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Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew Season 5 Episode 1 Intake


The show starts out with clips of Celebrities with addiction problems. Dr. Drew says overdose deaths have increased by 114%. Wow! I have to wonder how much of that is prescription drugs.

Dr. Drew says sadly we lost two of our own this year. They put up pictures of Mike Starr and Jeff Conaway. There are four articles on Jeff Conaway so scroll down after clicking the link So sad. Dr. Drew says that only strengthens his resolve to fight this disease. I swear I don't know how Dr. Drew does it.

All of the celebrities are arriving.  Ut-Oh still showing clips, looks like Bai Lings on the roof, and the cops show up again this season. Okay that's the second patient that's been on the roof. I think they need to fix something there. This is looking like it is going to be a rough group again.

Amy Fisher arrives. She talks about being the Long Island Lolita, they show shots of the trial. She spent 6 years in prison. She got married, has been married twelve years. She has three children and makes adult films. She says she is just a girl trying to survive.  She has a problem with alcohol and blacking out.

This blog thing is working out pretty good. I'll be able to look back and see what they are addicted to when I can't remember. :)

Shelly is checking her in and searching her things. Shelly takes her make up and phone. The make up might have alcohol in it. Amy asks if there's a TV. Shelly says no. She asks what she's supposed to do at night? Shelly tells her read. Oh this poor girl is probably going to feel like she is back in prison for sure. I am unclear why she is doing adult films. Why does her loving husband not have a problem with that? I'm suspicious.

Amy goes to meet Dr Drew.  She discovered from Shelly she is having black outs every time she drinks. I guess she just thought she was drunk and not remembering. Dr. Drew set her straight. Dr. Drew is questioning her about why she's there. She is saying it's hard to be her because of the tabloids. Dr. Drew is trying to get at why she shot Joey Buttaofuoco's wife. She admits she was using drugs, says she was always using drugs as a kid. Dr. Drew says you seem to be pretty disconnected from some pretty heavy feelings. Amy says I don't know. Sounds like Dr. Drew nails it again.

Jeremy Jackson is a steroid addict. He lists Letrozole, Anastrozole, Cabergoline, and Proviron as drugs he is taking. He said he threw fame and money away. His drug of choice, crystal meth. He got arrested for manufacturing meth. He got 90 days jail and 6 months rehab. I'd say he got off pretty easy. He got out and decided to get famous again, like Sylvester Stallone.

Jeremy said he spent over $200,000 in the last three years on steroids and pills. He talks about using human growth hormone, Anavar, Winstrol, and drugs that are for AIDS and Cancer patients. Well, I guess he didn't throw all his money away if he has $200,000 to blow on all these drugs. Dang when I'm broke, I'm broke. I don't have 200k hanging around to blow on drugs. He said he is killing his liver and kidneys.

He arrives on the unit, it looks like he is moving in. LOL he brought his water filtering machine and blender. I swear it looks like he is moving his house in there. Shelly asks him if he can just drink bottled water. He says in a pinch. The plastic leaches and causes cancer. He says bottled water has been linked to bi-sexuality. Shelly says the water isn't causing a problem for her. I must say I have never heard that one about the bi-sexuality and bottled water.

Jeremy goes to meet Dr. Drew who asks him what he's using, this list is getting longer. He lists three of the six above, Dr. Drew says that is a lot. Then he adds Arimidex, Klonopin, Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Trenbolone (which is an animal steroid) and Masteron.

So I go to Google to check on the spelling of all these drugs, and I have a flash of the Casey Anthony Trial and the Chloroform searches. I think I should really clear my history after this or someone will think I'm up to no good. I swear three years of this Casey Anthony stuff is giving me PTSD and I'm not even watching the trial. I think I need Dr Drew's help. OIY!

Dr. Drew takes Jeremy for a physical. He says he has a severe, severe, severe addiction. That reminds me of the way he talked about Jeff Conaway when he first came in. He said Jeremy is on a fantastic array of chemicals. The combination and magnitude is substantial.

What I got from the interaction between Jeremy and Dr. Drew, is Dr. Drew thinks the steroid addiction is leading back to his drug of choice, and he probably has some serious withdrawal coming. This guy keeps reminding me of Jeff Conaway. I don't like that.

Bai Ling shows up. She drinks and goes crazy.  She was arrested for shop lifting 2 magazines and a pack of batteries at the airport gift store. She is allergic to alcohol. She has chalk and is drawing on the sidewalk in front of the rehab center. I'm  not sure what the is about. It's like a circle with stick figures, then she puts a candle in the center of it and lights it. Must be some kind of ritual, just not sure what. Then she sits down and starts crying. I think she is scared to go in.

Shelly spots her outside. She tells Shelly she's scared and sad. Shelly assures her it will be okay. How can you turn Shelly down? She's such a sweetie, regardless of what some of the patients say. They almost always end up liking her too, after they've detoxed. I like Shelly. She is an amazing woman.

Bai meets with Dr. Drew. He asks her how much she uses, she doesn't know. He asks her if it is everyday, couple times a week? She says yes, it depends on her mood. I'm not clear on that answer if it was yes to everyday or couple times a week? She says she is fragile. She drinks for courage and to be more social. Dr. Drew asks her if she was abused, she's not answering then says what is abuse? He says unwanted contact. She tells him maybe she will talk when she knows him better. So I would take that as a yes.

I must admit I'm always suspicious of the actors and actresses at the beginning of the season. I mean come on they are actors.

Michael Lohan says he never partied as a kid. It was when he was on Wall Street, his drug of choice cocaine. He ended up getting arrested for insider trading. 4-6 years in jail. When he got out Lindsay was famous. He said drinking always lead to coke.

Dr. Drew has known Michael for years, they have been on talk shows together. Dr. Drew tells him he now has to be his Dr. and he might not like it. Michael said he put a 44 magnum to his head and pulled the trigger. The gun didn't go off. He laid it down on the coffee table and it went off. The bullet went through a picture, into the garage, through the car window and into a tree. His dad died of cancer in his arms. His dad was an alcoholic and verbally abusive. There is that family chain again. Grandpa, daddy and daughter.

Sean Young was escorted out of the award ceremonies while drunk, along with some other incidents. She said she was dead already so it didn't matter that she did this in front of everyone in Hollywood. She checked into rehab and stayed for ten days.

Shelly is going through Sean's things. Sean asks who is there? When Shelly tells her Amy Fisher, Sean says didn't she kill someone? She's not killing anybody lately? She's starting to laugh pretty hard. Shelly says it was just a one-off, and tells her to be good.

Bai and Sean are outside having a smoke talking about drinking. Bai wants some Champagne right now. Sean says she had a mimosa at breakfast.

Steven Adler was in rehab in 2008. When he went to Sober house he had a full relapse. I totally missed Sober House. When Jennifer confronted him the situation got out of control and Jennifer called the police. She has bruises on both her thighs and was verbally and emotionally abused. Steven was arrested for possesion of heroin. Jennifer is still traumatized over the experience.

Dr Drew is telling Shelly that Steven is coming and he is full on Steven. He has been drinking and Dr. Drew suspects pills. He asks Shelly to tell Jennifer Gimenez because of their past.

Jennifer is scared she says she fells safe because there is a lot of staff around. But the memories came back, she's fearful she said she had a lot of welts on her. She starts breathing really heavy and having a panic attack. Shelly tries to calm her. Jennifer thinks Steven is a monster when he is on drugs.

I've only watched Sober House the one season when Mike Starr was there. I think Jennifer has lost some weight she is looking really good. That isn't to imply that she looked bad before she looked good then too. Just a kudos on the weight loss.

Steven is arriving outside in the van.

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