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Private Practice April 28, 2011 What We Have Here

What We Have Here...

Maybe I'm just in a mood, but I wasn't really wow'd by this episode. Sorry Shonda.

Charlotte's ex husband Billy Douglas cheated on her when they were married. Did we know Charlotte was married before. Seems like they might have mentioned a husband before, but I really can't remember. The ex cheated on Charlotte and she saved his picture? I don't get that. I mean it wasn't full of dart or shot gun holes or anything. Why did she save it? Cooper said Charlotte had lied to him about this guy before. Who remembers this? Please help me refresh my memory. Well at least she got her "closure".

Addison and Sam - Well Addison wants her baby, that's nothing new. She gave Sam an ultimatum and he's not happy about it. Can't say that I blame him. I like Addison and Sam together but I don't think Sam should be forced to have a kid if he doesn't want one. I don't see that scenario ending well. I wonder what Sam's answer will be.

Violet and Katie. I thought the lawsuit would be about the book and patient confidentiality and it was. First off why is Katie out of jail? That's a whole other rant. I think Katie needs to deal with what she did, not put it behind her and pretend it didn't happen. It seems like Katie thinks if the book goes away it will help her to forget what she did. I also had the thought that the medical board would probably be harsher than a courtroom over this issue, since I assumed Violet changed the names to protect the innocent or not so innocent. Guess we will see what the medical board decides.

The pregnant lady is willing to die for her baby. I get that, but why did Addison think this woman had to tell the husband she had an abortion? I mean isn't the guy going through enough already? It wasn't Addison's place to force the issue.

I like Marla and Sheldon together. I've been a fan of Alex Kingston's since she was on ER. I hope she returns.

I hope Naomi returns soon too. I miss her. And where is the daughter and baby?

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