the harbor. Eddie Jr is already feeling better. Now they have to go retrieve the anchor. Mike Rowe says a 1500 pound problem. They said 150 earlier, I'm thinking 1500 is probably right.
The white buoy is there floating. Boy I'll bet they are glad they thought to attach the buoy and yellow line to the anchor. Andy wants the anchor lowered safely to the deck. But Johnathan has another idea. Andy informs Johnathan there can only be one captain they are doing it his way. They get the anchor on board Andy yells I got my F'ng anchor back. LOL He's excited.

120 miles to the west is the Ramblin' Rose. Elliot is ready to pull pots after a twelve hour soak. Elliot has taken a gamble and put all of his pots in one place. The deck hands are in the fore peak with a very wet bird that has washed aboard deck and couldn't fly. "Face" Faresa Alofa Iaulualo says it's heart breaking it's his buddy. They are talking about superstition and something bad is going to happen because of all the dead birds. One of them says we are all going to get the bird flu. Oh Geez!

Before hauling the first pot, the luck is going. I think Face is throwing the hook it took about three tries to get the buoy and then they had to fight the tides to get the pot in. The first pot is blank. What did you expect Elliot you got a deck full of dead birds? It's not going to be good.  They are pulling all blanks. Elliot says it's going to be along season if things keep going this way.

320 NW of Dutch Harbor on the Northwestern. Fishing is still shut down after Nick's injury. Nick says it could of been worse. Jake Anderson is in the wheelhouse with Sig, he looks like he is ready to cry. I think Sig can see Jake is upset. Sig says you got nervous now didn't you. Jake said I seen him go down and when he looked at me I seen the blood. Sig says he was lucky he didn't get a temple he'd be dead. I don't think that made Jake feel better Sig. Sig says you get a lot of shots across the bow, that's one of them man. Sig shakes his head. Aw I just want to hug Jake. Jake leaves. Sig says that really shook Jake up. Sig says he really wasn't doing good with that one. Jake Anderson has gone down and is sitting in his bunk. Sig says it brings reality home. That's his uncle he got shook up about it. Jake says he's nervous he doesn't want to see anyone get hurt. The last week all we've seen is big storms.  Now Nick is hurt. Now I'm scared Jake says.

Nick Mavar calls home and tells them he broke his nose, but he is fine. The misses is not happy. Nick says maybe he shouldn't have called her. Jake is on deck looking at the hook, he says Edgar always says it's not a matter of if but when. When was the last string. Jake throws the hook to pull the next pot. I don't see anyone else on deck, where the heck are they? Sig says he told Nick to sit out the next string. Nick is inside getting his gear on. He said Sig has good insurance, maybe I'll get a nose job, get a smaller nose. I'll look good. Sig says I might be getting a bill from some plastic surgeon here pretty soon. Nick they can rebuild me. Like the bionic man with a super nose, that smells out crab. Sig, gotta make him look pretty again. Nick gotta get back on the horse. Nick goes out on deck and says here comes crooked man. The noser! Sig says he wish he would have taken the string off. One tough cookie right there. Sig is happy it didn't go bad, he's going to keep an eye on him obviously but odds are he is going to be alright. Matt Bradley says that is one tough dude. Half man half animal. Nick Mavar Manimal Sig says he has to admit he's had a lot of close calls. We've been fortunate. He looks to the sky and says thank you.

The Crab Count

Time Bandit
Cornelia Marie
Ramlin' Rose

I apologize for the lateness of the post, any typos or anything that doesn't make sense. My dad had a triple bypass this afternoon. I have been the contact person for information. It's been a little crazy here today. I forgot how big my extended family is. :) But all seems to be going well. 

After The Catch coming up next.

Oh and for more info on Nick's nose if you haven't already read The CatchCon Fan Festival or The Captains on Rachel Ray. Nick's nose was discussed at both events. :)

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