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Daytime Emmy Nominations And Awards 2011

Well with everything going on in the soap world this should be interesting.

This is the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. All My Children and One Life to Live have been on TV longer than the awards. Just something I noticed. The event is at the Las Vegas Hilton. The host is Wayne Brady. I don't know who he is. I've never seen him before. He seems to have a connection with his mother. Maybe I'll Google him later, but so far I'm not impressed.  I may not waste my time.

Derrick from Criminal Minds is in the audience. I love him!

Wow! Wayne Brady says All My Children & One Life To Live retiring and Susan Lucci is going into forced retirement. How in the heck can he compare Oprah and Regis retiring to what happened to the soaps. That is just so wrong.

From the look on Susan Lucci and Rebecca Budig faces I don't think they liked it either. I have a feeling this show is going to feel a lot longer than it is.

Okay here we go.

Rachel Ray & Penn and Teller Announce. Not a fan of any of these three.

Best Supporting Actor

Jonathan Jackson - Lucky Spencer GH = Winner Yea Lucky! Aw, he brought his kids on stage. How cute.
Jason Thompson - Patrick Drake GH
Bryan Kerwin - Charlie Banks OLTL
Doug Davidson - Paul Williams YR
Billy Miller - Billy Abbott YR

Daniel Goddard & Christel Kahlil announce. Great tie choice Daniel I see you went with the one I choose. :)

Best Supporting Actress

Melissa Claire Egan - Annie Chandler AMC
Julie Pinson - Janet Ciccone ATWT
Heather Tom - Katie Logan Spencer BB = Winner
Nancy Lee Grahn - Alexis Davis GH
Bree Williamson - Jessica Brennan OLTL
Tricia Cast - Nina Webster YR

Announcing Cast of The Doctors

Outstanding Game Show

Cash Cab
Jeopardy = Winner Been nominated more than 100 times
The Price is Right
Wheel of Fortune = Winner

Announcing Ben Bailey and Sherri Shepherd

Outstanding Informative Talk Show

The Dr.Oz Show = Winner I thought his show just started. ??
The Doctors
Dr Phil

Announcing Debbi Morgan & Darnell William. Aw Debbi gave us a shout out. Debbi has on a beautiful dress. She's extra gorgeous tonight.

Outstanding Dramatic Writing Team

As The World Turns
The Bold & The Beautiful
Days of Our Lives
The Young & The Restless = Winner  The girl who accepted said we are here to stay. I have mixed emotions was she trying to make us feel better or was that a dig to the ABC soaps.

Announcing Tracy Bregman & Christian LeBlanc. Poor Christian get some tea and honey baby, feel better. He's either sick or has laryngitis. Poor baby.

Outstanding Game Show Host

Ben Bailey - Cash Cab = Winner
Todd Newton - Family Game Night
Wayne Brady - Let's Make A Deal
Meredith Veira - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Announcing Anderson Cooper

Outstanding Talk Show Host

Dr. Oz Show = Winner
Live with Regis & Kelly = Winner
Rachel Ray
The Doctors
The View

Announcing Heather Tom & Don Diamont

Outstanding Talk Show

The Ellen DeGeneres Show = Winner
Live With Regis & Kelly
Rachel Ray
They View

Announcing Melissa Archer & Tuc Watkins

Best Directing Team for Daytime Drama

The Bold and Beautiful = Winner
General Hospital
One Life To Live
The Young & The Restless = Winner

Announcers Peter Marshall & Vanna White

Life Time achievement awards

Awarded two
Pat Sajak = Winner
Alex Trebek = Winner

Why all the double winners?

Announcing Arianne Zucker & Galen Gering

Younger Actress

Brittany Allen - Marissa Chandler AMC = Winner
Lexi Ainsworth - Kristina Corinthos Davis GH
Emily O'Brien - Jana Hawkes Fisher YR

Two of the three in that category are unemployed now. Just saying, that doesn't make sense.

Announcing Kimberly McCullogh & Patrick Thompson

Younger Actor

Scott Clifton - Liam Cooper Spencer III BB = Winner Yea!!!!
Chandler Massey - Will Horton DOOL
Chad Duell - Michael Corinthos GH

Announcing Susan Lucci, Liza Huber & Shamar Moore. Who knew Derrick (Shamar Moore) from Criminal Minds used to be on The Young & The Restless. I didn't. So that's one more great Actor that started on a soap. Shamar did a tribute to Erica that made me cry. Susan Lucci says "Daytime is alive and well, look at all the talent in this building tonight. And we got fans on fire. Thank you so much for being there for us."

Outstanding Lead Actor

Ricky Paull Goldin - Jake Martin AMC
Michael Park - Jack Snyder ATWT = Winner
James Scott - EJ DiMera DOOL
Maurice Bernard - Sonny Corinthos GH
Christian LeBlanc - Michael Baldwin YR

Outstanding Lead Actress

Alicia Minshew - Kendall Slater AMC
Debbi Morgan - Angie Hubbard AMC
Colleen Zenk - Barbara Ryan ATWT
Susan Flannery - Stephanie Forrester BB
Laura Wright - Carly Corinthos Jacks GH = Winner Hell Yea! I love that Laura said that, a lot of the winners were probably thinking it. I'm so glad she got an Emmy this year. They could have given away three in this category. I would have liked to have seen Debbi and Alicia get one too.
Michelle Stafford - Phyllis Summers Abbott YR

Announcing Meredith Viera

Outstanding Drama

The Young & The Restless
General Hospital
Bold & Beautiful = Winner
All My Children

Soap Tallies = Winners

The Bold & The Beautiful = 4
General Hospital = 2
The Young & the Restless =2
As The World Turns = 1
All My Children = 1
One Life To Live = 0
Days Of Our Lives = 0

Soap Tallies = Nominations

The Young & Restless = 9
General Hospital = 9
The Bold & Beautiful = 6
All My Children = 6
As The World Turns = 4
One Life To Live = 3
Days of Our Lives = 3

No I didn't tally the game shows and talks shows, cause I just don't care about them.

I don't know why I watch these award shows. They hardly ever pick the people I want to win. I would have much rather heard from the actors rather than have the vacation commercials in the show. I could have even done without the entertainment and the Oprah tribute. I think it's great they put the Children's Hospital stuff in, showing us what the actors care about, but all the other entertainment I think should have been left out. They should have let us see the actors that are soon to be unemployed. I'm just left very sad after all that.

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