Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Private Practice April 28, 2011 Yea! A New Episode!

"What We Have Here..."

The guide says Katie threatens legal action against Violet and Cooper suspects Charlotte still has feelings for her ex-husband.

Finally another new episode here too!  I swear they've shown so many reruns, I almost forgot what was going on.

Katie is the girl who cut the baby out of Violet right? Guess she's mad about the book? Do we know anything about Charlotte's ex, I don't remember anything about him. Why would Cooper think Charlotte has feelings for him? Maybe because she hasn't mentioned him? hummm.

I want to see what's going to happen between Addison and Sam, cause you know she's going to try and get a baby one way or the other.

I hope Naomi returns, and what's going on with her daughter and granddaughter that could be a show in itself.

Oh, and poor Pete who just lost his mom, gotta see what happens with that. Will the brother hang around?

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