Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Big Brother 13 To Start July 6th

UPDATE: JUNE 9, 2011 The start date to Big Brother 13 has changed to July 7th.

Seventy days until Big Brother 13 starts.  July 6th is when it all starts again.

Big Brother has had some casting calls, and they are having additional ones May 4th, 6th, and 7th in Kentucky, Tennessee and South Carolina. Go to BigBrotherLeak for casting call information.

I am almost over this show, but I'll give it one more season and see. I'm getting tired of all of the reality shows. I only watch three now. This one in particular feels more scripted than ever and it seems like more and more the characters are "wanna be's" you know they want to become big TV stars, not just win the money.  I know last year several of the people had agents before even getting accepted in the house.

The show was more interesting last season because I watched Big Brother After Dark, but then you end up knowing who won stuff before the CBS show airs. So we'll see.

I seriously hope there are no guest appearances from Brendon and Rachel. I can't take anymore of them.

UPDATE: JUNE 9, 2011 The start date to Big Brother 13 has changed to July 7th.

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  1. Nice Rant.. I feel the same way, any cameo of Brendon and Rachel will make me barf. however i'll bet a Canadian beer that Rachel and Brendon will co-host a competition or 2

  2. I'm afraid they will too Simon.

    I'm so happy someone invented the fast forward button. 'Cause I will be using it.


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