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Grey's Anatomy April 28, 2011

Finally a new episode! "It's a long way back"

I guess Callie having a traumatic brain injury will allow a lot of avenues for storyline. I sure hope she gets to operate again. Callie certainly is a fighter.

I love Christina. Are you giving me the finger? Good job! And then telling Callie the baby looks like a chicken. It's sad and scary, but Christina made it funny.

Arizona, Callie and Mark's baby is named Sophia. Awww

I love the scenes with Doris Roberts and Alex Karev, too funny. I keep waiting for her to blow herself up though like the guy in an earlier season.

So Alex has pulled this plan out of his butt to operate on the African kids. Good plan, but watching him shuffle through the papers makes me wonder how he will hold up as chief resident. His organizational skills seem to be lacking. But if he gets the job done. Hum?? You gotta love Alex; cussing at patients, throwing up in trash cans, crying, maxing out his credit cards for these kids but yet still pretending to be a hard ass.

Poor Henry. It was looking like he and Teddy would get together, but now with the shrink guy coming back, that is definitely going to cause complications. I noticed Teddy didn't tell the shrink she was visiting her husband, the shrink thinks its a friend. Again poor Henry. I like him.

I'm having problems with this Alzheimer's study. I've worked on studies in real life, so when I see the doctors looking to see if the patient received the real medicine or a placebo, it bugs me. In real life the doctors usually don't get to see whether the patient got the real medicine until the patient is out of the study, so it doesn't skew the results, especially with an Alzheimer's studies. I hate when real life information screws up a good soap story. Yes, I'm calling it soap. Still mad ABC!

All that said the fact that Meredith arranged for Adele to get the real drug should be interesting.

I like seeing Dr. Stark with a heart. He's a doctor, there had to be a heart in there somewhere. Someone must have hurt him pretty bad in the past. Did he have a wife before? I'm not remembering anything about a previous wife or anything? Did they tell us and I forgot? I think he's trying the ole reverse psychology on April, and it looks like its working.

The end says Next Thursday, so I am expecting a new episode next Thursday ABC. I hope your not lying again.

From the preview and all the spoilers we know Callie and Arizona are going to get married or at least there is a wedding planned. Now Derrick wants to adopt a baby, so I suspect they will adopt the baby and then Meredith will get pregnant.

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