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Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 12 Recap It's Not All Mai Tais And Yahtzee

"It's Not All Mai Tais and Yahtzee"

The show starts out with clips of the storm. Captain Sig Hansen screaming "Get down Get down" again. Finally the storm lets up, now they have to catch up on all the fishing they've missed during the storm.

Captain Scott Jr says he's going to try and get the boat full and push through to the end.

On the Cornelia Marie. The boys are pulling in the crab. They are having fun. Jake Harris says it hurts from smiling so much. Yep, I'm still thinking last season would have had a totally different outcome if Captain Derrick had caught some crab. They are pulling solid 600's. The crew says Captain Tony Lara is kicking ass and taking names. Yes he is! Josh Harris says Captain Tony is a great guy to work for, to learn from and a real inspiration.

Captain Tony is speaking well of the boys as well. He says it's more than just a job for them now. Jake Harris says Tony is a team player and he's proving to us he is a f'ng rock star.

Captain Tony's problem right now is two areas of good fishing. He has to pick one. The two strings are sixteen miles apart and he has a delivery date in four days. The one string they are at is pulling in 600's. I don't know what the other string is pulling in, but that's a pretty good problem to have. He contemplates moving everything near the place closest to the offload.  That sounds like a smart idea.

Captain Tony Lara calls Jake and Josh to the wheelhouse and asks the boys to see what they think. He wants them to learn. He says he's made his decision he want's to know what they think. It will take a day to move everything. Captain Tony says he thinks they should stay where they are. The crab look good and it's hard to run from 600's. They go back to fishing. But back in the wheelhouse, Tony is thinking about moving, he says the crab are moving east. He decides to do it. He says they will save fuel and they will be closer to the processor. He tells the boys they are moving.

The boys are in the forepeak now.  Captain Tony says he should probably have his head examined for pulling away from 600's. Dale Pruitt says he can't second guess him, he's up there, we'll see if he pull's a rabbit out of his a$$. Ryan Simpson says it better be a big rabbit.

40 miles to the west on the Seabrooke. Captain Scott Campbell Jr is pulling the pots that he had to drop because of the storm. He says normally he would have never set there. Chris "Whipper" Welch has recovered from his stomach injury. Mac White screams money maker show me the money. Captain Scott says he has heard of cases where men had to dump their pots because of storms and landed on a pile of crab, he's hoping it's them this year. They pull the first pot. It is light and they are all Bairdi crab. The second pot is Bairdi too. They have to pull all the pots, dump them, stack them and move.

All of a sudden a chunk of ice falls off of the crane and nails Whipper who was standing under the crane. What was he doing under the crane? I thought they weren't supposed to do that. He's laying on the deck kind of holding his back. It takes a bit for him to get up. At least he's conscious. Captain Scott says that was a rookie mistake, you never stand under the crane this time of year. That's what I said. hehe I didn't think you were ever supposed to stand under the crane. Captain Scott asks over the mic if Whipper is okay. Whipper flips him the bird. Captain Scott says that that doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

50 miles to the southeast is the Northwestern. They are on their last string. They have been hauling for thirty hours. Sig Hansen says the tank is basically full, they just need 15,000 more pounds to top off the tanks. Nick Mavar says this trip is just beating the sh$t out of us. They pull up a small pot. 58 crab. Sig Hansen says this string is not doing it.

Jake Anderson and Kevin Blakely are not getting along. Jake doesn't want to run the crane anymore, he wants to go sort crab. Says he earns the same amount of money as that guy over there. I learn all this stuff and still get no respect. Sig Hansen says if Jake expects us to come down hard on the new guy it's not going to happen. Kevin doesn't have anything to prove to me cause he's been doing this for many many years. Kevin is twice Jakes age. Kevin Blakely says he is not here to impress anybody, he says he knows his stuff he's just here to do it their way. I'm not here to create stress. If someone wants to create stress I'll just walk away from them. I don't need babies on my watch. Sig says he's not running a day care center, it's a crab boat. He just wants to get the crab on the boat.

40 miles to the east. The Kodiak looks to be in good weather, but they are sharing the flu. Everyone is tired. and cranky. All of a sudden the hydro goes out. You see a hand fighting with the gears. A pot is swinging like crazy back and forth across the deck, out to sea and back across the deck again. Someone I think Jake Jolibois is screaming I got no wire, I got no wire. Jake is at the hydros. The pot is just swinging like an empty swing on a swing set. It flies and hits the inside of the deck, goes up and hits the crane arm back out over the deck above the sea. Six times it went back and forth. All but Adam took shelter under where the crane sits near the hydros for protection. Adam was on the wrong side of the deck to take cover with the others. I think that pot was swinging so fast if it would have hit someone it would have killed them. That was crazy. If that hook would have come loose from the pot like it did when it hit Nick Mavar, that pot would have been like a missile. Mike Rowe said it was like a 750 pound wrecking ball. Very scary. Captain Bill said the knot got sucked up into the block. Then Captain Bill says just another day on a crab boat.

Back on the Northwestern. Jake Anderson says without Edgar there he is always stressed about hurting somebody or breaking the crane or the rams busting or sodium lights falling. He says he kind of takes it out on the new guy. I'm jealous because everybody treats him with respect. I've never been treated with much respect, so probably take it personal. When I got here, first I got Matt Bradley choking me till I finally had to throw him on the ground because enough is enough. I'm still treated like a new guy, a greenhorn. Respect is number one. That's worth more to me than the money.

They start pulling pots. They are pulling good numbers again. The tanks are finally plugged. The crew shares some respect.

Back on the Cornelia Marie. Captain Tony Lara says hearing the weather forecast he thinks their time is better spent hauling gear closer to the processor than out on the 600's. I sure hope he's right. Just for the crews morale if nothing else. The temperatures are falling. Everything is icing up. Jake Harris says it's a cold lonely job. "Chief" Troy Huls slips and falls from the ice on deck. Pots are sliding, guys are falling, Captain Tony tells them that's the last pot set.

A great commercial for After the Catch. Captain Keith says he is misunderstood. He is a thoughtful and kind Captain and I believe we will see that soon. Mike Rowe spits beer out of his mouth laughing. Too funny Captain Keith.

In Dutch Harbor Captain Keith and the Wizard is in for delivery. Captain Keith says he thinks he's going to come up short. They are unscrewing the hatches. Keith is telling one of the processor guys they'll do the small one first then he has to level the boat.  Captain Keith goes up to Lynn Guitard and asks him why he is taking a cover off? Lynn says he was just taking them all off. Captain Keith says no leave the cover on until they get ready to off load or it is all going to balloon up. Lynn kind of shakes his head and rolls his eyes. Keith tells him I know you get frustrated with these other guys, don't show that frustration to me again.

Captain Keith goes over to Lenny Lekanoff and tells him to have a word with Lynn and tell him if he ever rolls his eyes back in his head again at me what is going to happen. Lenny says Lynn is getting tired he is ready to go flip burgers at McDonalds or something. Monty says if he(Monty) rolls his eyes at Keith he gets pissed. Monty's surprised Keith didn't fire Lynn. Lynn doesn't understand why the other guys can moan and complain but the second he looks at him wrong. It's the worst f'ng job in the world.

Monty asks Lynn if he can shut the thruster down without f'ng it up? Lynn said yeah. Monty said that sounded like confidence right there. (Sarcastic) Lynn said see what I mean. Every little thing is done like that. Monty says what is he whining about? Is he saying everybody is picks on him cause he's f'ng stupid. Lynn, he can't just ask you to shut something down he has to throw in his extra two cents, as he is inside shutting down the thruster. Lenny is out on deck and asks if she is having troubles? Lynns PMS ing? Lynn comes out and says F these guys.

Keith is in the wheelhouse he says the boys are going to be stoaked. The first delivery is 312,000 pounds worth $615,000. They head back out. Keith says next time they have to plug the boat. Kevin Stafford says he wasn't ready to come in last time. He's ready for more. All the boys are happy except Lynn who says it's not exactly Mai Tais and Yahtzee out here.

Back on the Cornelia Marie they are getting ready to pull the pots. Ryan Simpson says if they don't have 400's I'm going to cry.  Captain Tony says very shortly we will know if he is a hero or a zero. They pull the pot. It's a very light pot. Thirty crab. Next pot looks a little better but they are small and dirty. Ryan says I'm glad we brought our pots down here. Dale Pruitt says a dirty wordy. Morale is fading fast. Captain Tony says they are the ones that have to pay for my poor decisions because it's more work on them. I don't think we ever heard Derrick say that.

315 miles to the NW of Dutch Harbor is the Wizard. Their prospect gear came back duds. Keith tells Lynn to make sure the pots are tied in tight. Two ties tight. Now Lynn Guitard is trying to throw the hook he's catches it on the floor of the boat when he goes to throw it. Then on the side of the boat. Everyone is laughing at him. Keith asks him if he is trying to create a late night comedy show. Monty says he either forgot to eat his Wheaties or forgot to change his panties. Keith tells him it looked Lynn-esqe. They pull a so so pot. 180 crab in 19 hours. Keith decides to move. I just had a flash back of Captain Sig Hansen talking about Captain Keith going back and forth last week on After the Catch. Where's he going? Keith is talking to Monty and says they can't leave with the way the pots are stacked on deck. There are gaps in the stack, which allows them to slide and could cause them all to fall. Keith and Monty discuss putting Danny Maki or Kevin Stafford a try.

Captain Keith and Monty pull Lynn into the forepeak. Captain Keith asks Lynn if he heard he wants two ties on deck and he wants them tight. Lynn says yeah I did. Keith says what's that mean to you we're just gonna put a deck load on? Lynn, get 'em on as if we are going to put on a full stack. Keith okay are you comfortable we can put a full stack on board right now? Lynn, no. Keith okay this is your last warning, if I have to have this conversation again, it's your last season on the boat. Okay if Lynn knew it wasn't good why did he leave it that way? After falling asleep at the wheel I would think he should be trying to get back in Keith's good graces. Instead I think he's ready to quit. Lynn says Monty told him to put them on somewhat nice they are going to be coming right off anyway.  Hum?? They have to restack everything before they can move. Lynn gets sent below his future on board is in doubt.

435 miles NW of Dutch Harbor on the Seabrooke. Captain Scott says they have made $2.75 so far. They are looking for the mother load. They lost four days because of the storm. The pot comes up light. Mac White says ain't many crab in that. He cracks me up every week. They got 80 crab and are the farthest north in the fleet. They go to next string and pull an empty pot. Mac White says there's panic up there, mayhem, frustration. Captain Scott is trying to figure out what is wrong is it the bait, the ice, upside down pot? He says this is the worst start off in Opies he's had. He's pissed. He said we need one miracle pot. The underwater camera shows the pot coming up, jelly fish swimming around, It's a full pot. Yea!!! 560. Scott says that just made it all better right there, like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

The Crab Count

Time Bandit
Cornelia Marie
Ramlin' Rose

I'm really surprised we aren't seeing a lot of dead loss this season. They always say if the boats start rocking around too much it can kill the crab and in the seas we've seen, I would say they were lucky not to have dead loss.

For those of you who haven't heard Captain Andy and Captain Johnathan Hillstrand are having a race on Twitter to see who can get to 100,000 followers first. I love Johnathan but I want Andy to win so please if you are not already following Captain Andy please go follow him now @capt_andy on Twitter. Also please spread the word to help him win.

Jake Jolibois, Capt Bill and Capt Elliott have all joined Twitter in the last couple of months. Be sure to check out my Deadliest Catch Fan list for all the crew members on twitter. If I'm missing anyone on the list please let me know. If you are a fan and want to be added, send me a tweet! @OhRant We have a blast on Twitter during the show. And some of the guys even tweet back. I just had a really nice conversation with Jake Jolibois. How cool is that? We have so much fun I usually end up missing half the show, but that's okay, that's what recorders are for. I love all the boys!

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  1. The one thing that the show doesn't explain any more (at least I haven't seen it this season, with all the popularity)The Captain's have to bid on what they bring in before they go out. (PJ please correct me if I'm wrong) The processor's hand out dates these Capt's have to make, the processor's are not forgiving, bad weather or not. That adds to the pressure for these Capt's. I give them huge credit when your income depends on things you have no control over!
    Hey twitter fans.....follow the crews and fishing vessels, the show is so much more fun live tweeting with them! Go @capt_andy!!!

  2. Season one was a derby where each boat caught all they could before the season ended. They had evidently fished that way for years.

    If memory serves me correctly after season one the fishing industry "powers that be" stopped that and each boat was given a quota to meet for the season. A lot of smaller boats quit fishing and now sell their quotas to the bigger boats that are still fishing each season. At least that's my understanding of it.

    Yep, I still think the processors can and should change their dates when there's cyclones out there, so the guys don't feel they have to fish just to meet the processor date. It's dangerous enough without the cyclones.


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