Friday, April 29, 2011

Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 3 Recap

"Old Age and Treachery"

We start out with fisherman having flashbacks and making comments.

Jake Harris - I sometimes fall asleep and start dreaming about work. They show a picture of Jake Harris.

Captain Keith of the Wizard - I have dreams that are too close and too eerie, the way they are connected with the boat.

Jake Harris - Then all of a sudden you wake up and you don't know where you are. You don't know what day it is then all of a sudden you're like f**k I'm in the Bering sea.

Scene flashback of Mike Fourtner shooting the crab container floating in the ocean.

Scott Campbell, Jr Captain of the Seabrooke - Says Boom! I can't seem to keep these two new captains names straight. I keep wanting to call the little skinny one Junior.
Someone screams Hold on! Hold on! They show a picture of someone with their foot caught in a line.

Captain Derrick of the Cornelia Marie I think - Unbelievable, best job in the fricking world.

Narrator - It's 9:30 am on the Cornelia Marie and the crew is up for their first haul of the day. The guys are making coffee.  Josh - we gotta find some numbers that's the bottom line, we gotta find the numbers. Narrator - skipper Derrick Ray is fishing off of Saint Matthew Island  for the elusive blue crab. Derrick Ray - They are kind of a little bit tougher King Crab to catch. They live in the rock piles. They'll crawl in the pot and right back out of the pot. This is a big gamble that's gonna pay off. Jake Harris - It f'ng better happen here pretty soon, we've been doing a lot of running. Steve - Yea, the fuel bill here is going up. Josh Harris, I wake up every morning I have my good days and my bad days, thinking about my dad and all the stuff he taught us and how much this boat meant to him.

Narrator - As new part owners Josh and Jake Harris need to turn a profit to stay a float. Josh - It's our money, our livelihood, it's scary. Narrator - and they're counting on their new captain to make it happen.

Derrick - Here we are right here coming across the bottom the mile. This is our other 80 pots, right here all shallow, we're gonna catch crab up there. Freddie - Old man's spirit is right there, ya know.  Sea gulls flying around gonna get crab in them pots. Old man's boat. Old man's spirit will come through. Derrick - There's hope in every pot. They start pulling the first pot in. Someone says come on baby. Coming up. Pot comes up with a couple of crab in it. Derrick - Son of a "bleep". "Bleep" Damn it. The boys pull up another pot. Josh holds up four fingers. Derrick - Criminy.  Josh - I think We can't catch a f'ng crab to save our lives. Josh holds up seven fingers to give the crab count to the captain. I guess Josh is doing the numbers now since Derrick didn't think Jake knew how to give a count last week. Derrick - God, I can't believe how bad this string is.

Narrator - with each bad haul spirits sink. Josh - That's my money going down the drain. Derrick - This is just not sustainable.

Captain Phil's voice- They are showing Josh - You have to have some drive. There's more to it, if you are going to be a captain than what your doing. If you want it bad enough you'll do it, you'll do what it takes.

Josh to Derrick in the wheel house - I'm looking at this as a business aspect of things, it just comes to a point where we have a lot on us. You know. As I'm looking at the prices that we're catching, or the amount of crab that we're catching and I'm looking at the prices. Derrick interrupts - but listen to me for a little bit. Here's the numbers, okay? He holds up a yellow pad of paper with a bunch of numbers on it. That's your money. Twelve and a half percent ownership. Josh and Jake each own twelve and a half percent of this boat that's the whole idea. That's why we need the commitment to come catch this crab. Josh -  Now my question. Derrick cut him off again. To make money that's what fishing boats do. Josh now my question, once you subtract the bait, the fuel, the groceries. Derrick cuts him off again. Do you know what boat stands for? Josh - No. Derrick - Bring On Another Thousand. It's a whole in the water you pour money into. There's costs to operate a boat, but if you don't go fishing you don't make any money. Did you ever fish for you dad where you came out here and said the average sucks so we are going home.

Josh - I'm asking these questions because I .. you have owned boats I have not owned boats, I didn't have to worry about this shit. This was my dad's job. I've been dreaming about the old man lately about the last two nights for the hour of sleep that I get you know hoping that I don't fail. Hoping that I'm making the right decisions on everything I've done so far. With me this is my own battle coming back to this boat. It's not easy. That was my hero. You know, that was my best friend. Oh, he's going to make me cry. That was my captain, my skipper, my boss, everything. This is my first time really back to the boat that I'm not in shock. Derrick - You and Jake have got a lot on your plate. I understand that. Josh I've spent my life out here doing this. Trust me I'm going to make it happen I'm not going to fail at this. Josh nods his head. We are not. Us as a crew and a team working together are not going to fail. I do have to give captain Derrick credit. Above he says this is not sustainable, but yet he try's to pump Josh up and convince him they are not going to fail. That's a good captain.

Narrator - 450 miles to the southeast, the crew of the Wizard, wakes from their first full night of sleep since leaving port. Keith - I need to get this gear on some crab so these guys will at least gain some, regain some faith in the whole crab fishing experience and regain some faith in me. Narrator - two weeks of bad fishing. Gary Soper - I'm so tired of this stack party we're having, stacking every day, man. Narrator - has worn away at crew morale. Monty - We're not asking for a giant patch just a little bitty one. Gary - We don't need much, we just want to f'ng go home, man come on. Keith - You draw blanks all day long for a week or two straight, pretty soon the crew is going to start to wonder if I've lost my noggin or lost my edge and even I'm even starting to question myself if I'm making good decisions or not. Narrator - after striking out on the Black Hills, and his old stand by Wally World. Keith - No boats, no gear, we're the only ones here. Narrator - Keith pulls up on his riskiest gamble of the season.

Keith - This is a really really narrow little canyon we're shooting at. We've got this canyon right here, right through here. Keith points to an area on the map. Narrator - the new hunting grounds, Black Canyon are renowned for fat pots but require precision fishing. Keith - we gotta get every pot exactly where we are trying to put it. Narrator - the captain has to hit a thin sliver of land 40 fathoms down on the canyons floor. This reminds me of Captain Phil fishing on the rock. It looks like a bunch of under water mountains. If you picture a gray egg carton that is what these canyons remind me of. He's trying to set the pots where you would place the egg in the carton without hitting the side of the carton/mountain. If his aim is off by just a few feet, the pots will slam into the rocky sides and miss the crab completely.

Keith - Paul make sure you get your shit together and that the crane never waits. I want to make sure every single one of these pots counts. They start dropping pots.  Someone says heads up coming over, as a pot comes over the stack. Narrator - Two weeks out, they are a whopping 80,000 pounds short of filing their tanks. Monty - Come on hurry it up up there.  Narrator - The wizard's entire red king crab season is at stake. Keith - Every pot is crucial. These are the most crucial pots we've set the entire season. Narrator - The superstitious skipper puts out a distress call. Bug - This will solve any problem you have. Narrator - to his nine year old daughter Bug. I could have sworn they said she was eleven before, because I thought she was twelve. Bug - You have to pull out a hair, and hold it like right under your left nostril. You have to say what you need. It works every time.  I love you. Keith - I love you too Bug. Keith holds the hair he pulled out under his nostril and says full pots, big crab, full canyon, save my season.

Narrator - Twenty pots into the set greenhorn Paul Edgren relieves Lynn Guitard at the rail. Gary - Paul's getting a good test today. We want to set fast he's gotta keep up. Paul - Screaming hold on! hold on! Paul has the line wrapped around his leg. Lenny grabs the line off his leg and frees him. Keith - Holy shit! Monty - What the hell? Paul - that was a f'ng close one. Keith - Is everyone okay? Everybody alright? Monty - That was close. Keith - Well we just about lost one of our crewmen over the side. Paul - I just got my leg caught around the line when I threw it. Lenny - He hopped over it enough where we just grabbed it. We got it to slide down and get it off of him. He's gotta keep his feet down. Gary - That's why we gotta keep on eye on each other right out here. Keep an eye on each other and your still with us. Narrator - With the buoy line snaked around his leg Paul was seconds from being yanked over the rail by an 800 pound anchor hurtling to the bottom of the Bering Sea. Keith - It's amazing how quick that happens, once that first bag goes over and it starts dragging, that next bag is going whether you want it to or not. Paul - You get complacent one second the next thing you know something happens. I don't think I'll ever do that again. Keith - I'll tell you what, I have never had a run of bad luck like this ever. I mean I'm trying pretty much every thing you can try.

Lynn - There's our pot of gold. There is a double rainbow.  Keith - Oh my god, that is like the hottest sign on the planet. Hey Soper, over the speaker you seeing what I'm seeing on the starboard side. If that ain't a good sign I don't know what is. The crew is cheering. Keith - Now we're talking.

Narrator - 300 miles to the northeast of Dutch Harbor is the Seabrooke. Whipper - It's right in here. I tore something right in here. He points to his ankle. Narrator - Captain Scott Campbell, Jr's brutal pace. Scott - alright lets check it out here, let's see what you got going. Narrator - Is taking a toll on his little brother 26 year old Chris Welch aka "Whipper". Whipper - I don't think its torn, but sprained. Scott - Well there's a big difference between if your hurt or your injured. Cause if your hurt, get you ass back on deck, if your injured then your done. Which are you? Whipper - I'm just sore. They laugh. Scott - This is what a real man does when he... Whipper - Here we go with that story. Scott - Loses his finger, gets cut off before the season even starts, a season does the whole season 28 days. The fricking bone sticking out can't even move it my hand was infected man that's what is called not being a quitter there. There you go man put you sock back on. Scott has wrapped his little brothers ankle up. Go grab some chow and get back on deck. Make it happen. Whipper - I will.

Narrator - At 36 Junior is already a battle scared veteran of the Bering sea. Scott - When I ran my very first boat I had a little incident in the engine room and took off part of my finger there, I fell on an air compressor belt and it caught and snapped that baby off, ran it right through the motor. Ring finger right hand about mid knuckle. My first time running the boat. There was nothing I could do. I had to go out. I had infection in my hand. I had to sit there. I had to tape my hand to the throttles because I didn't have enough strength to hold the throttles anymore. I don't expect my crew to go that far, but I expect them to push through some of the pain and adversity and make it happen. You know.

Narrator - Throughout the season the gung ho skipper had lead the pack. Mac - I might be able to count all these crab on my hands and toes. Narrator - Now the bad luck of the rest of the fleet has caught up with them. Scott - Today is going to be a pretty pathetic day, I have a feeling. Bob - Come on ghetto super star get us on some crab. Narrator - And 47 year old Bob Perky has no problem calling the younger skipper out. Scott - Bob went up and tried brown crabbing this spring. It was a total disaster. So. Bob - Was it zero? The count on that pot I think was zero. Narrator - The grizzled vet was chafing at taking a back seat to captain eleven years his junior. Someone - Find the crab skipper just find the crab damn it. Scott - Yea Bob and I met about ten years ago there was a lot of animosity the first couple of years. Bob - You sucked yesterday, the day before and the day before that and the day before that. Micro managing non crab catching makes my job hell.

Scott - He's upset that I'm running the boat and he's on deck, there is probably a little resentment against me. Bob - Shut up you lazy f'er and get out here. Scott - He's burnt out and he's fried, he's burnt out and he needs to go home and he's too fricking stubborn to admit it. He cannot stay he's going bye bye. Mike - You need to be over here. We need bait. To Kyle Narrator - It's not just the senior Perky that is causing the skipper problems. Man - Well the bait boy can't do his job and he just stands there when he's got time. Narrator - Bob's son 23 yo Kyle Babb has been slowing down the deck since day one. Derek - What the f time you got the f time man grab the f'ing fish. Scott - If I have to wait to set these pots cause he doesn't have bait ready. Kyle - I'm not staying for much longer. Probably till the end of the season and then go home. Scott - I can tell he got the look. That greenhorn stare. He's gonna try and figure out some excuse to get away I know he is. Scott - Well that will be good get 'em both off the boat. Get somebody on here that wants to be on here.

Narrator - Sixty miles to the southwest on the Time Bandit the crew is on a search and destroy mission. The target a cursed buoy that the captain blames for their cursed fishing. Captain Jonathan - JJ's  not on the boat anymore so we are just going to retire the JJ buoy. So Andy is going to do it in Andy style. Andy - This is an AK47 the preferred weapon of our enemy in Vietnam. Narrator - The buoy was named in honor of former deckhand John JJ Jorgeson. Andy - Oh JJ's down. Narrator - And since he's not on the boat any more, well he's to blame. Shot from a previous show when JJ had fallen and Andy starts talking about putting him down. Andy - Sometimes old guys don't die gracefully you got to put 'em down with a hammer. Narrator - The skipper hopes to speed up their crab catch. Jonathan - JJ's a stubborn "bleep". Narrator - By obliterating every last trace of him. Mike - We've had pretty bad luck the last week, so whatever it takes to break the bad luck I'm okay with it. Someone - He's unstoppable Jonathan get my AR15.  I'll show you how to take care of business. Jonathan shoots out the window says I didn't hit it once. Scotty - It's like JJ's mocking us right now. Eddie - takes the gun and fires. Jonathan - I think we got it. Narrator - With the bad juju slowly sinking the boat steers towards its next prospect string 50 miles to the northwest.

Jonathan - So that's what it means when guys like us get off to a bad start. Not a "bleep" thing is what it means. We washed that one from our souls we're going to come up here and give her hell. Narrator - Just before midnight. Jonathan - I think this is us right here. Narrator - The Time Bandit arrives at its gear. Mike - Lets just hope and pray there's some crab around here cause I don't want to stack all 80 pots and run another hundred miles from here. They start pulling pots. I see crab. Jonathan - Got riders on the back and crabs in the pot baby. Crew cheers a lot of smalls, lots of smalls, all females. Jonathan - That sucks. Justin - This is not good they are females. They got eggs big bellies, not good for us we can't keep 'em. Scotty - Bunch of bitches. Narrator - In order to preserve the species the juveniles and females are thrown back. Eddie - Its not looking good for us at the moment. Jonathan - Come on give us a couple of crab. Narrator - On the very next pot. The culprit is revealed. Scotty - An abundance of starfish that's exactly what we don't want to catch. Narrator starfish and crab are both bottom feeders. Mike - Starfish are where king crab aren't. Narrator - and they compete for the same nutrients. Jonathan - This is the worst trip I've ever been on. Narrator - For the third time in two weeks. Jonathan - We're out of here. Narrator - Jonathan is on the hunt. I don't know why Andy isn't captain I thought he did Opies. Jonathan singing I just wanta go home.

Narrator - 430 miles to the north of Dutch Harbor the Cornelia Marie nudges up on its second string of the day. Steve - Go for it dude this is your opportunity take it. Freddie - You gotta have the attitude to go get it, either you or Josh should step up. Narrator - The crew is egging on 24 yo Jake Harris to take a shot at the wheel. Freddie - Lets see how fast the CM can go. Steve - Don't be afraid to use the throttle. Jake - All righty guys get ready to churn and burn. I'll be like Steve and Boo-o-o-k.

Narrator - Like his older brother Josh. Jake - I could be a licensed skipper after this season. Narrator - Jake is looking for a greater role on the boat. Jake to Derrick - Is this a bad day to try and pull up on some buoys? Derrick - No. Jake - I just want to try a couple. Derrick - No that's fine. This will be a good string to do it on right here. Ten pots, I'll run a couple and you stand back and watch me. Derrick - So the lines leading really good, see how the lines leading out away from the boat right there. Jake yea, Derrick - That's perfect, right now all you gotta do is put the rudder at 0 and take the boat out of gear and just drift with it that's all you gotta do. Okay get the crab count, 2x will be the next one. It's all yours I'm going to get a cup of coffee. Narrator - And with that the lesson is over.

Steve - Looks like we got a new captain. Freddie - Sweet. Josh - at least one of us is driving that's a bonus. Narrator - Right off the bat. Jake - Under the boat. aww! I split my first buoy. Narrator - Jake runs over the line and has to reverse to set it free. Jake - I currently look like I'm drinking and driving. Cause I'm over steering. Josh - It's a big rig to be driving. It takes a lot of practice. Man oh you got it huh. Jake I got it. Referring to the pot. Jake - Oh "bleep"  two keepers. Jake - I missed the last crab count. You gotta watch the buoys, gotta watch the buoys on deck, gotta watch the plotter, the radar, you gotta watch a lot of "bleep". Narrator - Only two pots in. Jake - I'm towing on it too hard. Narrator - Jake zigs when he should have zagged. Jake - sorry guys. Steve - he needs to go forward on it a little bit  Ryan - That's a lot of power between the boat and the buoy and Freddie.  Jake - Oops just ripped the buoy off. Derrick comes back - Hows the rookie captain doing? Jake - I yanked it out of the block. I didn't tow on it right. Derrick - Use the port engine and back down on it a little bit. You'll be fine.Your good there you go don't turn the rudder so much that's why you got the bow swinging back and forth. Like a champ. Crew cheers. Derrick that was a good job. Pulled up on it just right, slowed down lines leading, just right, perfect. Narrator - The crab count remains low. Derrick - You craving a cigarette right now Jake? Jake - I am actually. You read my mind brother. Narrator - But with each pot Jakes confidence grows. Derrick - keep up the good work brother. Freddie - I'm pretty sure the old man's spirit is looking down right now and saying that's my boy! Derrick - Good work awesome. Nice job man. Jake - Thank you. Steve - He may have his dad's touch we'll have to see. Jake - It's a good feeling.

Narrator 280 miles northeast of Dutch Harbor. Scott - What I need to know from a business point is what are you going to do after reds? to Kyle. Narrator the skipper gives the 23 yo greenhorn an ultimatum. Scott - I think you need to think about it while on a run down and I need to know, but basically if you leave me hanging I'm done with you so. Kyle - All righty. Scott - the kid hasn't made any money up here and so its miserable conditions and now I'm up here making him even more miserable because I'm grinding him more than he's ever worked before. Narrator - Kyle is having a rough go. Kyle - I'm getting kinda burnt out. Narrator - But after surviving a 15 month tour in Iraq this wont be the first tough job he's taken on. Kyle - I can't figure out what I want to do. Scott - The greenhorn turning point, if he makes it through this. Makes it through a season with me and goes out for another one he's past that greenhorn point he'll be hooked for life. Bob - He's making sure he's ahead on the bait. he's driving on the gear pretty fast and we're not having to yell at him to do it which is cool but then again he is a full grown man he's gonna do what he's gonna do. Narrator - Kyle is going to have to make a decision soon. Bob - Kyle now. Narrator - With the tanks near capacity even a slight improvement in numbers will send them in for an offload. Scott - We're up against the gun here, we're going to go until we're full and then get in. Finish what you start. Derek maybe - Big money, big money, big money. Scott - Big boys! Oh baby! Baby the soak is where it is at. Chris - Looking really good. Mac - gives Scott the numbers its 335. Scott - 335 roger we're back . Scott - Big big big big crab. Crew hollering. Scott - This is what we needed. The strong finish the boys have been looking for. The boys are happy.

Narrator 480 miles to the northwest is the Ramblin' Rose. Elliott - New gear in a new area. Start of a new program on the Ramblin' Rose. Narrator - Captain Elliott Neese is pulling up on a thirty pot blue crab prospect string.  Elliott - Basically the first few pots will decide if we're heroes or zeros. A lot of eyes are on me right now. Insurance companies, owners, I have high hopes for it keep our fingers crossed. Narrator - Its Elliott's third attempt to find the crab if he blows it he may not get another. Elliott - here it comes.  Man - "bleep" hey man. Man "bleep" me man. Elliott - Who yea boys! boom! Narrator - The crab count is 18 we're gonna keep her. Narrator - Only fair to mediocre by blue crab standards but its the best numbers they've had so far. Crew celebrating. Elliott - I might just know what I'm doing after all. Face - That  might be the highest pot right here Cat. Elliott - Yeah boys, I think we are going to make it into town on time which is exactly what we need.

Narrator - Eight pots into the string. The phone rings. Man - Hey you pick me up there Elliott? Elliott yea, roger. Narrator - Elliott gets a call from the processor. It looks like I'm getting slammed after Monday red king crab till twenty ninth, till Friday. So I guess you can stay out there till the twenty ninth or try coming in on 0600 on the twenty fifth. Elliott - "Bleep" Man - Well think about it and I'll talk to you in the morning. Elliott - Yea roger. Narrator - The news presents a dilemma for the skipper. Elliott - I need to make a decision here, its either go to town and loose money on fuel and possibly loosing crab, or having the hard work we already put in, have it die on us. There is a lot of money involved. Narrator - Blue crab are more fragile than their red crab cousins and can't survive in their tanks for long. Elliott - Sometimes its a pretty tough seat to sit in. Narrator - Elliott has to decide whether to offload and abandon his new found honey hole or keep fishing and risk mounting dead loss. He throws a life line. Northwestern - Ramblin' Rose You on there Sig?  Sig - Gotta you fine. Elliott, What's up? Elliott - I was wondering, you were up here last year fishing blue crab. How long do you normally hold 'em. Sig - I'm thinking maybe 5 - 6 days man. I don't know if I'd push it anymore. Elliott - Yeah, roger I'm trying to make a decision here. I can either go in Monday or go in Friday. Friday would put 'em at ten days. Sig I don't know. I think ten days is pushing it man. You hate to go out there and do all that work and then have them die on you. So I get where your at, a rock and a hard spot your just going to have to bite the bullet on it dude.

Narrator 270 miles northeast of dutch harbor is the 155 ft wizard. Keith - I don't want our expectations to get to high but. Monty - I had a good feeling when I saw the rainbow. Keith - I had a good feeling when I saw the rainbow too. You guys have any kind of lucky dance or any kind of lucky hat now or any kind of luck anything now is the time to pull out every last morsel of arsenal you have. Narrator - Keith is about to haul his gear twenty hours ago in the narrow gullies of Black Cannon. Keith - I need this hole to pay off, we've had enough failure it's time for success. Somethings gotta give out here and it's not going to be my nerves. They pull up the pot. Keith - Come on, come on, come on. Soper - Taping on everything. All right lets get something going here. Keith - Oh, not good, not good. Looking a little sparse there Gary not good. Gary - It's gone from bad to worse. Keith - We have just not found any crab. I just don't see how it can get any worse. Gary - Throwing darts at the dart board and not even hitting the wall. We got eight crab in the last pot. Keith - Eight crab woo hoo! That stunk.

Narrator - Desperate to begin filling his tanks. Keith - You start to go beyond being concerned to being really worried. Narrator - The captain lets his brother Monty in on his secret that their partner boat, he's just about done fishing. Monty -  For the season? Keith - For the season. Monty - And we're 500 pots into this thing and we're just now finding this out. Keith - You know what I don't want to set on somebody elses crab. Monty - I know you've always found your own crab but bottom line is this group of guys is getting worn down man. Something has got to come over the rail soon. Narrator -  It goes against Keith's grain. To scoop up another boats leftovers. Monty - Bite the bullet man, once on you gotta catch some crab it's not an option. Narrator - When the beaten down crew grabs a snack between strings. Keith - I'm going down I'm going to fish with my partner down there at Amak there's good fishing there. Narrator - Keith charts a new course. Monty - That's what  a partner is for. Tough times.

Keith - Well looks like our old nemesis is heading down the hill too. John Hillstrand just came back into that area. Keith - and with that course he's on right there I guarantee you you know where he's going. That's right where the partner boat's crab is is probably right where he is headed. Keith - You know that guy is territorial. Narrator - Just last year. Shot of captains around the burn barrel,  Jonathan - Just try and be a human being you know! Keith - Why don't you just "bleep" Jonathan - Kill your brother! Keith - Hey! Don't f'ng go down on me for that! Jonathan pushes Keith down on the ground. Tells him don't even call my boat unless your f'ng sinking. Keith back in wheel house he thinks any spot in the Bering Sea is his. Keith imitating Jonathan rather well says - I inherited the boat, I inherited the Bering sea too. Right? Monty - Yea. Nice to have a boat given to you. I gotta go Keith - All right. I have no choice you know. I got Soper's family, I got Lenny's family, I got my brother, I got my wife my kids.You know at the end of the day I have a two million dollar boat payment to make he probably has a 50 thousand dollar corvette payment to make. I think I got more on the line.

The crab count:
Seabrooke       131,000
Northwestern    65,000
Kodiak             50,000
Wizard             18,000
Ramblin' Rose   12,000
Cornelia Marie  10,000
Time bandit      5,000

Narrator - It's 8:00 am in Dutch Harbor. Kyle - There's some big crab in this tank. The Seabrooke is off loading the finally delivery of its small red crab quota. Junior - Morning Bob. Bob - F off Junior. Junior - Bob's in a great mood this morning. This is what I have to deal with every morning with him. I think General all bark and no bite he's lost his touch. Bob - You "bleeping" sissy your "bleeping" lucky you don't work for me. Junior - Your so lucky. Bob - You "bleep" sucker. Junior - I can take the heat. Bob - You dish it you can't take it. Junior - I can't take it? I think its the other way around. Bob - That's not true. Bob puts his hand up to the camera - Get that f'ng thing out of my face. Junior - The true Bob is coming out.

Narrator after 16 weeks at sea. On board the Seabrooke Bob- I wanted to stay for blues I need the money. Families aren't cheap. Narrator - The skipper has given Bob a mandatory 8 week break. Bob - Actually I was the captain until captain "bleep" showed up and rained on my parade, and he swears to god he knows what he's doing. He don't know what he's doing. Don't get me wrong I like him we're buddies but when he's in the chair and I'm on deck he's captain "bleep". I hate that son of a "bleep". Look at my hands they are all swelled up just because of that "bleep". Junior - Time for him to go home and get a break. I know he doesn't like it but that's the way it's going to be. My boat my operation. Narrator - In contrast with his fathers situation. Kyle - I'm looking forward to going home. Narrator - Kyles decision to leave is voluntary. Kyle  - Just seeing the family and looking at what I want to do with my GI bill. I can't be a deck hand forever. Most of these guys have been doing it for twenty something years they are starting to see the effects of it. I was in Iraq for 15 months. The things I've seen from war and stuff like that makes me realize life is kind of short. You'd better have fun with your loved ones and be close to them. You know I didn't grow up with my dad cause he was up here most of my life. Bob - See ya, suckers! From the pier. Kyle - Why not have a nice desk job instead of being out in the Bering Sea?

Narrator 430 miles north of Dutch Harbor on the Cornelia Marie. Derrick - Third string of the day. We're getting through 'em getting a few crab not a great average. Not very good it sucks. Narrator - With the prospects of another slow day of fishing .Jake to Derrick - You feel like chilling out a little bit. Narrator - Jake hopes to get another shot at the captains chair. Derrick - Sorry Jake I got it this time buddy. Jake - Alright, I'll check in with you later then. Jake leaves. Freddie - Yeah! Man eater Jack pot! Narrator - And just like that, best pot of the season boys. Narrator - The tide has turned. Freddie - Yea baby. Josh shows Derrick 3-0. Steve - Says thirty crab right on brother. Narrator - But up in the wheel house the skipper is not celebrating. Derrick - I could smell fricking weed on Jake, when I came up next to him. I give the kid an opportunity to come up and learn how to drive and he's still smoking dope on the boat. Jake - Yo! Hey! down on deck. Derrick - Its unbelievable, you don't respect yourself. You don't respect the fact that I came out here to do this for you. That's the last time he's driving the boat. I gave him his opportunity. He f'ng blew it. 

It is certainly interesting to see Captain Derrick's side of the story on Jake Harris and the weed. I wonder if that is why he called the police on Jake or if something else happens? It might be that Captain Derrick puts his license on the line if he doesn't call the police on Jake. Especially since it's on camera, that he can smell the pot.  Certainly not something that would hold up in court but still. I just wish Jake would get clean. I hate seeing him going through all this.

It's nice they are spending time on the new crews so we can get to meet them, but I miss my regular guys too. They spent very little time on the The Time Bandit and we got what one scene with Sig. My first thought was maybe because they weren't catching crab, but the Northwestern is in second place in the crab count. Second thought was maybe Discovery's still mad about the whole lawsuit thing. If that's the case they shouldn't punish us because they are mad at them.

Still no scenes with Wild Bill and the Kodiak, and no mention of Matt Bradley, but I guess that's expected since they didn't show the Northwestern. Hummm.

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