Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebrity Rehab Season 5 The Cast And Patients Has Been Released

In anticipation of the new episode starting in a couple of hours I decided to check the VH1 site for the season 5 cast list and found one.

I always find it interesting who is going to show's up in Rehab. I mean you never want to see anyone in need of Rehab. It's that curiosity thing that gets you every time. I usually have never heard of 2/3 of them.

Patient one is Amy Fisher - At first I didn't think I knew her then I read her Bio and it clicked. The Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher her I know!  Remember, she shot her lover's wife in the head. Joey Buttafuoco ringing any bells now.

Patient two Bai Ling - Don't think I know her but she does look familiar. She is a Chinese American Actress who starred in Red Corner (I've heard of the book) and The Crow. She evidently has a problem with wardrobe malfunctions. I wonder if she is related to Lisa Ling?

Patient three Dwight Gooden - Don't know him, but I probably should. He was evidently a hot shot pitcher for the Yankees in the 80's. I was a big Orioles fan in the late 80's & 90's. I should know this guy.

Patient four Jeremy Jackson - An actor and singer most popular for his role on Baywatch as Hobie Buchannon. Never watched Baywatch. He looks familiar though.

Patient five Jessica "Sugar" Kiper - Don't know her either. Evidently she was on Survivor during episodes 17 and 20. Wow has Survivor been on that long? Time flies. One would think being on the Survivor show.... I mean that's like thirty days detox, right? I'm just thinking it lists marijuana as one of her addictions, what if she sneaked some weed on the island and then got the munchies, with nothing to there to eat. That would stink.

Patient six Michael Lohan - Well this should be quite interesting. I don't really follow everything Lindsay, but it's kind of hard to miss her when she's in the news so much. This should shed some light on the family dynamic.

Patient seven Sean Young - Awww I know her. She played crazy Meggie on The Young and The Restless and was on Skating with the Stars. That's a shame. Eric Roberts was on the last season of Celebrity Rehab, he is also on The Young & The Restless.

Patient eight Steven Adler - Drummer from Guns N' Roses. Well, I know him, he was in season two. Evidently he was arrested for possession and use of heroine while in Sober House. Dang I missed that. I've only caught one season of Sober House. Dude you've already been in a coma once you gotta get it together, you are scaring me.

And for the staff we have Dr. Drew of course. Bob Forrest I love him, he tells it like it is. Shelly Sprague, Will Smith (Love them too) and Jennifer Gimenez. Jennifer was the house mom so to speak on the season of Sober House I watched.

For the full cast bios and scoop you should visit the VH1 website.

Well this looks like another season, Dr. Drew will have his hands full. I honestly don't know how he does it.

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