Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roger Howarth Returning To One Life To Live Sooner Than Expected - Picketing - Boycotting

It was originally reported that Roger Howarth would start filming his return to One Life To Live in May.

Now it seems his first on air appearance will be on May 13th.

I can't wait to see if he will be "The Real Todd Manning" or someone else.

I still can't believe that ABC has canceled these shows. I am really hoping they are losing viewers across the board and that soap viewing is picking up. Yesterday people picketed Disney, ABC, and affiliates across the United States, ABC in New York called the police on the picketers. Way to win fans ABC!

Catherine Hickland attended the boycott at Disney Studio in Burbank, CA. I have been a fan of Catherine Hickland's since she was on Another World. Here are some of her tweets about the event after a Disney employee yelled at the picketers to "read a book".

@cathickland A Disney employee yelled out to us "read a book!" will we be without compassion when he loses his job? I hope not #souless"

@cathickland "A Disney employee yelled out to us 'read a book!'"// Maybe u should have yelled back, "I've written a book, thank you!" xoxo

@cathickland Read a book? excellent idea! Not support their parks, tv shows, DVD's, movies, etc. Now there's a man who knows how2promote his company! NOT

It has been reported that NBC is hoping to pick up viewers as people drop ABC. NBC went all devil possessed on their soaps and then canceled all but one which I think is ending next year. Why do they think I would watch their daytime shows, when they canceled soaps before ABC. It's not happening in this household. How long ago did NBC cancel their soaps? Take note ABC still holding a grudge.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. These stations are messing with women who know how to hold a grudge. I suspect my grudge will continue on for a long time.

This week I canceled all shows being recorded on Lifetime, A&E and ESPN, after I found a list on Wikipedia with all of the Disney owned channels. I sure was glad they owned a portion of HBO and not Showtime. I wouldn't have wanted to loose Dexter too. I will not support ABC or Disney and it's a shame because I love me some Lifetime and my NASCAR, but no more ABC or Disney.

I am a female in the 18-49 demographic and according to ABC I don't count!

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