Saturday, May 28, 2011

Russian King Crab Stolen - Deadliest Catch

This really doesn't have to do with Deadliest Catch, but it is about Russian King Crab and I found it interesting. So I thought I would share.

I just read an article about that a trucker who went to Los Angeles and picked up 25,000 pounds of Russian King Crab worth $400,000 for delivery in Seattle on Monday. Then he just disappeared.

Turns out all his documents looked real, but after investigation were found to be bogus. The last anyone heard of him was on Monday when he was supposedly in Oregon with rig difficulties. So now they have no idea where this guy is or what direction he even really went. They did say it may be the trucker didn't know what he was hauling. But I'm thinking since all his documents were bogus, he knew.

Evidently this in not an uncommon occurrence. People have stolen shrimp and lobster as well. They re-box it and it's nearly impossible to trace. They did track down a load of stolen lobster tail once that was hidden behind a false wall in a restaurant freezer.

The article said King Crab prices have reached record highs this year, so I guess it was just too tempting.

Who knew? The drama of crabbing goes on. Wow

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